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    As the need for communication continues to expand day by day, the same way, the demand has increased for the best communication devices. Ham radios have almost taken over the mobile communication channels. With thousands of communication gadgets flooding all over the market, picking the right device requires a lot of caution. You need to do thorough research, read various online reviews, ask some old friends so that you can follow the right way to your decision. However, what information will guide your choice on the best ham radio? It is a no brainer, follow this article review and get some ideas of excellent devices that have passed the test of communication.

    Midland GXT1000VP4 Two Way Radio Review

    Let me introduce you to Midland GXT1000VP4, a ham that will take your communication experience to a completely new level. No matter how many walkie talkie brands you may have used before, you will always get something better when you try Midland radio. This is your best choice, especially if you are looking for something that has many safety features and multiple channels. Let us jump straight into its features.


    • The device is weatherproof and works against, snow and rain. With the JIS4 waterproof function, you can expose it to water for 30 minutes, and it will come out unharmed.
    • For two watts, you can transmit to a range of 36 miles in a clear setting free from obstacles
    • The low, medium, the high setting helps you control power usage and use the two way radio optimally.
    • The NOAA weather Seattle will keep you informed of the weather forecasts and tell you of any emergency that may occur
    • The whisper function enables you to whisper and still be heard clearly on the other end
    • The SOS sends action signals in cases of emergency.
    • The VOX channel has sensitivity levels for use without the headset
    • You can call a member of your team through the direct call feature without notifying others
    • The device has ten alerts to inform your friends before you start talking.
    • Squelch function for use in noise backgrounds
    • LCD backlight for easy display in the dark
    • Includes rechargeable batteries and is compatible with AA batteries
    • Includes other accessories such as dual desk charger belt clips, mic headsets, and the user manual.


    • Confidentiality. The extra features that come with this model keeps your partner from eavesdropping your conversation. You can combine the 50 channels with the available 387 security codes to get 5964 options.
    • This gadget provides a tremendous two-way communication regardless of the weather or the terrain. You can use either the FRS or the GMRS.
    • It comes with a headset. The boom headset gives a significant sound boost.
    • Three-year warranty. The company provides a three-year warranty in case the product develops some technical issues
    • Alert siren. You can use the SOS feature to alert other users anytime you fall into a problem
    • Waterproof material. The JIS4F function helps you use the phone even when you get yourself in heavy rain. You don’t have to worry when working with wet areas with water splashes and snow
    • The NOAA Channels keep you aware of any weather changes hence you will never be caught by surprise
    • 35-mile max range. You cannot get any stronger transmission. With this two way mobile, you will transmit up 35 miles under clear conditions


    It does not work correctly if you are in an area surrounded by many buildings or mountains.

    It does not come with a USB charging option; you have to use a charging Stand.

    Most of the radios come with a headset jack, but this ham radio comes with a stylish headset with a booming sound. It is excellent for people who work with their hands, always engaged. When transmitting, you do not ever need to have your hands on the gadget; the headset will do it for you. If you are a paint ballplayer, the headset fits perfectly in any helmet, and the VOX automatically turns the mic on when you need to talk.

    This walkie talkie must work within the radio frequencies regulated by the federal, and a license fee is required. The stated range falls within a clear line of sight under optimum conditions, while the actual range depends on the terrain. Other factors affecting the real include obstructions, electromagnetic interference as well as weather change. You can adjust your power level from low, mid, and high to use it optimally.

    Safety Features of the Midland GXT1000VP4 

    Keeping yourself in touch with the world is imperative, but you need also need to observe the safety and that of others. First, the SOS feature will sort you out of any emergency that may beget you. Make you’re your kids also know how it functions

    If you need to use it in a quiet environment, you can put the gadget into a whisper mode and speak softly, and the other person will get you.

    The direct call feature allows you to call a specific person without alerting other users on the line.

    More features you need to know.

    More features that are essential may help you enjoy your two-way radio even more. First, the keypad lock not only protects your privacy but also enables you to save your personalized settings for future youth. You do not need to keep setting and resetting your device. Finally, walkie talkie reviews say that the LCD backlight screen is bright enough to function as a flashlight if you want to use it at night.

    A combination of these features provide adequate security for you and other users and can prevent injury or even death


    Gear yourself for outdoor events while at the same time keeping in touch with your friends. Midland radio provides excellent reception and robust quality. Although there are more advanced models in the market, this review shows that Midland can give you a great experience if you can operate it rightly. With the features such as VOX, SOS, Squelch, among other security features, it will work above many average mobiles. Get one today from the Amazon stores.

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