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    With thousands of Walkie Talkie brands flooding the market, it becomes a bit challenging to identify the best mobile radio in the market. Nevertheless, if you have a keen eye on the variable features, you will be able to pick a suitable device. 

    This is an image of the motorola talkabout t600

    The Motorola Talkabout T600 Radio stands as one of the most celebrated Walkies, primarily by hikers and mountain climbers. If you are the type that loves adventuring, Motorola will keep you connected even in the extreme conditions in your outdoor activities. It has incredible features such as a water-enabled flashlight and the ability to float in water. With the Talkabout you will remain connected even under the craziest situations. The Flashlight contains the white beam, and the red LED to help preserve night vision. With these fantastic features, the gadget will keep you connected, whether on land or in the ocean.  

    The T600 contains a thick plastic cover, which makes it stiff and durable. Even though it feels a bit weighty, the good thing is that you will quickly notice if it flips off your belt. Besides, the buttons contain a waterproof substance in a way that it can even be immersed in water for more than thirty minutes and come out unharmed.  

    The gadget has two PTT (push To Talk buttons) on its left. When using it in low power areas, you do not have to activate the second Push to Talk button as it consumes a lot of power. Other crucial buttons are on the front side. At the bottom side, you will find Flashlight with an on-off switch on the upper left. Another unique feature is the removable belt clip, which also features a whistle. This can help your friends trace you quickly in case you get lost in the bush while in a forest adventure. 

    Setting up the Motorola Talkabout T600

    Given a chance to select the best device in the range of walkie-talkies in the market, a handful of people would choose T600. The setup is straightforward; you open the battery section, install the battery, and you are good to go. In case you need to travel to a far distance without accessing power, carry with you AA batteries. Each unit will require three batteries.  


    As stated earlier, the device has all the necessary buttons located on the front. Motorola is easy to use even for complete newbies. You need to have the user guide only for a few hours, and you will master the operations efficientlyIf you are not a newbie, you do not need the user guide to help you operate the device. For example, you can choose from among the twenty-two channels available for connection; you have 121 secret codes to maintain your privacy. In other words, you can choose from more than 2000 channels, giving you a high probability of getting an unoccupied channel.  

    For people who have small hands, it is easy to use the PPT button on the side, while those with large hands may prefer to have it on top. 

    Range and Clarity of the Motorola t600

    The two factors are among the most crucial considerations when choosing a walkie-talkie; if your message will not reach the other end, then it is useless to have the device. You can easily send and get back clear signals over a distance. Motorola reviews show that T600 has passed the test. Based on the enormous reviews posted by users on various online platforms, you do not need to search any further to get an excellent mobile radio. 

    Sometimes the connection goes up to 36 miles range on ideal conditions. However, you do not even need the 36 miles range; every user only requires up to around a maximum of 5 miles range since the ideal conditions may not be practically achievable. A wide array of Talkabout reviews show that T600 remains the most suitable for clarity and range, compared to other Walkies.

    T600 Battery life

    The battery consumption is on top-notch. Even though you may need to carry with you some extra AA batteries, you may not require using them. The device can serve you for the whole day without recharging. It takes 8 hours to recharge a completely flat battery. The low battery alert notifies you the best time to recharge or change the batteries.


    You may think the design is just for physical attraction, but the truth is that it goes beyond that. The device weight can be of great concern, especially for those who find fun in traveling. The T600 Motorola has a significant advantage in its weight. You will rarely drop it without noticing. 

    Other features 

    • The Flashlight automatically switches on when exposed to water mass, making it easy for retrieval. However, it is easier to trace a lost gadget even at night since it does not sink in water.  
    • The radio produces a soft red beam light to preserve your night vision is more so for people who need the Flashlight at the campsite  
    • It contains an emergency alert trait which produces a loud siren as well as a transmission that goes for 20 seconds when activated 
    • The VOX feature helps you use the radio without holding it. This feature is favorable to bikers, hikers, and mountain climbers who may wish to use the device without touching it. 
    • The radio contains 11 weather channels that have alerts to keep you in touch with the weather conditions in your location.  
    • You can choose from the 20 customizable call alerts and even set a unique end of transmission tones to notify people when you are through with your transmission.  


    • Waterproof 
    • A good range on both GMRS and FRS  
    • Dual Power 
    • Features Transmission time-out to save power 
    • Floats in water 
    • Emergency alert 
    • Push To Talk buttons to boost power 
    • Automatic Flashlight when exposed to water bodies 


    • It is heavy and requires a fitted belt 
    • May Quickly turn on Flashlight and consume power 


    Whether you are going to the forest or a campsite for a couple of days, having a Walkie Talkie will make it easier for you, more so when you do not have access to a call service. Reviews show that T600 beats many other mobile radios in the market. Get your Motorola T600 today and remain connected, even rat the middle of the sea.  

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