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    When Motorola set off to design & manufacture the CP200d, they had a few critical things in mind. They primarily wanted to provide a cost-efficient, reliable, and scalable line of handheld radios to consumers. The CP200D is well rounded enough that most operators can use it regardless of their previous level of experience. It is also purpose-built for extended battery life & outstanding audio quality. If you are looking for a budget walkie talkie, but you don’t want to compromise on overall product quality – this set is probably one of your best bets. The lightweight but sturdy design is ideal for ensuring you stay in constant contact with your team with minimal interference.

    Motorola Portable CP200D Radio

    Key Features

    Keep your workforce connected and reach them easily whenever it is necessary. CP200D Motorola is a cheap radio with premium easy to use features. Its rugged design makes it versatile and durable. With its battery being 40% bigger than other standard batteries, the radio will transmit over a long-range yet maintaining high result. The radio combines both analog and digital features to fit the users’ needs excellently.

    Its clear audio and voice-only function make this handheld audio ideal for outdoor enthusiasts. Make the transition easy with this CP200D Motorola radio. If you are using the analog system, you do not need to worry. Motorola CP200D allows you to use analog and switch to digital when you have completed migrating. You can also use both modes simultaneously. The VHF vs UHF frequencies give you the best experience at all times.

    Notable Features

    • IP54 Rated: The radio is splash-proof and dustproof; hence, you do not have to worry about those outdoor experiences that may expose the receiver to such conditions.
    • Analog only mode: You can use the analog mode and migrate when you are ready to do so. You can do some software upgrade to change to the digital way later.
    • Works with the Radio Management Suite: The radio management suite helps you program your radio using the Motorola cp200d programming software to give the best results and the best performance.
    • The interrupt feature enables the team leader to interrupt the members’ transmission whenever he wants to pass some sensitive information. This doubles as a safety feature.
    • Analog/Digital: With this feature, you can take advantage of premium digital functions such as clear voice, extended range while at the same time maintaining compatibility with other analog systems

    Included accessories

    • Single Unit Charger –
    • UHF vs VHF cp200d Antenna
    • Li-ion 2250mAh Battery
    • Belt Clip
    • Two-Year Warranty

    Motorola CP200d Accessories

    To use the MOTOTRBO radio efficiently, you need to use the accessories that will match its performance. You should only use accessories that are tested and certified by the Company. Such accessories are explicitly tested to work with your radio to boost their performance. Other accessories may not unleash the full power of CP200D. Combine your MOTOTRBO CP200D with the right accessories and exploit its full capacity.

    Each design of Motorola radios goes through a five-year test of wear and tear before getting in to the market. If you already have a CP200 model, this means you do not need to buy other accessories. You can use the same on CP200D. For digital communication, you can use the accessories that come along the CP200D. The device is packed with the best features to boost the workers’ performance. Your workers should never worry again about the battery draining sooner than required, weak signal, an unclear voice, among other problems. CP200D has the best solution


    • Simple to use: Most of the ham radios in the market come with so many features that the users rarely need. This device does not have complicated functions. This radio has basic features, yet its performance is unmatched. It is the best device for people who are looking for simple communication
    • Durability: This device has been tested to meet the US military standards, It can work in the most extreme conditions such as snow, rain, and dust
    • While you can upgrade to the digital model, you can also use it with the analog model. You can upgrade and downgrade anytime you want.
    • The IP54 rating means that the radio is safe from dust and splashes. This boosts the performance of the radio
    • The transmit interrupt feature makes it easy for the supervisor to disrupt the members’ transmission to pass a sensitive message


    • Although the device operates well, it lacks other features present in other devices of the same class. However, its price justifies the available features
    • Reviews show that some customers had problems using the charger. However, you can get a replacement from most of the stores selling ham radios.

    Fleet management capabilities

    Other than the device being cost-effective, it is also efficient to operate. Every radio comes with powerful fleet management features. Use the analog mode and move to digital when it deems fit. The Dual Capacity Direct Mode gives you double capacity while the battery provides you 40% more power.


    With the IP54 rating, you can use the device in the extreme environment while the company gives you two years warranty, with a year warranty on the company branded accessories. The Motorola Company recommends Start Lite to do all repairs and services. The company covers the repair costs as well as the shipping costs to keep you focused on your work while lowering your cost.

     Flexible transition

    Migration is one word but not a one-day event. Every company wishes to have a smooth transition without breaking the communication process. With CP200, migration from Analogue to digital is smooth. With the device allowing the two models to run concurrently, this means that you will not need to go for new accessories when migrating. You can use the same repeaters on your analog models and migrate to digital when you are ready

    Coordination of workers

    Motorola offers a simple communication solution at a reasonable price. With this device, you can have all the members of your team connected. This ensures that the work is done well while boosting performance. With its ergonomic design and clear sound, your workers can work more efficiently

    Improves performance

    Make this device an essential part of every team member’s tool kit and watch the performance change. CP200 keeps you connected with your workers. With the long battery life, you can be sure that no worker gets out of reach. CP200D works excellent for construction firms. The supervisor can inspect the whole site quickly while the other workers are busy in their respective departments. With the voice canceling function, you can speak clearly amidst the running engines. The MOTOTRBO Dual Capacity Direct Mode accommodates multiple calls into the same scale

    The radios adaptable design makes it easy for use in the dark. In case you need to call on a low voice, the Automatic Gain Control enables the receiver to pass the sound loudly on the other end, and similarly, the device has security buttons that you can use to ask for help.


    In conclusion, CP200D Motorola is an excellent purchase if you are looking to get a bit of value for your money. Despite the lower pricing point – no corners have been cut when it comes to manufacturing this robust and reliable radio. Being able to switch between analog/digital is a nice feature, too, especially when it is as simple as pushing a minor software update to the device. It has 121 channels giving you multiple choices for transmission. People love its simplicity and low maintenance cost. It does not attract any monthly fees or services charges. Also, the Motorola cp200d range is ideal for any standard company.


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