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    Communication is still the most critical part of life, whether in business or ordinary life. A good ham radio helps you keep in touch with your colleagues at the workplace or your kids during the vacation. Motorola two-way radio stands out as one of the best walkie talkies in the market.

    The Motorola MR350TPR is designed with top quality to provide the best performance to the users. Every set comes with three devices to keep communication between multiple users. The multiple features present in this walkie-talkie makes it perfect for outdoor enthusiasts. With every radio covering up to 35 miles, you will not have any issue communicating over a long-range. From the deep forest to flat areas, you never have to get out of reach with this gadget


    Motorola two-way radio boasts of its lightweight and rugged design. One receiver weighs 4.3 ounces-you can carry it all day without getting tired. Its sturdy design makes the radio durable to stand the harsh outdoor conditions. Besides, this two-way radio has additional buttons to make it easy for the user, even when wearing gloves.

    MR350TPR Features

    This radio features multiple charging options so that you will still have another option if one fails. You can use the wall charger or even use the USB charger to charge it with your Desktop PC. You can also buy a car charger so that you can charge it along your journey

    Emergency features

    This Motorola model contains an emergency alert button to keep the user safe from any eventualities while enjoying their outdoor expeditions. You can send an emergency signal by pressing the button whenever you face any dangerous situation. The availability of a strong flashlight helps you navigate in the dark in case you find yourself on the wrong end. It also doubles as a bonus emergency feature to help you light your way.

    NOAA channels

    Motorola keeps you updated with the weather reports wherever you are. Do not get locked up in abrupt weather changes. This radio has weather features that will always keep you informed of the possibility of a storm or heavy rain while you are still in the forest. This helps you to keep yourself safe should any dangerous conditions hit. Be sure that your device is tuned in one of the available weather channels so you can always get the weather alerts all the time. However, some areas may not have access to the NOAA radio service, so you may need to confirm with your local weather office to get the details. You may also check from the official website.

    Vibracall alert

    Sometimes you would want to have some silent communications without attracting any attention. The Vibracall comes in handy in such situations, where a ringer tone would be intrusive. This feature is excellent and lets you communicate without raising unnecessary attention.

    Voxx feature- Hands-free option

    You do not have to stop your chores to answer a call. Enjoy the convenience that comes with the VOXX feature in this device. You can navigate the rough terrains in your outdoor activities without stopping your communications. The IVOXX feature allows you to communicate without holding the phone on your ears. This feature works like a loud speaker so; you can communicate with your radio without placing it on your ears

    MR350TPR Frequencies and channels

    This Motorola is equipped with 22 frequency options and as well as 121 security codes. This gives you to 2,662 options so you can always find an open channel and free from interruptions. The Motorola Talk about MR350TPR is suitable for any outdoor enthusiast, thanks to its 35 miles range. Please note that the field is calculated on ideal conditions free from any obstructions and may change depending on the terrain. The actual range may be reduced by factors such as electromagnetic conditions, weather conditions, tall buildings, among other materials


    In addition to the original rechargeable battery that comes with the walkie talkie, you can also use it with AAA batteries to give it a longer talk time. Always have some extra pieces of the AAA batteries with you whenever you want to travel and do not have a reliable source of power with you.

    IP 51 RATED

    The Motorola radio is IP 51 rated, meaning it is protected from dust and water. This makes it ideal for use in different environments, and you do not have to worry about your radio being damaged in case it rains while you are still operating.

    Multiple call tones

    You can choose from the ten different ringtones available with this device or stick to the default ringer

    PTT power boost Feature

    The (PTT) power boost gives you additional power when you need it the most. This feature enables you to boost the transmission range by increasing power output. You can also use it to save power when you do not require any power boost.

    Channel Scan

    The channel scan feature helps you scan through the available channels in your area and identify an open channel free for transmission


    • Simple, even for newbies
    • The radio has multiple features which boost its performance
    • It is compatible with a wide range of Motorola walkie talkies
    • Sharp and clear sound free from lags
    • A bright flashlight, which doubles as an emergency feature
    • Multiple channels and privacy codes
    • Duo power settings with high low transmissions options (1.5 watts or 0.5 watts)
    • VOXX feature for hands-free communication


    • Lower range than the expected
    • Limited channels compared with other two way radios

    Motorola MR350TPR Talkabout 2 Way Radio Conclusion

    Motorola is among the brands sought after by most of the walkie talkie users. The MR350TPR stands as a preferable device by many of the outdoor enthusiasts. Its emergency and weather alert features make it stand out in the market. The walkie talkie reviews show that fishers and hikers prefer this model, among other careers. People who have purchased this device give it an excellent overall rating. However, the manufacturer may need to improve the coverage for people who want to use it in urban areas with tall buildings. Use this information to make the best choice when purchasing your walkie talkie.

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