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    If you are looking for the classiest radio that can boost your business communication, you can try this Motorola XPR7550. From emergency settings, IMPRES Li-Ion battery, VHF and UHF frequencies bands, privacy settings among other premium features, this scanner has everything you can wish to get in a business ham radio. The XPR7550 features among the latest models of Motorola. This model has high-quality speakers hence producing the best audio. The transmission is clear even when operating in low-frequency areas. You can get clear communication even when you are in the noisiest environment.  

    With the GPS location tracker, you can keep track of the user’s location during the outdoor activities. You can use this feature to keep your workers accountable in their operation. You can also use this it to track your workers’ activities and the vehicle movements to ensure that the company resources are utilized as required. This feature also doubles as a security feature in case your colleague disappears in the forest during teambuilding activities such as camping.

    This radio also features an LCD that displays in multiple colours, which makes it easy to use and program the radio. The two-way handheld device works great for many users, both novices and experienced. Its rugged design makes it durable so that you do not keep on going back to the market to spend on a communication device. One thing that makes this device stand is the presence of Bluetooth connectivity that makes wireless programming and connection effortless.  

    Motorola XPR 7550 Design

    Motorola 7550 is a sleek walkie-talkie whose size fits perfectly in the user’s hand and hence adding to its portability. Its rugged build makes this radio strong to endure anything the Mother Nature may through at it. This Motorola radio is built in a waterproof material and can be submerged in water for more than 30 minutes and come out untouched. It also comes with a dustproof cover which keeps its inner components free from dust.

    Buttons & Switches

    MotorolaXPR has two knobs; one is used to power on the device and regulate volume while the other one is used when selecting the channels. When you click the button, it produces a clicking sound. The channel knob rotates continuously without limit. Motorola 7550 comes with seventeen buttons with various functions, two of which are programmable. The keypad has a light display that gives the user an easy time during day and night. 

    On the face of this radio are a keyboard and an LCD display. Looking at the device from the fore, you will find the on/off button, antenna connector, channel change button, status display, volume knob and the top button. On the side of the device is the PTT button among other buttons. 

    Great audio quality

    If your day-to-day operations involve noisy environments, then XPR-7550 is what you need. You do not have to worry about missing meaningful conversations because of noisy background noises. With an audio output of 500 MW, this radio will keep you in touch irrespective of the background. Apart from loud, clear sound quality, the audio system is designed to provide a tremendous audio response in low-quality signals. 

    Batteries capacity & Charger

    MotorolaXPR works with the lithium-ion battery. You can choose the standard capacity option or the high capacity option. With the standard capacity, you can use the device for eight hours of regular transmission. You can turn to the high capacity whenever you require additional power, but this will make your radio thicker. The XPR 7550 comes with a standard charger. At the back of the receiver is a removable belt clip and an accessory connector, which connects accessories like the microphone and doubles as a programming device. The dual battery technology boosts performance and gives the radio a long life making it ideal for outdoor activities. 


    The Motorola 7550 comes with either a UHF or VHF antenna, but you can also fit it with other versions, which give the radio a lower profile in areas where its fullness may be unnecessary. Getting an external antenna may cost you around $200, which may be on the higher end for most of the walkie-talkie users 

    LCD Display

    One feature that makes this device attractive to the users is the colourful display. The multiple colours make it easy to navigate through the radio menus. The user can customize the display to match the surrounding, i.e.; you can brighten or dim it. You can also switch to day or night mode that changes the text display to match the situation.


    To exploit the full performance of this device, you need to have a programming cable and the MOTOTRBO CPS (Customer Programming Software). You can do the programming using your computer Bluetooth. Though most of the walkie talkie vendors may do the programming for you at a fee, you have the option of programming it to suit your desires. The MOTORTRBO gives multiple programming options, and you can customize any attribute of this device to suit your needs.

    The availability of numerous options make the programming process hectic, but you can still crack it with the help of menus in the MOTOTRBO CPS. If you have not done it before, it would be good that you seek the help of someone who has some experience with the MOTOTRBO CPS programming software. You can also find more information about programming on Youtube.   


    • Great audio quality. This radio contains a loudspeaker and an intelligent sound feature that is used to adjust the sound volume to match the environment
    • The display of this radio features an excellent resolution, which can be set to use any time of the day or night. Every mode has its features that match the surrounding lighting making it easy to use the radio in bright and dark environments.
    • This radio allows text messaging whenever you want to deliver a quick message without interrupting, other people. This comes handy when you are operating in a silent environment where minimal movement is required
    • With the Transmit Interrupt feature, you can interrupt another radio transmission when you need to put across an urgent message to other radio users.
    • Emergency Button: This radio features an orange button that doubles as an SOS feature. It can be programmed to send emergency alerts in times of distress.
    • This device is built in a rugged design and features the IP57 rating that makes it water.
    • Full-colour display with an easy to navigate menu and large icons
    • Powerful data application to boost productivity with multiple customization options 

     Motorola XPR7550 Accessories

    The Motorola is among the most powerful machines, but to help them give the best performance over the specified area, you may need some enhancements. One thing you need to note is that although the device may be compatible with other models, using the certified accessories works gives the best results and keeps you and your gadget safe. Such accessories are accredited and to work with your radio. You can unleash the full power of your device by using certified accessories. The Motorola Company has a variety of accessories with great features to boost your radio performance in your operations. 

    As you continue with your day-to-day operations, you can work more conveniently while wearing a comfortable accessory from the Motorola Company.


    • Marine VHF channels
    • GPS function with tracking capability
    • Bluetooth connection
    • VHF channels
    • Attractive LCD colour display
    • Sturdy and compact design
    • Powerful battery with the dual option
    • Submersible IP57


    • This radio is very heavy 
    • The radio is not affordable for income earners


    Communication is crucial for every business, but again the illegal use of communication tools can be suicidal. With the above Motorola XPR 7550 review, you will have an easy time making the right decision about your business communication. One great gift you can give to your business this year is this MotorolaXPR. With the so many yet premium features, your business performance can improve significantly with this radio. This radio is a worthy investment considering the good things associated with it. Its rugged design assures you of its durability; the IP57 rating keeps it from water and dust- you can use it in the desert or marine without worrying. While other businesses buy keep of replacing their communication device year after year, you can be assured that this radio will serve you for long. Forget about cheap options and keep your workers rocking with this Motorola radio

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