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    Motorola Walkie Talkie Reviews and Guides

    Motorola is a leading brand in the mobile communication industry. Here is a compilation of our resources on the Motorola brand. It includes specific Motorola product reviews, as well as troubleshooting and setup guide for Motorola walkie talkies and radios. Everything you need to know about buying a radio from this top brand can be found here. Motorola Solutions have customers in more than 100 countries around the world, so you can definitely trust a radio from this well-known brand. No matter what industry you are involved in, Motorola has the perfect product for your needs.

    Latest Motorola Guides

    Engineer builder using tablet and walkie talkie, giving instructions at a construction site

    Motorola vertex standard VX 261 Radio Review

    Communication is the most critical tool in every business. Most of the successful businesses can trace their success back to good communication systems. For...
    This is an image of black Motorola cp185 walkie talkie

    Motorola CP185 Review

    Are you still trying to improve your communication? Never worry, the Motorola is here again with the powerful CP185 walkie talkie, which is an...
    Man Talking on Radio. Mountain Rescue Officer Holding Radio Walkies Talkie and Severe Mountain Landscape Background

    Motorola XPR 6550 Review

    The Motorola XPR6550 is a workhorse two-way radio, which sets itself from other receivers. This radio combines the best of two-way radios with digital...
    This is an image of Motorola RMU2040 walkie talkie and a charging base

    Motorola RMU2040 Review (Two way radio)

    Looking for a faster and secure way to communicate with your team? The RMU2040 two way radio radio that will facilitate communication without missing...
    Precise measurements. Surveyor engineer in protective wear and red helmet using geodetic equipment and talking by walkie talkie while standing at construction site. Professional equipment.

    Motorola rdu4100 Review (walkie talkie guide)

    You cannot ignore the crucial part that communication plays in your business operations. Every business requires reliable walkie talkies for this purpose. The Motorola...
    This is an image of three black Motorola MR350TPR walkie talkies

    Motorola MR350TPR Review

    Communication is still the most critical part of life, whether in business or ordinary life. A good ham radio helps you keep in touch...
    This is an image of a 2 pack yellow Motorola walkie talkie.

    Motorola XPR 7550 Portable Radio Review

    If you are looking for the classiest radio that can boost your business communication, you can try this Motorola XPR7550. From emergency settings, IMPRES...
    Man with a Walkie Talkie or Portable radio transceiver for communication

    20 Best Motorola Walkie Talkies (Review Guide)

    Wondering which motorola walkie talkie is the best out of all the different types available? Those already using Motorola walky talky types...
    This is an image of a fireman using a walkie talkie

    The Motorola CP200D Review

    When Motorola set off to design & manufacture the CP200d, they had a few critical things in mind. They primarily wanted to provide a...
    Man with a Walkie Talkie or Portable radio transceiver for communication at event

    The Motorola SL300 review [2021]

    The Motorola SL300 range is a reliable, sturdy, and compact walkie talkie. It is an impressive product that...
    Firefighter used a walkie talkie in action - HDR

    Motorola BPR40 Portable Two-Way Radio

    If you are searching for an affordable and reliable communication tool for your small business, Motorola mag one radio is an excellent choice. You...
    Middle-aged man using walkie-talkie while standing beside car in shipping yard

    Motorola Talkabout MT350R Review

    Ham radios have become so popular today that almost every profession can hardly go without them. Buying the right two-way mobile requires prior knowledge....
    This is an image of talkie walkie motorala talkabout T400

    Motorola t400 Two Way Radio Review

    When it comes to two way communication, we are used to cellphones. You could be wondering what the point of acquiring walkie talkies is. There...
    This is an image of the motorola talkabout t600

    Motorola Talkabout t600 Radio Review

    With thousands of Walkie Talkie brands flooding the market, it becomes a bit challenging to identify the best mobile radio in the market. Nevertheless,...