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    Are you still trying to improve your communication? Never worry, the Motorola is here again with the powerful CP185 walkie talkie, which is an all-purpose radio. You can use it with several applications such as catering, education, and any other professional field. Motorola helps you to keep in touch with your entire team in the workplace. This radio comes with the convenience of both VHF and UHF bands to meet all your communication needs.

    Its lightweight and ergonomic design make it easy and comfortable to use. You can also program this ham radio VOX activation. This radio comes with five programmable buttons that allow you to set ten different features. You can take advantage of the receiver’s multi-channel capability whenever you want to communicate among groups on different channels. Motorola has finally provided you with the communication solution you been looking for all this time.

    Motorola CP 185 Review

    • 16 channels
    • 435-480Mhz UHF Frequency
    • 136-174 MHz VHF Frequency
    • 4W UHF/5W VHF Power Output
    • Repeater Cable
    • Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery
    • Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery Pack
    • Charger
    • Emergency Alert
    • Hands-free Internal Mode (VOX)
    • Voice Inversion Scrambling
    • Talk Around
    • Channel Scan
    • Nuisance Channel Delete
    • LED Status Light
    • Low Battery Alert
    • PC Programmable (Requires either a cable and Software)
    • Keypad Lock
    • Monitor Channel
    • IP54 Water /Dust Resistant
    • Audio Accessory Connector
    • 0.5W Internal Speaker
    • MDC1200 Signaling
    • Two Year Manufacturer Warranty
    • 5 Programmable Buttons

    Motorola CP185 Accessories

    • VHF or UHF Display Radio
    • 1750T mAh Li-Ion Battery
    • Antenna
    • Charger
    • Belt Clip
    • Owner Manual

    Multi-Channel Capability

    The Motorola ham radio can handle communication on almost all professional organizations because it has the multi-channel capability. This feature allows your team to communicate with each other without interfering with the primary communication channel. This 16-channel radio can help your employees to communicate more efficiently, thus increasing production.

    Adjustable Power

    Motorola built the CP185 with two adjustable power options. You can either use the 5W VHF or the 4W UHF. This feature helps you to extend the battery life and also meet your communication requirements. As such, you can keep your entire team connected throughout the shift. If you are planning to extend your shift, you can carry an extra battery.


    When buying a two-way radio, you have to pay extra attention to the audio quality. You may find yourself in a noisy place, and you still need to stay connected. As such, you cannot afford to have a radio that does not have clear audio. Motorola took its time to design the CP185 model with above-average audio. The ham radio includes X-Pand technology, which provides clear, crisp, and loud audio. You no longer have to guess what your instructor said. If you are using both hands when you receive a call, turn on VOX to enable hands-free communication.

    Repeater Compatible

    If your company uses a repeater or considering using one, Motorola walkie talkie is the ideal radio to purchase. Motorola designed this radio to use both the repeater system and simple radio-to-radio communications. Repeaters increase the range of your radio.


    Motorola CP185 enhances privacy with built-in voice scrambling and the remote inhibit feature. You can use the MDC 1200 signaling for deactivating stolen radios.

     Extra Functions

    This 16-channel radio is ideal for a mid-size or a large business. With this ham radio, you can enjoy MDC, DTMF, and QC-II signaling. This allows the CP185 to use support features such as caller ID and call alert.

     Battery Life

    The Li-Ion battery will serve you for 11 hours under maximum use. You can also opt to use the high-capacity battery option. This walkie talkie features adjustable power levels with which you can extend the radios battery life. The rapid-rate drop-in charger helps recharge the battery in less than 3 hours in times of desperate need.

    Charging Station

    If you have several radios, you can organize them by building a two-way radio charging station. Motorola provides the PMLN6597A multi-unit charger to help you keep all your radios powered up easy to control.

     Noise cancellation

    The best accessory for noise cancellation is the M1-PDM-1-NC Double Muff Headset. This headset provides superior sound, and it comes with Kevlar coiled cables and a flexible gooseneck boom mic. This headset is ideal for an environment with high noise, and it is compatible with the Motorola walkie talkie CP185 two-way radio.

    Compatible Accessories

    Some people buy advertised accessories only to find out later that they are not compatible with their radio or they do not last long. Make sure that you only purchase original Motorola accessories to prevent such issues. Original Motorola parts will always make your work easier.

     Customer Experience

    Most people who bought the Motorola CP185 were happy with their purchase. Most of them suggest that the radio is lighter than other radios, and the battery lasts long enough even under heavy use. Others suggested that it is better to program all 16 channels to increase the flexibility of the radio. These customers recommend the radio to anyone who wants to enhance communication in their organization and increase production.


    In today’s businesses, you must look for easy, discreet, and prompt means of communication within your organization. You also need a device that improves the response time so that your workforce can complete tasks in time and increase customer satisfaction. Motorola two way radio provides a durable, high-quality audio communication solution that will help your business to increase productivity. The radio is affordable, and it comes with a two-year warranty to guarantee its quality. The CP185 sets a pace for impressive design and improved functionality.

    The radio comes with a belt, which allows you to secure it as you work. The radio comes in two models: one with a limited keypad (CP185 LKP) and the other without (CP185 NKP). Get this radio today, and you will not regret your decision. This radio will empower your team and ensure you stay ahead of your business competitors. The Motorola receiver does not have a lot of criticism to talk about, so you can be sure that it is an impressive product.

    And if this has not been the radio you’re looking for, check out our guide on the best radios in 2020. 

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