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    The Motorola XPR6550 is a workhorse two-way radio, which sets itself from other receivers. This radio combines the best of two-way radios with digital technology. The XPR model comes with increased capacity, extended battery life, and improved audio clarity. This digital portable radio also has integrated data communication through Motorola’s most extensive third-party application developer program. Motorola ham radio is ideal for commercial and business operations.

    You will often see this radio with people such as law enforcers, factory workers, fire personnel, and event staff. The XPR6550 model offers a single band, which covers either VHF or UHF, depending on the model you want. The radio also comes with both analog FM and DMR, including Motorola’s DMR-compatible enhanced MotoTRBO. The XPR 6550 has an integrated GPS module, full keypad with display, a maximum of 1000 channels, and five programmable buttons.

    Notable Features

    • Flexible and Menu-driven Interface. The interface includes two lines of text.
    • Tri-color LED indicator for visible calling, scanning, and monitoring features.
    • Emergency Button.
    • Accessory Connector
    • Integrated GPS Module
    • Navigation Buttons
    • Radio Housing
    • Powerful Speaker
    • Five Programmable Buttons (Three at the side and two at the front)
    • Push-to-talk Button
    • Up to 1,000 Channels
    • Enhanced Call Management
    • Digital Calling (MDC 1200, Encode/Decode, Quick-Call II)
    • Optional Expansion Card
    • Privacy Enhancement
    • Free-form and Quick Text Messaging
    • Contact List, which can accommodate up to 1,000 contacts
    • Voice Activated Transmit (VOX)
    • UHF and VHF frequency bands

    Motorola XPR 6550 Review

    Motorola original accessories enhance communication in your company. The remote speaker microphones ensure that you communicate without removing your radio from your belt. The headsets provide hands-free communication to ensure that you continue working while communicating. The earpieces mute the speaker and channels the audio directly to your ears so that you can monitor transmission privately.

    [i2pc pros_icon=”icon icon-thumbs-up” cons_icon=”icon icon-thumbs-down” show_title=”true” title=”Pros & Cons” show_button=”false” pros_title=”Pros” cons_title=”Cons” ][i2pros]Motorola built the XPR6550 to last. The plastic is thick and more reliable than other handheld radios. The buttons are also high quality.
    The audio quality is exceptional regardless of the volume. The loud volume allows you to hear transmissions clearly, even in noisy environments.
    The analog and DMR features are bug-free. The XPR6550 model implements the DMR protocol so that it can receive groups, scan, and text message work.
    If you have a license, you can legally use your Motorola XPR6550 on GMRS and business systems.[/i2pros][i2cons]Motorola does not allow you to program the XPR 6550 model for ham radio. You also cannot program it from the front panel.
    This radio is larger and heavier than other Motorola two-way radios.
    The XPR6550 is only available in a single band.[/i2cons][/i2pc]

    Text Message

    This radio allows you to use text messaging when you want to be discreet, or you want to communicate without interrupting workers.

    Certified Intrinsically Safe

    FM approves Motorola XPR6550 accessories as intrinsically safe, and it comes with an FM battery for use in hazardous environments.


    This radio comes with built-in scrambling to enhance security.

    Analog and Digital Compatible

    Motorola built the XPR 6550 model to provide secure and quick migration to digital migration.


    The display has a flexible, menu-driven interface. The interface uses icons, text, and easy-to-operate navigation buttons to ease menu navigation and message reading.

    LED Alert

    The radio comes with a tri-color LED indicator that shows feedback of scanning, calling, and monitoring.

    Integrated GPS

    With the Motorola 6550, you can now track down your work teams without purchasing any extra equipment.

    IP Connect

    The radio allows you to use your IP network to extend its voice and data capabilities by linking repeaters together. With this feature, you can create system-covering employees at different geographically dispersed locations. You can also connect a maximum of 15 sites to make extensive area coverage or improve the coverage at a single site with physical barriers.

    Capacity Plus

    You can choose the digital entry-level trunking system, which enhances the capacity of this radio by connecting several repeaters. You can then use the increased capacity for a better voice volume, data communication, and linking the radio to several users at a single site without adding new frequencies.

    Linked Capacity Plus

    You can expand the capacity and coverage of MOTOTRB with a multi-site, digital, and entry-level trunking system. Linked Capacity Plus provides a wide area of coverage, thus connecting employees at many locations.

    Connect Plus

    This feature allows you to unify your entire business. Connect Plus, multi-site, digital trunking system coordinates resources using a dedicated control channel. During busy hours, Connect Plus allows you to queue calls until an open channel becomes available. However, you can also assign a priority status for significant users by using a wireline console for centralized dispatch.

    Digital Telephone Interconnect

    This XPR 6550 feature allows you to communicate between radios and landline or mobile phones.

    Transmit Interrupt

    This ability allows you to interrupt another radio conversation to deliver crucial information exactly when and when it is needed.

    Rugged Design

    Motorola XPR6550 has a sturdy design, and it is tightly sealed against wind and dust. The design also allows the radio to be submersible in up to one meter of water for 30 minutes.


    Motorola XPR utilizes technology to make your organization more productive. This two-way radio provides you with a forward-thinking way to connect your team without increasing your expenses. The radio is versatile, powerful, and it combines the best two-way radio functions with the latest technology. The XPR6550 model integrates audio with data and comes with enhanced features that are easy to use.

    The features allow the radio to deliver increased capacity to meet all your communication needs. The receiver also allows you to use it in the intense conditions since it is waterproof and meets military specifications. You can also use the radio in places where there are flammable gasses, vapors, and combustible dust. You will also enjoy an extended warranty. With such exceptional features, you do not have to worry about keeping your team connected at all times.


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