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    Latest Articles

    Baofeng UV 82HP Review

    Featured below is an in-depth break-down and a comprehensive Baofeng UV-82HP review. Important info from the manufacturers specifications, programming instructions and a feature list...

    Baofeng BF-888S Review

    The Baeofeng BF-888S is one of the walkie talkies you could probably be described as “industry standard”. If you’re already toying with the idea...

    A Comparison Review of BC75XLT vs BC125AT

    BC75XLT VS BC125AT - A Quick Rundown: Some Back Story: The BC75XLT and the BC125AT are both developed by the japanese wireless communication company Uniden.  The 125AT...

    Best Baofeng Radio Reviews

    So you're looking for the best Baofeng radio, right? The importance of communication cannot be overemphasized, especially during emergencies. Technology has made it mandatory that...

    Best Walkie Talkie For Event Planners

    Best Value Motorola CLP1040 Coverage of 100,000 SQ FT, 9 hours battery life Read More Premium Pick Motorola Solutions CLP1060 Everything the CLP1040 has but more. Read More Budget Buy Ansoko Long Range Perfect...