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    Communication is still the most critical aspect of life, both for families and businesses. We always need to be in touch with our loved ones; otherwise, life would be incomplete. It becomes better when you have a suitable communication device that can keep you in touch over a long-range. Nevertheless, how do you determine an excellent mobile radio that can help you stay in touch? The 2300H model from Icom stands out in the market of ham radios, thanks to its premium features.

    Icom 2300H is excellent, especially for people working in the Marine areas. This two-way radio is an updated version of the previous Icom 2200H. It features a rugged design, which makes it safe for use, even in rough conditions. The alphanumeric display makes it easy for the user to read the screen. The large backlit buttons make it easy to use the radio even at night.


    Icom ic 2300h Review


    The Icom model is built with a tough design and has an excellent display. You can use the radio on 136-174 MHz. You can also control the receiver using the remote. With the receiver being programmable, you have the opportunity to customize the radio as you may wish. You can set your LCD to green, yellow, or amber to suit your taste. With the help of illuminated buttons, you can easily set the radio functions even in the dark.

    Ease of Programming

    The programming of this radio is straightforward even for a beginner. The developer of this radio has given an easy to read user guide making the programming process easy. You only need to install the software and drivers, and you are good to go. The memory Bank allows you to program many memories in different locations to enable you to use the device in multiple locations without having to program it again. This radio comes with a child mode, which helps prevent accidental transmissions by kids. This prevents any unnecessary dials while at the same time minimizing unnecessary power consumption. The child lock feature is also available in many other walkie-talkies.  

    Weather alerts

    One thing that gives this radio an end in the market is the NOAA weather channels. The user receives weather alerts anytime there is a weather change, keeping them safe from the storm. This is very important for people who carry out outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, camping, among others. The screen displays the power level so you can quickly know when to plug it in power.


    This radio has a perfect range giving you clear communication free from any hitches. With the auto squelch function, you can mute the background noise, more so when using the receiver in a noisy environment. Having been built-in a rugged design, the Icom 2300H is very durable, and will easily survive the rigours of the outdoor environment.   

     Compact design

    Icom 2300H is a smaller size when compared with other radios in the same model. It is hence easy to mount this device on your vehicle. If you are looking for a tool that will help you save some space in your car, this is the best device. You can quickly transfer the radio from one car to another one any time you want to remount. 

    Operation is easy

    This radio has a sleek user interface that is simple to use, even for a beginner. The LCD contains an alphanumeric monitor that is easy to read. More so, you have the option of setting the backlight to amber or green. 


    One crucial feature of a good walkie-talkie is its durability. A good walkie talkie should give you the value of your money. You don’t want a radio that will break after the first drop. IC-2300H meets the MIL-STD 810 G standards and can resist any form of extreme condition. Its aluminium chassis has gone through intense heat, vibration, and shock, during the testing process. 

    Multiple scan functions

    One great feature that comes with this radio is the multiple scan feature. The receiver supports features such as programmed scan, full scan, and memory scan enabling the user to scan the radio using his favourite application

    NOAA weather alerts

    The weather alert feature keeps the user alert any time the weather changes. This ensures that the user is safe during outdoor operations. The radio gives an emergency alert any time extreme weather change is expected. 

    Clear audio quality

    This radio has a quality speaker with an output of 4 watts. The speaker produces clear audio for both ends, ensuring that you do not miss anything in your conversation. You can send and receive the message clearly without any issues.

    Auto Squelch

    The squelch feature automatically reduces background noises. You can keep in touch with your folks even in the noisiest backgrounds

    Extra features

    Other features include the DTMF autodial, timeout timer, automatic repeater among other things

    Features Summary

    • Auto Squelch feature eliminates background noise
    • 65 watts 
    • An automatic power-off function
    • A DTMF autodial
    • Automatic repeater
    • A timeout feature
    • Narrow/wide channel option


    • Easy to use, even for newbies
    • 207 channel memories
    • Built-in a rugged design for simplicity
    • Easy to read LCD screen even in the dark
    • Multiple scan functions
    • Auto Squelch function 
    • Automatic power off


    • Long and complicated user guide

    Conclusion of the Icom ic-2300h 

    Whenever you need a good ham radio, Icom will sort you out. The features in Icom 2300 are good enough to keep you communicating, even in the noisiest environment. As we discussed before, the device has a nice LCD that can be set to green, yellow, or amber, depending on your preference of colour series of seven solidly built buttons that are present along the bottom of the front panel of this device. The 2300H has the labels on the illuminated display. You can select the essential functions of the radio using these buttons. This article shows why you would need to add Icom to your communication. Use this article as a guideline anytime you want to buy a good walkie-talkie. 

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