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    You cannot ignore the crucial part that communication plays in your business operations. Every business requires reliable walkie talkies for this purpose. The Motorola RDU4100 provides you with a competitive communication edge. This radio is part of the Motorola RDX series, which supports the innovative 89 business-exclusive UHF frequencies. This ham radio comes with ten channels and 4 watts of power. Although the radio requires the dealer to program it, you can assign the channels to any of the built-in frequencies and PL codes. The RDU4100 also comes with a tri-color LED that alerts you to the features and status of the radio. Get this radio and make it the center of all your on-site communication needs.

    Motorola RDU4100 Features

    Motorola is back again with a radio that will improve your customer service, safety, productivity, and even prevent loss. The MotorolaRDU4100 comes with a rugged constriction, which prevents it from damage in case you drop the radio. The rubberized external cover acts as a shock absorber and prevents any scratches. As such, the RDU4100 is ideal for those looking for a bit of durability.

    Audio Quality

    The Motorola radio provides an audio quality of up to 200 mAh audio output. The noise cancellation and speaker magnetic field allow users to communicate effectively. You can use this radio in places such as construction sites, security operations, property management, warehouses, and many more.

    Power output

    If you are looking for a radio that will serve you for long, RDU4100 is your go to radio. With 4 watts of power and ten channels, you will have more than enough memory to communicate with less delay. With a communication range of 2 to 3 miles, you will need this kind of power to communicate with workmates who are further away. You also have 121 privacy codes and 89 UHF frequencies to choose from, making it ideal for those who want to toggle through several channels.

    Excellent communication means improved services and happy customers. This radio can increase the productivity of your company. The RDU4100 is louder than most other devices of the same class, and the audio clarity is incomparable. The radio also comes with a rechargeable 18-hour lithium battery. However, you can buy a higher capacity battery if you want to extend its life. Carrying a spare battery can also do the trick, especially if you are in a lengthy operation. The rugged constriction allows the radio to withstand harsh conditions such as wind and dust.

    Hands-free Capability

    This model also comes with hands-free capability, but you have to install an additional hands-free attachment. If you work in an environment where you need to use both your hands, this ham radio can come in handy. You can purchase an earloop, agent, and throat mic-style hands-free attachments to use with this 2-way radio. If you are a more traditional person, you can buy a headset-style accessory.

    Dynamic Talk around Scan

    Another great thing about the RDU4100 is that it comes with a dynamic talkaround scan. Most people do not know about this feature. The dynamic talkaround scan allows the radio to automatically switch between “talkaround” and “repeater “modes. If you use the talkaround method, the radio will enable you to communicate with each other directly. For instance, from person A to B and B to A. in the repeater mode, the radio transmits your signal to a repeater station, which then broadcasts you to any other device with more power. As such, this mode allows you to reach other radios even though they are far. If you are working in different environments, this is your ideal radio. Do not worry about switching the modes because the Motorola radio will do all that work for you.


    • The RDU4100 is compatible with other radios. In case you have accidentally broken your other 2-way radio, you can buy the RDU4100 as a cheaper replacement. The MotorolaRDU4100 allows you to program it by hand, or you can download the free software and download the settings by USB.
    • The audio quality is better than other radios. You can hear the audio even in the noisiest environments. As such, this a great communication device when you are out camping or in noisy business premises.
    • The RDU4100 also has standard waterproof settings, and it meets the military requirements. You can use the radio under harsh conditions such as dust, shock, wind, and vibrations.
    • If you are looking for a ham radio, remember to consider the interface. The RDU4100 is not complicated. You can use the top knobs to control and configure the device to meet all your needs.


    Even with these advantages, the RDU4100 has some flaws.

    • The RDU4100 does not have a backlight display. As such, most customers found it challenging to use in the dark. The radio requires you to stick to the open and well light areas.
    • The radio is ideal for standard usage. This  lacks some of the features contained in most advanced radios. However, you can use it for private communication


    This review has tried to balance the pros and cons of the Motorola RDU4100. However, there is less to dislike about this 2-way radio. The clear audio, rugged constriction, long battery life, and access to specific frequencies make it the perfect choice for most working environments. However, you may need to look elsewhere if you want a completely waterproof device. We can conclude that the radio is water-resistant, but not waterproof. If you get a little wet, the radio will work fine. However, it will not withstand heavy rains.

    Despite its issues, the RDU4100 is a reliable radio. If you experience problems with it, you can contact the manufacturer for a replacement.


    The RDU4100 meets all sorts of communication needs. You can use it for outdoor activities such as hiking and in the business environment. The privacy channels allow you to communicate amongst your group. This Motorola model works without delays. Most customers suggest that it has a unique appearance, simple controls, and customization, and it is reliable. If you are looking for a radio to work correctly in any terrain, the Motorola RDU4100 will give you value for your money.

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