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    Ham radios have picked great popularity over the recent past as communication continues to be the top critical need in any organization. However, choosing the right model can be a daunting task. You need to have hands in experience to determine if the radio suits your purpose. You need to check several factors before purchasing a two-way radio. There are hundreds of walkie-talkie models in the market, each model boasting of its exceptional performance over other available devices.

    In this article, we have made an effort to help you get a good handheld radio with great features, so you may not have to spend sleepless nights reading the long list of available receivers in the competing market. This article gives you a clear product review of Yaesu FT-857D that will help you determine if it suits your purpose.


    The FT-857D tops among the most versatile models in the Yaesu brand. It is mostly considered a high product, but its features match its cost. With this model, you can access a wide range of frequencies smoothly. The device works across HF, UHF, and VHF channels, making it the most versatile radio. This device has very nice features. It has a very active noise reduction feature, which lets the user mute any unwanted noises when transmitting. The radio has a large and comfortable to use knob.

    The designer of this ham radio made it easy to use even when away from the power source. The scanner has different power levels for different modes. You can operate on high output, 100W on 6-160M, medium output, 50W VHF & low output of 20W UHF.  You can switch to a high power option to transmit within a long-range and turn to the low power mode when transmitting within a shorter range.

    The memory holds over 200 channels enabling you to save your favorite frequencies for easy access. Besides, the device has a power adapter and a microphone. The display produces numerous colors making it customizable to suit the user’s taste. The backlit screen makes the machine-usable regardless of the lighting, making it suitable for indoor and outdoor activities. You can also search, Scan, and Set favorite channels, among other options

    The following is a list of the features common in this model

    Display color 

     The scanner comes with an adjustable LC display. You can use the menu to customize the display colors to give various status signals for multiple operations. For instance, you can use a specific color to show signal strength, and another one to show the output. There are up to 30 colors from which you can choose. This makes the device more intuitive while enabling the user to customize it more and make it friendlier. You can view all the details from the display irrespective of its small size

    Noise mute features

     These features let you communicate with your partners, even when they are in a noisy place. The noise cancel feature allows you to mute the unwanted noise to avoid interference. It also comes with a power cable and a microphone to make your communication sleeker

    Rugged design

    The device measures 6.1” x 2” x 9.2”, which is a tiny size. The scanner is built in a sturdy and agronomical design, enhancing its portability. FT857D is ergonomically designed for smooth operation, making it easy for various careers. Its large diameter and large tuning knob give the user an easy time when navigating between the bands. The essential keys are positioned on the front for easy access.

    Long frequency coverage

     The FT-857 has extensive frequency coverage to keep you connected all the time. You can enjoy the bonus features such as AM and FM coverage, aviation communications, weather broadcasts, and so forth.

    Versatile memory

    This gadget has 200 memories as well as a digital processing unit. Each memory can be assigned in alphanumerical labels. The 200 memories may be further separated into ten clusters so you can restrict your communication to a specific band.

    Size and Portability

    FT-857D shines when it comes to portability, and its size fits in every pocket. It is suitable for indoors, but people also use it for camping or in a car. You can attach it to your vehicle and use it together with a remote head. In terms of size, it is the smallest walkie-talkie compared to other similar radios.


    At first, the menu may seem to be a bit complicated, but with some practice, you will be able to navigate easily. You may set like 30 minutes for familiarizing yourself with the menu, but once you are done, you will enjoy the experience. The user manual is written in plain English, and its simple to understand.

    Summary of the features

    • The radio contains 200 memories
    • Durable LCD with a multi-color display
    • Optional Noise cancel option to minimize the background noises
    • Mic equalizer to boost the sound quality
    • It’s perfect for learning
    • Has so many but useful features
    • Detachable front panel
    • It is very affordable compared to other high-end devices
    • VOX feature

    Yaesu is a suitable device for anyone moving from the cheaper hams to high-end appliances. It is among the affordable scanners packed with advanced features that will suit every pocket. What is more, they are simple to use, even for first-timers. Also though there are still other talkies with premium features, Yaesu tops the list of a great portable walkie talkie that is great for outdoor operations, camping, biking, skating, and so on. The device contains emergency features to keep you in check in the case of eventualities

    The combination of its features and the simplicity and affordability makes this device stand out when compared to other ham radios.

    unboxing the radio

    If you bought it new, you would get the following items in the box in addition to the radio:

    • Radio’s front panel
    • The separation kit with the screws
    • Operating manual
    • Warranty card
    • Hand mic
    • Mounting bracket and screws

    The front part is separate from the device. This makes it easy for you to remove the radio from your vehicle if leaving it attached feels unsafe. This also makes the installation very flexible. For example, you can mount the device on a different part of your car while controlling the panel from the front. The front part of the radio contains a port that connects the external mic while the radio includes various ports at the rear. It has two antenna connectors for VHF/UHF and HF operations and data cable port. The radio comes with a stand-in case you want to use it in an office desk


    To install the radio, you can use the mountain brackets and the screws to fasten the device to your car. The process is easy, even for a beginner. Furthermore, the user manual gives some clear instructions on how to mount it.


    • Full-featured affordable transceiver
    • Dialing VHF repeater is easy
    • Compact and lightweight for easy portability
    • Two ways to access the menu
    • Access to all the bands
    • Full DSP functionality
    • It has a vast range compared to many radios of its class
    • It transmits even in low signal areas
    • Small size for every pocket
    • Contains advanced features yet, It’s easy to use


    • It is among the most complicated devices in this category- It may require the user to have prior experience before operating it.
    • The speakers are a bit weak, and hence you may need to use external speakers to boost the sound quality
    • There are so many controls hidden in the menu and so may complicated submenus
    • It is difficult to operate the AF/RF controls since there are no colored marks
    • Very few buttons
    • You have to spend a lot of time to learn the user guide
    • The menu contains so many materials and is tiring to read.

    The device has a maximum of 22 MPs output and comes with a fused power cord that works with it when installing in your vehicle

    Yaesu is the best radio for people who love indoor activities but is also great for outdoor expeditions such as climbing and trekking. This ham radio is packed in everything you may need in a walkie-talkie. The Yaesu FT857Dcomes with an external battery, so you do not have to stay plugged to use it. With less than $1000, you can enjoy significant frequency with excellent performance. The device has an optional remote head making it the best choice for pedestrians. At no extra cost, you can access the U.S. 5 MHz and the optional DSP circuitry.


    FT-857D is a versatile product that cannot be compared to any other device of its class. Its compact size and rugged design give it enormous popularity over its clients. In this review, we have tried to capture some critical features that set this radio apart. Get yourself a set of Yaesu from amazon and enjoy the benefits that come with it. Most of the people take quite some time to navigate through the menus, but once you are acquainted with it, you can operate the gadget with ease.

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