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  • Walkie Talkie How to do Guides

    In this section of thewalkietalkguide.com we discuss all the “how to do’s”, both in terms of info guides, things like “how to build a walkie talkie from scratch” or “how to boost walkie talkie signals”, which can be essential for some outdoor users needing stronger signals for rugged terrain.


    Walkie Talkie How to do Guides

    this is an image of 6 walkie talkies laying down flat on a table

    How To Unlock The Kenwood Handheld Radio

    Unlocking this style of handset can prove challenging, a common query amongst new users is how to unlock the Kenwood handheld radio. The question has...
    this is an image of a disassembled walkie talkie

    How To Build A Ham Radio From Scratch – A Beginners Guide

    If you don’t have a solid background in electronic or electrical engineering, you could be forgiven for finding the task of building a HAM...
    this is an image of a black walkie talkie

    How To Boost Radio Signal In A Building

    Two-way radios are pretty useful for a number of different reasons: they’re easy to transport, they’re often reliable, they can allow for communication in...
    Walkie talkie with headset on a table

    How To Connect Walkie Talkies

    Walkie Talkies are awesome, you might think in the modern age no one would be using Walkie Talkies but they still have a place....