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    Editor's Pick

    Best Walkie Talkies Two Way Radios Review

    Are you looking to buy walkie talkies and wondering what the best two way radios on the market are? In this review we have...

    Motorola MR350TPR Review

    Communication is still the most critical part of life, whether in business or ordinary life. A good ham radio helps you keep in touch...

     6 Best Radios For Security Teams / Guards [2021]

    Working in the security sector requires a high level of communication to provide adequate protection and one of the main tools to achieve this...

    best walkie talkies under $50

    Walkie talkies are an essential bit of kit and accessories for some people! These handy gadgets help the family bond when hiking, camping, or...

    Best walkie talkie 3 pack

    Are you looking for the best walkie talkie 3 pack? well, before you pick any specific model, read this article. Communication is among the...

    Cobra 18WXSTII Radio Review

    In all honesty, reviewing the Cobra 18WXSTII was something I was a little bit anxious about.  I’ve been a fan of this model of CB...

    Baofeng UV 82HP Review

    Featured below is an in-depth break-down and a comprehensive Baofeng UV-82HP review. Important info from the manufacturers specifications, programming instructions and a feature list...

    New Articles

    Yaesu FT-857D Review

    Ham radios have picked great popularity over the recent past as communication continues to be the top critical need in any organization. However, choosing...

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    Trending In Motarola

    Motorola CP185 Review

    Are you still trying to improve your communication? Never worry, the Motorola is here again with the powerful CP185 walkie talkie, which is an...



    Latest Articles

    Best DMR Radios in 2021

    Even in the age of smartphones, DMR Radios are an excellent option for fast and reliable communication! They won't be affected by adverse weather...