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    Are you looking for a business two way radio and wondering which types are best? We know communication is an essential tool for every business, but sometimes it becomes hard when you are in remote areas. Sometimes you need to engage in new activities such as mountain climbing or skiing. These situations may require a strong walkie-talkie built-in rugged design with premium features. In such cases, a two-way radio comes in handy. Good ham radio will keep you rocking even in the extreme circumstances, maintaining your security yet helping you keep in touch. There are various two-way radios in the market, but picking the best radio may be a struggle. This article gives you a guideline on the best walkie-talkies for business.

    Top 6 Two Way Radios for Business in 2020

    The following are some of the business radios that we have analyzed. We have done a clear analysis of the business features before concluding on this list.

    1. Proster Walkie Talkies Rechargeable 16 Channel radio

    This is an image of Proster Rechargeable Walkie Talkies Kids 16 Channel

    If your business is one that operates within a small radius, Proster will be a good communication model. Most of the businesses that have their branches working over the same roof can go for this option. Companies such as supermarkets, construction firms, security firms find help in these radios. Proster is an excellent deal for both outdoor and indoor activities. Their ergonomic and lightweight design make it comfortable to walk around with these walkie-talkies. The Proster radio has 400-475 MHz and has 16 channels. You can transmit over a 2-mile range in ideal conditions. Their rough shape makes them durable enough to stand rigors of day-to-day life, even when used in harsh conditions. They are very suitable for a short distance, and hence their reception is very clear. The presence of CTCS and DCS feature minimizes unwanted noises and blocks any interference

    The Proster has an amazing rechargeable 1500 Mah battery that can support you for 8 hours with a single recharge. You can also use the USB option to recharge your radio conveniently, or even recharge it from your car. You can enjoy a clear sound and clear transmission using the earpiece that also assures you a private communication in any surrounding.

    • 16 channels with up to 2 miles range
    • Lightweight and portable
    • Excellent build quality
    • UHF 400-457 MHz
    • Built-in Flashlight for easy use at night
    • DCS and CTCSS Feature to reduce noise and signal interference
    • Contains few channels with no privacy codes
    • Not suitable for long-range
    • Waterproof casing

    2. RETEVIS H-777

    This is an image of 5 units of RETEVIS H-777

    Retevis is the best model for any business that has many staff. This UHF radio comes with ten sets so you can keep each member connected. Each radio is already preset with the same channel and same frequency. This allows you to start transmitting immediately after unboxing the pack. Each radio comes with a voice prompt feature, which the user can use to locate the channel used by the whole group and adjust the settings with the hands-free. Every radio comes with a built-in LED flashlight for operation in the dark backgrounds more so at night. Each receiver has 16 channels combined with 50 privacy codes. This gives the users more connection options while still keeping the communication private.

    • Ten business walkie talkies
    • 16 channels combined with 50 privacy codes
    • Built-in Flashlight for night use
    • UHF frequency
    • The radios have a limited range


    This is an image of BTECH MURS business radio

    The BTECH is another excellent ham radio that stands out when it comes to keeping businesses in touch. This radio is ideal for people who are operating in remote locations where the use of cellular phones may not be practicable. With its durability and lightweight design, you can use it in any situations without worrying that it will break. This two-way radio has the channels skip feature that helps the user add or remove a channel from the scanning list. You can eliminate nuisance channels and replace them with more channels that are resourceful

    These walkie-talkies can monitor two channels at the same time and connect you to the first station that receives a transmission. The tricolour LCD makes it easy to read even in dark settings. The radio also contains a flashlight just in case you get late. The VOXX feature helps you communicate hands-free. It includes alphanumeric channel storage and a busy channel lockout

    The 1800 MaH battery keeps the radio powered for a long time. The radio comes with a headset and earpiece to keep you in touch even in those noisy backgrounds

    • Large and comfortable to read LED display
    • Very clear transmissions
    • Channel skip feature helps eliminate unwanted channels from the scan list
    • The LED Flashlight ensures the users’ safety even at night
    • Can monitor dual frequencies
    • The Flashlight is a bit dim

    4. Motorola business cls1110 5-mile

    This is an image of Motorola business cls1110 radio

    The Motorola CLS 110 is another premium brand that is great for business operations. The one channel UHF radio is among the best receiver in the communication technology. This radio comes with 56 exclusive business frequencies and 121 privacy codes. This leaves the user with multiple channel options, hence a more secure communication. These motorola business two way radios are worth considering and offer excellent coverage.

    The rechargeable lithium-ion battery offers 18 hours of communication with one charge. You can still power it with AAA battery for backup power. The radio can communicate approximately 200,000 square feet giving an ample range for businesses. It features a keypad lock that prevents accidental dials and any unwanted changes in settings. Its compact and rugged design makes it stable against any form drops and shocks. You can choose from the three call tones available for incoming calls.

    • 56 business-exclusive frequencies with 121 privacy codes
    • Keypad lock to prevent accidental dials
    • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery and supports AAA batteries
    • Transmits up to 200,000 square feet
    • It is costly
    • The range is a bit low

    5. Motorola RMV2080

    This is a black Motorola RMV2080 radio

    The Motorola ham radio is the next in the line of reputable ham radios for business. This manufacturer has gone out of the way to provide the best radios for various business fields. If you are looking for a reliable receiver with weather scan features, the RMV2080 will serve the purpose. The channel 8 Motorola walkie-talkie receives all official alerts from the national weather service, making this a good weather radio. In addition to weather updates, this radio has intuitive features, which boost productivity in any business setting.

    It has an excellent audio quality to enable you to hear any background sounds clear. This makes it easy for the user to monitor business operations, e.g. in the construction site and so on. The channel announcement feature helps you use the phone on the hands-free mode as you concentrate on other weighty matters.

    The is radio has undoubted durability- It has gone through the accelerated life testing that guarantees up to 5 years of field use without any flaws. The receiver will stand harsh conditions such as bumps, throws and drops without any problem. One thing that makes this radio popular is the simplicity of its operation. You do not need to be an experienced radio user to operate it

    • Has 27 Business exclusive frequencies
    • Designated weather channel that gets any weather alerts from the National Weather Station
    • It is strong enough to stand situations such as strong winds. Dust and vibration
    • Comes with 219 privacy codes maintaining private communications
    • 1500 Mw speaker
    • Loses charge quickly

    6. DEWALT DXFRS300

    This is an image of DEWALT DXFRS300 Business Radio

    Dewalt is a robust long-range radio built in a sturdy design to suit the business world. This radio can transmit up to 250,000 square feet, which is equivalent to a 20 floors structure without losing its signal strength. This ham radio comes with 22 channels preset with privacy codes, which keeps your conversation from interruption. You can choose from the 2662 available options; anytime you need to put across some message. The durability of this device is what gives it an advantage over other radios. It is shock-resistant and can handle up to two meters drop. You can also immerse it in one meter of water, and it will come out unharmed.

    The radio also contains a 360 degrees swivel holster- you can attach it to your belt and hold it in the most comfortable position. The VOXX feature allows the user to have a hands free communication without stopping other chores. The power save mode turns your radio to the battery saver mode whenever it goes for ten seconds without transmitting. This helps to save energy. The LCD makes the radio ideal for 24-hour use, even in the darkness. The audio squelch minimizes background noises so the user can transmit even in noisy backgrounds. The roger beep lets you know when you are through with the transmission

    • Long-range transmission
    • 22 preset channels and 121 privacy codes
    • Waterproof and rugged design
    • Shock and drop resistant
    • VOXX features for easy hands-free use

    Business radios buyer’s guide

    The Federal Communication Commission provides numerous frequencies that are suitable for transmission. There are specific frequencies that are dedicated to business communication. These channels are therefore not available for use by the public. Only business ham radios can connect to the frequencies, and they are very reliable for professional business communications. This leaves businesses the pleasure of enjoying an uninterruptible transmission.

    Why should you invest in a business walkie talkie?

    We have seen that business walkie-talkies are designed explicitly with the businessperson in mind. Therefore, they have unique features that will help improve the productivity of your business. It does not matter where your company operates. These radios will take you there. Let us say you have an activity that requires you to get in the deep valley or inside the forests. It would be impossible to go there with a cellular radio since there would be a limited cellular connection. A businesses radio becomes handy in such situations.

    These radios keep everyone in your team connected and updated to ensure there is adequate coordination for work continuity. They also feature security alert features that boost the safety of the users. The weather alerts keep the users alert in case of any unforeseen weather changes. The built-in flashlights maintain security in case of dark settings. Another bonus feature is the safety alerts such as the SOS, which keeps the users safe from any emergency.

    Essential factors to consider when buying a business radio

    The tips below can help you choose the best radio

    • Range- The longer the range, the better- If your business involves people operating some distances apart, then you need a radio that can connect over a long-range
    • Business type- What does your business entail? Your regular day-to-day activities will determine the kind of radio that will fit. For instance, if you are an angler, you will need a waterproof receiver. Construction sites require a radio that is drop resistant and shockproof.
    • Battery life- Radios that have a long-life battery will serve the purpose. If you need to operate far from the power source, then you need a radio that has a durable battery and one that can support backup batteries.
    • Channels and frequencies- A substantial business requires a radio that has multiple channels and privacy codes. This gives the user numerous transmission options as well as ensuring the privacy of their communication
    • Safety features- Every business requires to be safe- for both the users as well as the premises. A radio that has safety alerts is excellent for any business
    • Additional features such as VOXX, Squelch feature, lone worker, SOS, among others that boost the productivity of the users.


    A business radio is essential for any type of business. Each of the receivers highlighted in this review is durable, high quality and transmits within an acceptable range. We have done an excellent analysis to ensure that all your business communication needs are covered. Check if the kind of radio you require falls within the above list of ham radios. No matter the type of business you do, you can never miss a good company within the above list that will keep your team connected. Go through the list and get yourself a good ham radio for your business. We hope that this review will give you a clear guideline whenever you need an excellent business radio.

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