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    Are you looking for the best two-way radio? Well, I hope you have done your research correctly. Getting excellent two-way communication is not as easy as people think. First, you will come across hundreds of radios, both cheap, and high end. There are so many sets of ham radios in the market, each promising the best service to the users, yet delivering way beyond the expectations. Getting the best receiver that gives clear signal free from cracks and lags is not a walk in the pack. Nevertheless, Retevis saves your hassle and gives you stress-free communication with your loved ones.

    There are various types of Retevis, but in this review, we have focused on the Retevis H777. The box comes with a set of multiple radios ideal for a large family. You can keep each of your family members connected. Ideally, the designer of this ham radio built it to suit the urban environments. The Retevis Company is known for making affordable ham radios that meet the essential communication, hence ideal even for low-income earners.

    Retevis h777 Walkie Talkie Review

    It is not easy to keep the communication flowing when dealing with a large organization, however, it is not impossible. My personal touch with Retevis 777 is rather exciting, and I do not regret making this choice. After struggling with other models of two-way radios for a long time, a colleague introduced me to this ham radio. I was a bit hesitant to make the decision, but the price was compelling, and so I gave it a shot. Having a medium supermarket in Illinois, with many workers working in different departments, keeping in touch with them was not an easy task. I made my order for a single set, and when the package arrived, the set up was speedy, and I got my staff connected effortlessly.

    One important thing to note, the Retevis H777 uses GMRS frequencies when working with above 0.5 watts. The device has a removable antenna, that is easily replaceable. I was able to fix everything but I missed an important point; I never realized that I was required to have the FCC license when transmitting with this radio. Nevertheless, I was lucky to communicate for the first few days without landing in the wrong hands of the law. Even though the radio comes ready with a broadband capability, you are only allowed to use the narrow band. Setting it to work with the small band and the licensed frequencies is straightforward.

    This device has very clear channels with no interruption. The radio size is reasonable, but the antenna is a bit soft. We had to replace it with a stronger one after some time. The box had a programming cable, and we only realized later that there was a disk. Although there was no user manual, it was easy for me to program the radios. One annoying thing is the lack of call end alert. Most of the ringers and alerts were missing too. Nevertheless, all factors held constant; Retevis 777 was able to fit its purpose with a reasonable budget.

    After using the device for some time, we learned that it could not give the best results with the sales team since they operated in different regions far from each other. It would initially connect well but lost signal after traveling for some distance. However, the management assigned these radios to the shop attendants and cashiers since they were working from one open hall. The experience was great, and the supervisor had an easy time coordinating the team. I would say that this radio has saved a lot of time for us and the workers’ performance is excellent. I would comfortably recommend it to other users.

    Retevis h-777 review

    With this set, you will enjoy a clear sound in your communication, thanks to its sleek speakers. The built-in LED light keeps the display visible amidst poor lumination. The emergency alarm keeps you safe. The device features low or high power functions to suit different environments. The box comes with six devices, and every device has its charger, earpiece, belt clip, antenna, and batteries.

    The radios have built-in microphones that work with the earpiece. You never have to stay out of communication even when in crowded and noisy environments. If you are not comfortable with the earpiece, you can purchase another compatible headset. With a reliable battery, this walkie talkie promises a long talk time.

    Retevis h-777 range

    Retevis H777 comes with 16 channels, which operate, comfortably between three to five miles range. This is dependent on the terrain; hence you may expect the range to fall in hilly areas and deep valleys. The PTT button is excellent compared to past models. You can operate the PTT in all weather, even when wearing gloves. Retevis 777 features a scanner that helps you to keep track of the conversations. With the acoustic headset, you can keep your communication private and turn to hands-free mode when your hands are engaged in other activities.

    Notable features

    • Voxx features enable you to command the radio using your voice
    • Battery alert lets you know when the battery is running low
    • CTSS function that blocks calls


    • Built-in flashlight for use in the dark
    • Easy to program
    • Works with DCS and CTCSS
    • Sturdy design and a small size
    • It takes just a few hours to charge fully
    • Very affordable
    • Compatible with other FRS/GMRS


    • Users complained of the earpiece being uncomfortable to the ears
    • Not ideal for long-range
    • Not durable, the case will break easily

    If you are looking for a device that is simple to operate, Retevis h-777 will work even for a novice. You do not need to undergo any training to use it. One thing that makes this a great choice is its ability to communicate with other FRS/GMRS scanners using the same channel and privacy code. This ham radio has a clear voice and a high signal. You can scan to check the progress of the conversation, while the privacy codes help keep your communication away from eavesdroppers. The voice prompts read your channel number; hence it’s easy when you need to switch to specific channels. In case you are in danger, you can press the emergency alert, and it will send a red signal to your friends.

    Walkie-talkie performance

    Retevis H777 is ideal for indoor usage and works well. If you are looking for long-range outdoor operations, you may need to look for more suitable radios. This radio has some limited functionalities, which are only fitted for indoor activities, and I would not recommend it for outdoor activities like camping, mountain climbing, and bike riding. It can be quite unreliable in outdoor expeditions unless you are using it at close range.

    Their capabilities and range are limited, which is why we do not recommend them for the outdoors. Even though the manufacturer has promised a ten miles range, the reality is three to four miles depending on your environment. It is easily distracted by any structures like houses, trees, cars, and so on. You need to approach it with a reasonable expectation regarding range.

    Retevis continues improving its devices, with any new device featuring more advanced features over its subsequent model. The H777 comes with well-built antennas and has its belt clips more durable. With the 1000 mAH Li-ion battery, you can keep connected for eight to nine hours or more. The battery takes around two hours to recharge fully. The time out timer reminds the user when to switch out of the channel


    Retevis is built-in sleek ergonomic design to make it easy and comfortable for the users’ hands. It weighs 180 gms, making it easy to fit in your hands and fits the user’s pocket effortlessly. The belt clip makes it easy to fit this device in any convenient body location

    convenient charging

    Each set comes with a separate charging base which has a fitted adapter. The charging base displays a red light when connected to power and turns green when the battery is full. This helps to avoid overcharging hence increases battery life. With the USB charger, you can quickly charge the device on your computer

    Crystal transmission

    This device has a clear communication when using it within a hall, or in close range outdoor activities. With sleek speakers and a good headset, you can keep in touch while at the same time keeping your communication confidential.


    The users of this radio have shown mixed reactions, some lauding it others condemning its basic nature. However, our general analysis of this two-way radio gives it a good position. First, it has a size similar to other high priced devices. Before purchasing this ham radio, you may need to do a precise evaluation of the pro and cons; otherwise, you would get yourself on the wrong end. It would be great if you buy this device for family or office use. If you were looking for a walkie-talkie that is ideal for long-range communication, I would propose that you go for the Midland walkie talkies.

    However, the H777 price justifies its features. Nevertheless, if you think this model suits your expectations, you can buy it today and get a better device once you are ready. It will also help you get the necessary experience with two-way radios before you switch to more advanced features. Retevis keeps on advancing its functionalities over time, so you may get an advanced radio anytime they release a new version.

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