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    For many years, I have used different walkie talkies, trying to find the best. I bought this Micro Talk CXT195 when we were going for the summer holiday. We wanted to keep in touch with the kids without interrupting their activities. I can say it is one of the most comfortable ham radio to operate, thanks to its sleek design and straightforward features. One thing I loved about this radio is the simplicity in its operations. I do not have a lot of knowledge with electronics, but my son was able to configure the radio, and within minutes, we were able to use it.

    The tactile buttons produce sound to make it easy for people who cannot read the display easily. With the reliable weather channels, we were able to check on the weather updates to ensure we are on the right side of nature. Although not waterproof, the gadget served me well, but I had to be very cautious not to leave it exposed to the weather. Nevertheless, I think its low cost justifies its essential features. I must say that the radio can only work over a short range of less than a mile, especially if you are working within a building. However, it is excellent in the open field, free of obstacles. If you are looking for a long-range product, you may need to extend your search. One thing I did not love is the absence of voice prompts when changing the channels, so you have to do it manually

    Although this walkie-talkie satisfies the basic communication needs, the designer could have improved it to add more features that are intuitive. This being my first time to use the Cobra walkie talkies, I have to say that the performance missed my expectations compared to other models I have used. If you are planning to buy this model, you need to be sure that this radio is not designed for advanced functionalities. It has a disclaimer at the back to make you fully aware of what it can or cannot do. Nevertheless, I hope that this review helps you to make an informed decision on whether the device is worth your money

    Cobra MicroTalk CXT195 Design

    This radio comes in ash black color, but you may be lucky to find one that has orange buttons. With its body featuring plastic and rubber buttons, you must exercise a lot of care when using it to avoid damage. This radio measures 5” long and 1.5” deep and weighs two ounces. Their small size and ergonomic design make the scanner fit for the young kids’ hands. The radio comes with three rechargeable AAA batteries and a USB charging cable, two clips, and a user guide. It also contains a PTT button and a USB port.

    Walkie Talkie Range and Frequency

    The device promises a 16-mile range, but the range depends significantly on the terrain. Some users have complained about the range dramatically dropping in hilly areas and the deep forest. Nevertheless, the radio is great for short distances and indoors. The UHF-FM coverage makes it easy for the device to transmit over a wide range. With the push buttons on the front panel giving easy access to the available channels, communication becomes sleeker and straightforward with this handheld scanner. The built-in weather channels provide access to the government-operated weather forecasts keeping you alert of any extreme change in weather. This keeps the users safe from any eventualities that may be caused by an abrupt weather change. The device has 22 channels, (7 GMRS/FRS, 7 FRS, and 8 GMRS)

    Battery life

    The Cobra CXT195 comes with rechargeable batteries and a USB cable. If you are a beginner in the world of ham radios, this can be a good starting point before you try other advanced options. The price is affordable for both starters and professionals. This radio requires six AAA batteries. With the help of a unique circuit, the batteries can serve for a considerable time without running out of juice. The device automatically switches to battery mode whenever it is left idle for 10 seconds.

    Notable  Features

    • Ten weather channels
    • Call completion tone,
    • Built-in weather radio
    • Auto squelch button to mute background noises
    • Built-in belt clips,
    • Compatible with other GMRS/FRS mobile radios
    • Up to a 16-mile range
    • 22 channels
    • Roger Beep
    • Comes with a Cobra Microtalk Cxt195 Manual


    • Tiny display- you can cover it with your thumb
    • Very undesirable in the long-range

     Unboxing the radio

    When you open the box, you will find a set of two Cobra CXT195 walkie-talkies, a micro USB charging cable, two sets of AAA batteries, two belt clips, and a user guide. The setup is effortless, even for a beginner. You need to insert the battery in the battery compartment and cover it. Power on the device with the power button on its left and set the channels using the upper right button and set the preferable volume on the bottom right. Your radio is ready to transmit, No need to charge the battery.

     Product description

    MicroTalk CXT195 keeps you in touch with your family even when you are in very remote places. With the NOAA channels, you can get important information about any incoming weather change. The radio has 22 channels guaranteeing you stress-free communication. If you love traveling or engaging in close range outdoor activities, make this, model your close ally. The belt clips keep the device attached to your pocket, as you engage in vigorous activities

    With a ready to understand display, you can use the face to access every information as it were in the manual. The screen allows you to read the radio status anytime, while the jack keeps you communicating using your headset.

    The two-way radios contain a Roger beep that alerts others when it is clear to talk. It also gives an audible alert in case of incoming calls. You can use these radios for camping biking and other outdoor activities. This ham radio comes with premium features that give you much convenience and value. This device is compatible with other GMRS/FRS radios. Each box comes with three radio sets and can keep you connected within a 16 miles range in ideal conditions.

    This radio can help you to stay in touch with your team, especially during a big event. It is ideal for work environments that require people to work within a distance without losing contact. With this ham radio, you can update each other regularly without an issue.


    Cobra is a cheap yet a great choice if you are operating with a low budget. The radio may not be the best in the market, but it can be the right choice if you are looking for close-range communication. The battery isn’t so promising, too, so you may not walk far away from the power source, but with the power saving option, you can still use it. You may also use Alkaline batteries in case the power runs out in the jungle. If you are looking for an essential phone that can keep you in touch with your kids, this can be a go-to choice. You can also use it for car-to-car communication during those long travels, but the cards need not be too far from each other.

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