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    If you are searching for an affordable and reliable communication tool for your small business, Motorola mag one radio is an excellent choice. You can engage your workforce with this device, and you will realize how magical communication will become. Every good business is determined by a quick response rate, increased safety, and excellent customer service, among other factors. All these depend on your communication set up.

    The Mag one BPR40 not only improves your communication but also the productivity of your workforce. The device comes with a vast assortment of tested and approved accessories to make your radio great. In addition, this walkie talkie comes with a one year warranty from the manufacturer.

    The Motorola radio is ideal for any small business looking to boost its onsite communication as well as the overall business performance. Therefore, the 16 channel walkie talkie is one of the best selling long-range scanners. It is mostly preferred by surveyors, road crews, hoteliers among other professions. It can be programmed to work with other VHF ham radios. In other words, it comes with some fundamental frequencies at the time of purchase but you can word more exciting features.

    Motorola BPR40 Radio Review

    Motorola BPR40 Accessories

    You can risk your business but not with the critical need for communication. With Motorola’s original accessories, you can get custom radio systems while at the same time keeping your safety. Motorola handheld radios feature among the best communication tools, but you need to use some enhancements to suit your use. With some assorted accessories with unique features to boost the performance, this ham radio unleashes the best of the company’s best digital platform.

    As you continue to attend your errands, you can do it comfortably while wearing a convenient Motorola accessory. Combine your radio with a certified accessory and boost your performance. Always use the tested and certified Motorolla accessories with your ham radio; they are designed and tested to work with your radio which increases its performance. Also, you will be sure of your maximum safety as well as that of other people who will use the devices.

    More about Mag one

    Mag one is specially designed for a business that requires a simple and reliable communication tool. The manufacturer had two things in mind when creating Mag one, quality, and value. As a result, this device is ideal for schools, retail shops, hospitality businesses, as well as the construction industry. It is designed to give instant communication in the most straightforward method.

    Mag one provides the best communication that helps boost your performance as well as company productivity. With this device, your workers can do their job more efficiently and productively. With its reasonable price, you can even equip the whole team with ham radios.


    • Value for your money
    • Reliability
    • Ease-of-use even for newbies
    • Great Audio Quality
    • Easily Programmable to meet the users needs
    • Power Flexibility

    Motorola BPR40 Accessories

    Motorola radios are among the top class walkie talkies but to get the best out of them, you need to get accessories targeting your specific profession. BPR 40 delivers reliable and excellent communication with its eight channels, two programmable buttons. You can use the high low power option to save battery consumption. Features such as noise delete channel and repeater enhance its performance and make the two-way radio versatile. This device is perfectly designed for your business and comes with a complete assortment of accessories.

    When buying Ham radio accessories, be sure that they are original and certified by the company. Otherwise, the company may not be liable for any damage that may occur to the user when using unauthorized accessories. A flimsy headset, a mismatched battery is one indication that your device may not be ready when you want to use it. But with the Motorola accessories, you will achieve the capabilities of your radio. Every accessory from the Motorola company is well enhanced to match the Motorola walkie talkie accurately. They usually go through rigorous tests and checks to ensure they are in line with the company standards. Therefore, you can expect them to match reliability as well as enhanced functionality.


    • The device is ideal for Group communication. It Operates over 8 or 16 channels giving you and your team a wide coverage
    • Flexible power
    •  The low-power or high-power option helps save energy and use the radio optimally.
    • Nuisance channel delete. This feature temporarily eliminates any unwanted channel from scan.
    • Repeater talk around. This feature bypasses the dispatcher and repeater to allow unit-to-unit communication.
    • Priority channel. This feature allows the device to scan for a higher-priority channel.
    • Tight/normal squelch. This helps you to filter any unwanted noises and boost sound clarity
    • Compact and sturdy. The device is small in size but features a durable and robust casing which resists breakage
    • Large Channel Selector This makes it easy for the user to change from one channel to the other
    • The device supports both VHF and UHF models.
    • Its specially designed for Hospitality, Education and Light Construction Markets
    • Comes with tested Accessories to boost the Value and Effectiveness of Your Radio

    All BPR40 models include the following accessories:

    • Rechargeable NiMH, 1200 mAh Battery
    • Tri – Chemistry Rapid Charger Kit
    •  (VHF or UHF) Antenna
    • Spring Belt Clip to keep the device attached to your belt
    • Remote speaker and microphones
    • Motorola walkie talkie manual
    • Earpiece to maintain your privacy
    • Quality headset for handsfree use

    All the certified accessories carry the brand name as a mark of quality. Because they all carry the Motorola Original name, they’re solutions you can count on. However, double-check the company logo to ensure that you buy authentic accessories.


    Keep your business communication going with the Mag one BPR40. This two way radio comes with great features to take your communication to the next degree. With the large on and off and Volume Control Large button, you can adjust the volume quickly and easily. The adjustable power level will give your battery a longer life, especially when you are away from a reliable power source. Similarly, you can also adjust the transmission power to fit the surrounding.

    With the squelch button, you can reduce any interference that may come out of weak signals. The Tricolour LED shows the radio status and the power level. Also, the PTT button is easy to find, even without looking. The priority scan frequency helps you scan the frequently used channels. In addition, the two programmable buttons give the user easy access to the favorite features. Get your workers some nice walkie talkies from Amazon and watch your business grow.

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