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    When it comes to two way communication, we are used to cellphones. You could be wondering what the point of acquiring walkie talkies is.

    There are a few limitations and that is when communication devices like T400 two way radio can come in handy. Think of situations where you need longer battery endurance or you need to stay connected in spite of harsh weather conditions and poor cell reception. These are the situations where a handy Motorola walkie talkie set triumphs over cellphones.

    When it comes to outdoor activities like hiking, camping with family or friends, or when you and your colleagues are working in some outdoor site and you need to stay connected to coordinate the work being done, walkies will triumph over cell phones any day.

    Having established why and when you need a walkie-talkie, let’s look at this one on the market that might best serve your needs.

    Due to the many options and models of two way radios in the market, it can be tedious to decide which one to settle on. One that gives you the best value for your money, is not bulky and can serve you for a long time without needing to replace it often.

    If you are looking for all these qualities and more packed into one device, then look no further. Motorola has you covered.


    Motorola t400 review

    The Motorola talk about t400 is your ideal two-way radio for your outdoor activities like hiking, camping or that outdoor site your next project is on.

    The Talkabout t400 is weatherproof and you can relax knowing you will be able to connect with the rest of the group even in harsh weather conditions like when it’s raining or snowing. Its performance is also not affected by dust. During outdoor activities like camping away from electricity lit cities, the t400 Motorola light comes in handy during the night. You can see clearly where you are stepping if you are walking instead of stumbling in the dark.

    It’s also important to keep informed about weather conditions to avoid getting stuck in dangerous situations like snow storms especially during natural disasters. For this purpose, the Motorola has one channel that is dedicated to informing you on national weather.

    Features of the T400 Motorola Radio

    This two-way radio allows you to stay connected with the rest of the people in your group for up to 35 miles in the mountainous region, and about six miles when you are in open waters. In urban areas, the signal can be hindered by buildings so the coverage is reduced to about two miles. Where frequency is concerned, the Motorola t400 walkie-talkie may not be the absolute best in the market but it is one of the best ones you will find in the market. With the push-to-talk functionality, you can increase the coverage when you need depending on how far you need to cover. When you don’t need the boost, you can always deactivate it to save on power.
    The battery life is another aspect you should consider when getting a walkie talkie. With the t400 you get up to 8 hours of constant service when the battery is fully charged. Another awesome thing the battery meter displayed on the screen of the radio that allows you to monitor power usage. You also get an alert when the battery is about to die. This allows you to get an alternative power source. You can also purchase spare batteries separately so that you can keep connected for longer.
    Another great feature on this device if the hands-off feature that allows you to communicate without holding it in your hands when you are hiking the rocky part for instance. There is a screen lock feature too that you can activate to prevent you from pressing the keys accidentally.
    There are 22 radio channels on this walkie talkie inclusive of family radio frequencies that you can listen to with your family when you are out there in the wild.
    If other members of your group have other models of a walkie-talkie, that’s no reason to worry as the Motorola allows you to connect and communicate with other FRS or GMRS radios as long as they are on the same channel and privacy code.
    Each of the 22 channels has 121 privacy codes that allow you to find free channels to communicate with other members of your group. With the 22 channels and 121 codes, you can get up to 2662 possible combinations. Just to be clear though, the privacy codes are not meant to keep your communication private. Instead, the codes serve to eliminate any other messages that are not coming from other parties that are not part of your group.
    One other unique feature for the Motorola is the quiet talk. With this feature, you get to enjoy continuous quiet communication with other Motorola walkies while filtering out other non-Motorola messages. This is especially helpful in crowded communication traffic zones.
    There are 10 call tones you can choose from that allows you to customize what the other party listens to before you start talking to them instead of the monotonous ring. There are notifications tones too that notify the other party of the end of the transmitted message instead of saying “over” all the time. Should you choose to use these tones, there a few you can choose from.

    In conclusion,

    The Motorola Talkabout t400 is one of the best you can find in the market currently. With just under 70 dollars you can have this radio which is arguably the best value for money with all the features the radio has to offer. It is also very easy to use which means even kids in your group can easily use it. When hiking treacherous terrain, the hands-off feature also ensures you keep connected without having to hold the radio which allows you to concentrate on your safety during the hike. The yellow color of this radio also allows you to easily locate it in case you misplace it.

    All things considered, the t400 is a great device to take on your next outdoor experience.

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