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    If you are still looking for an ideal police scanner in the market, then I guess you have not come across Uniden. It comes with a pocket-friendly price and is a great choice, even for newbies. Also, though the scanner lacks all the features in other high-end devices, its value is unmatched. One significant aspect of Uniden police Scanner is its simplicity. You do not need any experience to program or use it.

    You can use its original scanner, but you may boost it with an extension to expand its capabilities. It is worth noting that the screen requires that you look at it straight. You may not manage to use it if you are positioned at an angle. Be clear on how you intend to use it; it will serve you well if you can use it in your hand rather than placing it on the dashboard.

    Scanner features

    • Easy setup, If you are planning to obtain a police Scanner for the first time, Uniden will give you the best experience. The handheld radio comes with a user manual, and the initial setup is effortless and straightforward, even for newbies.
    • The scanner has a backlight on the buttons and the screen to give the user some easy time during the night.
    • Multiple channels. The device is fully programmable and has 300 channels. It is easily customizable, and you can select your preferred frequencies easily.
    • Easy to locate frequencies The BC75XLT will come with ten bands, through which you can easily access your favorite police channels for racing, weather, emergency, and so on. You do not have to spend all your time searching for channels around your area, BC75XL eases your hassle.
    • Close Capture Technology. With this handheld radio, you can scan up to 32000 frequencies. It is tough to try to scan all these channels manually. However, with the close call function, you can tune directly into your favorite channel. You do not need to identify and map the channel beforehand, and the feature works automatically when you need it. One great thing with the close call feature is that the frequency doesn’t have to be programmed.
    • Not durable. You need to exercise extra care when using this device, it is made of plastic, and hence you should avoid dropping it.


    The BC75XLT scanner comes in black color and unique design. With the batteries mounted, it will be around 14 oz, which is a standard weight for a grown-up. If you include the grooves on the side, it will hardly slip off your hand. Remember that it is made of a plastic case, so you should always hold it tight and avoid banging or dropping it. The buttons contain an LCD and are located on the face. It makes it easy to use the scanner radio even in the dark. The graphics are large enough to ease you the struggle during the even in darkness.

    The box comes with some necessary accessories you need to use with the scanner plus the user guide. These include a belt clip, scanner software, a flexible USB cable, and a BNC antenna.

    Extending the police scanner range

    The antenna is ideal for scanning the available signals, sporting events, local police and can be used to keep an eye on the neighborhood. You can get an advanced antenna if you want to reach a more extended range. One great advantage of the BNC connector antenna is that you can easily find a compatible antenna in case you want to upgrade.

    It may be a bit challenging for newbies to program the channels; I guess the Uniden BC75XLT manual has concentrated much on informing the users on frequency scanning.

    Setting up Uniden BC75XLT 

    Battery – Just like any other electronic device, the first step is mounting the battery. It is effortless to open the battery compartment, even for first time users. You need to open the back cover and access the battery housing. It contains a dual power source, making it easier for you to use two AA batteries or two rechargeable cells. However, the package does not include a battery, so you need to buy separately. I would recommend that you purchase the rechargeable cells and have the AAs as a backup plan. Before mounting the battery, use the select button to choose the battery type you want to insert. Charging the battery is easy, with USB function, the device fits perfectly with multiple power sources that work with USB ports.

    Programming – You need to program the scanner radio to add all your favorite channels. There are up to 300 channels at your disposal, and you can select from the list anytime you want to access your favorite channel. You can either program with your laptop or do it manually. Install the scanner software that comes with the pack and use it to scan the frequencies in your area.

    You can turn to manual programming in case you are unable to do it using your PC. Though it is a tedious process for people who wish to scan too many channels, you can always use it for backup. If you are not sure how to go about it, you can use the user guide or contact the Uniden customer support.

    Uniden BC75XLT features

    • Ability to scan your favorite channels from the Multiple available channels
    • Ability to scan NOAA channels for weather reports
    • Power alert when the battery goes down
    • Great storage capacity
    • Do not disturb feature
    • The close call function makes it easier for users to access frequencies that are not detectable with conventional scanners
    • USB-chargeable batteries
    • An easy interface even for first-time users


    • 300 Customizable channels
    • Easy to set up and use
    • Comes with ten pre-programmed bands
    • Decent battery life
    • USB charger
    • Clear audio
    • The package comes with the scanner software
    • The interface is easy to use


    • It is not durable
    • It cannot transmit when the charger is plugged

    Your long search for top handheld scanners ends here; Uniden will take you a long way with its significant features. This brand will help you scan frequencies from the nearby transmission towers without challenges.

    Storage capacity

    With the Uniden Scanner, you never have to search for channels manually again. Once you scan and store the available channels, the scanner radio should be able to capture the frequencies whenever they are available for access.

    This additional feature allows you to store up to 300 frequencies, and the transmitter will identify them any time should they be within access. Users can also be able to cluster the frequencies into ten banks of 30 and mark as a favorite for future use. You do not have to keep scanning for the channels again anytime you want to tune in.

    Uniden Scanner reviews show that it is one of the easiest to use compared to other devices sold out there. Just by going through the guidelines, you can easily use the device regardless of your age.

    The signal makes it ideal for people who want to tune in to fire departments, police channels, aircraft bands, weather service, among others. It is also of lesser weight compared to other scanners. Its battery and other components do not add a lot of weight to it. The device comes with a belt clip, which ensures its safety 24/7

    Things that require improvement

    The users have suggested some improvements to the scanning ability, which currently goes up to 800 MHz bands. Nevertheless, its close-range scanning capability is unmatched, and the users can still be able to scan multiple frequencies whenever they wish


    The manufacturing process has deliberately disabled the device’s ability to tune to radio frequencies assigned for cellular phone usage by the FCC. The federal law prohibits any manipulation of the device by the user to transmit or receive these channels. Some cities require you to have a permit if you want to use this device in a motor vehicle. Any changes or alterations to the equipment should only be done within the guidelines stipulated in the Uniden BC75XLT manual.

    .Earphone Warning

    It is recommended that you only use a monaural earphone or a stereo headset. The use of the wrong earphone may damage your eardrum. Although the output jack is monaural, you can use it in both the stereo headset and the headphone. You should always ensure that you are comfortable with the volume before plugging the headset; otherwise, you may damage your hearing if you expose your eardrums to an uncontrolled volume.


    Uniden Scanner comes with great features, which gives it an excellent overall rating over other handheld scanners. The close capture feature makes it incomparable and gives it an edge in the market. The extra features, e.g., the antenna compatibility, easy to use interface, and the do not disturb mode, makes it ideal for any user. If you are new to the handheld scanners, you need to try the Uniden Scanner. It will also set the standard you need to use even when you need to purchase other brands in the future.


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