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    If you are looking for a reliable two-way communication device for your outdoor activities, the Midland GXT2050VP4 will never let you down. Midland has remained unshaken in the market of Ham radios and is known for quality performance. With 50 channels combined with 142 privacy codes, you will never run out of options. This radio works perfectly for a mid-size company to a big company. With a range of 36 miles, this radio will keep you in touch with your team, even when you are far apart. So let us quickly go through its features to help you make your decision.

    NOAA weather channels 

    With the NOAA channels, you can get weather reports so that you will always be safe from uncertainties. With these features, you can look for the nearest NOAA broadcast to get the latest weather updates. Besides, the receiver features an all-hazardous alert that gives you any emergency alerts such as child abduction, biological hazards, fire warnings, landslides, and so on. When the SOS siren is activated, it sends distress signals in case of emergency occurrences

    Summary of features

    • NOAA Weather Alert with weather scan options.
    • DC adapter and an ultrafast desktop charger
    • Headsets with strong sound
    • Rechargeable lithium battery which provides maximum power
    • 36 miles range
    • 50 channels with 142 channel codes
    • HD dynamic audio with a clear signal
    • Js4 waterproof preventing the radio from rain and splashing water
    • Whisper mode
    • Roger Beep
    • Auto squelch feature for use in noisy backgrounds
    • LCD backlit screen display
    • eVOX  hands-free option

    Rugged Design

    The GXT2050VP4 Midland design is JIS4 rated, which means it is safe from light rain and splash. The whisper option allows you to speak silently while the other person will get your message clearly on the next end. The device also features a vibracall alert for use when a ringtone would be intrusive. The radio also contains an eVOXX feature to enable hands-free communication. The High, Medium and low power options allow you to use the battery optimally and unleash the full potential of this device. This radio comes with a keypad lock that prevents accidental dials.

    With the Lithium Polymer, your battery can charge faster and sustain you for a more extended period. Your battery will be fully charged in two hours. The features available in this radio make it fit for the outdoor enthusiast

    Midland GXT2050VP4 Review

    Every receiver is packed in a box; let us look at what you will find in the box

    • One pair of headsets
    • Belt clip
    • Pair of Radios,
    • Desktop Charger
    • Lithium Polymer Battery Packs
    • User Guide
    • AC and DC Adapter,

    This Midland device will serve you over 36 miles range in ideal conditions free from obstructions. Make the tool a vital part of your next outing, and you will never regret it. It comes with whistles and bells to keep you alert. These radios have had some issues with the charging system, which has resulted in a series of redesigns, making them even better. You can now enjoy some excellent features and updates that make your outdoor adventure worthwhile.

    Features overview

    This model provides a sound and clear channel that provides high-quality audio, thanks to the HD dynamic audio system. You will enjoy a clear sound free from obstructions. The auto Squelch feature enabled you to communicate freely even when in a noisy surrounding

    The two-way radio keeps the users alert with the current weather reports updating them about any critical weather changes that may occur.

    What is more, it also provides you with emergency alerts such as fire alerts, landslide warnings, and so on. You can press the SOS button any time to send a distress call as well as locator signals to help your rescuers locate you in in case you fall in trouble. The radio is waterproof, so you do not have to worry whenever the rain gets you while still in the forest.

    Emergency Alert GXT2050VP4 Features 

    It also keeps users informed with the most up to date weather and hazard information via NOAA broadcasting. Along with critical weather information, it also provides other types of emergency alerts including biological hazards, fire, Amber alerts, landslide warnings and nuclear power plant warnings. When the SOS siren is updated, it will send distress and locator signals in critical emergencies. These radios are water-resistant and can easily handle light to moderate rainfall.

    Whisper mode

    The whisper feature doubles as a security feature when you want to put across some information without making any sound. With the whisper feature, you will need to whisper, and the other person will get you. This is important in situations that may require you to maintain a high level of quietness. The superfast charging keeps you packed even when you are moving to areas with no power access. Your device can serve you for long hours.

    If you want to maintain a silent communication, you can use the vibration alert that will alert you without ringing. The battery saving mode enables you to use your battery optimally.


    • The device is robustly built with a rugged design, which resists breaks
    • Great range
    • GMRS and FRS channels
    • Weatherproof features- protects the radio against
    • A clear signal for up to 75 miles
    • Reliable range in the forest


    • The earpiece does not fit perfectly on the ear
    • The range is slightly smaller than what is indicated
    • The range is a bit lower


    Midland is among the top walkie-talkies for outdoor activities. The above Midland GXT2050VP4 walkie Talkie review shows the radio scoring significantly among other radios. The belt clip fits perfectly with your cloth, so you don’t have to worry about dropping the radio in the harsh outdoor expeditions. With the lithium batteries, you can carry your outdoor activities without fear of running out of power. The battery charges superfast to ensure you are always connected. If you are looking for the best-rated walkie talkies in the market, this Midland radio will serve your purpose. Buy one today and take full advantage of the features that come with this sleek two-way machine.

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