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    Are you looking for the best walkie talkies with headsets? Various points can guide you in buying the best two way radio. Mobile radios can improve your organizational performance and reduce your expenditure. Walkie talkies with headsets are some of the best walkie talkies for event planners, or other teams who are their feet all day.

    The key to attaining the best communication is ensuring that you get the best model that will serve your needs. There are various elements you must consider when buying a headset.

    Considerations choosing walkie talkies headset with a microphone

    When you are choosing a new walkie talkie pack, there a quite a few factors you should take into consideration. All the best walkie talkies will have some great features that improve their usability and make them more effective.

    VHF vs. UHF 

    The difference between the two can be explained through their penetration ability vs. distance. While the VHF is famous for long range communication, the UHF is known for its ability to penetrate through hard substances and works perfectly for indoor and short-range communications. The VHF works well in an open ground free from obstruction. However, they have an excellent penetration on foliage and hills. VHF frequencies are the best if you are operating outdoor outdoors on smooth terrain. It is worth noting that UHF cannot communicate with VHF radios. Therefore, if you are considering buying several units for group communication, you have to choose either of the two.

    Power level

    Generally, the power output is an excellent determinant of the transmission range. The more the range, the more power will be required. If you just want a radio that can communicate within the same building, then a radio with one watt will surface. However, if you need a radio that can transmit further, you need a receiver with 5 watts and above. Nevertheless, you can use a repeater to extend the range further


    There are various channels available for communication, the more the channels, the less the chances of interference. If you want the entire group to stick to one channel, you can tune all the radios on one channel and lock the other channels. You can also assign different departments to different channels so that every department can communicate individually, and still connect to another department on their specific channel. The supervisor can connect to any department by scanning and switching automatically to their particular channel. It is prudent to go for a radio that has more channels. Whatever the case, if you know the proper elements you need in radio, you will be able to choose the appropriate device for your needs

    A good walkie-talkie with headsets can bring many benefits to your business. The headset consists of a mic and a light headphone. They are strategically positioned to enhance hands-free communication without weighing you down. The headset and mic allows you to put your radio on the hands-free mode in case you are good at multitasking. A headset can help you in so many situations. They will help you maintain the privacy of your communications, both outdoor and indoor. The following is a list of radios with headsets

    Best Walkie Talkies with Headsets

    Motorola Talkabout T265 walkie talkie

    If you are looking for a good Motorola walkie talkie with a headset, this will be the right choice for most people, and it comes at a good price too. The T265 comes with great features designed for different lifestyles. The radio features and accessories make it suitable for smooth communication. The PTT feature makes communication seamless and fast. You can keep transmitting as long as you are within the 25 miles range in an open place. T265 comes with 22 channels and 121 privacy codes to give you a smooth communication free from interruptions. If you love multitasking, the iVOXX hands’ free feature allows you to activate the hands’ free interaction so you can converse as you continue with other activities. Most of the Motorola devices come with NOAA weather channel – the Talkabout T265 is not an exception. These weather channels provide you with updated weather reports and emergency risk reports to help you maintain your safety. Also, it comes with a USB charger, which gives you flexible charging options; You can charge the radio using your PC at or an ordinary power bank. The availability of a headset with Microphone allows you to maintain the privacy of your transmission. This radio is an excellent choice for hunting, camping, and mountain climbing among other activities

    This is an image of a Motorola Talkabout T265

    Features summary

    • 25 miles range
    • 22 channels and 121 privacy codes
    • iVOXX hands-free activation
    • NOAA weather channels

    Arcshell 3/4 Pack UHF 400-470Mhz walkie talkie

    There are so many outdoor walkie talkies with the headset, but the Arcshell is among the leading brands. Its small size and lightweight design make it fit in any palm-size, even for young kids. Arcshell features a water-resistant material making it usable in any kind of environment. The radio works with 2 watts and is ideal for short-range communications. Arcshell earpiece walkie talkie has 16 preprogrammed channels, with each having an identical frequency. It features a voice reader feature that tells you the current channel whenever you turn the knob to switch to a different channel. You can program any of the privacy codes to make your connection more robust and more reliable.

    Each radio has a 1500 mAh Li-ion battery, which comes with a charging dock. It takes around 2.5 hours to charge the battery fully. The battery lasts between 8 to 96 hours on a single charge depending on the transmission. You can charge it with the radio or separately. With a high-quality built-in speaker, you are sure of getting the best audio quality free from crisp. Besides, you can use the built-in mic and the Push to talk button to communicate efficiently and fast. Also, the single earbud and the earpiece plug doubles as a VOXX function, which boosts the audio power. While the range is dependent on the terrain, the radio can transmit clearly within a 5 miles range free from obstructions. 

    Currently on Amazon you can pick these up in a pack of either 3 or 4.

    This is an image of Arcshell 2 Pack UHF 400-470Mhz walkie talkie

    Features summary

    • VOX hands-free activation
    • 1500 mAh Li-ion battery
    • 8-96 hours battery life
    • 16 preprogrammed channels

    Midland – X-TALKER T77VP5 two way radio

    The X-Talker is another two way radio in our list of best walkie talkies with a headset. The 36 FRS/GMRS -channel FRS radio comes with 121 privacy codes to block any interference and boost your communication. Midland transmits perfectly within a range of 38 miles in optimum conditions. The weather scan NOAA channels keep you updated on the latest weather reports to keep you safe in case of eventualities. It scans the ten available weather channels and locks the most reliable band helping you receive severe weather updates. The channel scan checks for activity and enables you to find the most reliable channel within your area. 

    One thing that makes this radio durable is the Continuous squelch control that comes with 2662 options to keep your conversation from interference. You can opt for silent operation in case you want to turn off the tones. You can also activate the hands’ free mode using the eVOXX. The radio is powered with a 1000mAh battery, which is charged with a desktop charger. Also, you can use the USB charging option that gives you a flexible charging option when traveling.

    This is an image of Midland - X-TALKER T77VP5 two way radio

    Features summary

    • 36 channels with 121 privacy codes
    • 38 miles range free from obstructions
    • eVOXX hands-free option
    • 10 NOAA weather channels with emergency alerts
    • 2662 privacy codes
    • 1000mAh battery

    Midland – GXT1000VP4 long range 2 way radio

    Built of sturdy design, the Midland is one of the dominant two way radios. With 50 channels and 142 privacy codes, you have several connection options while at the same time blocking interference from other radio users. Midland is built in a waterproof design that makes it usable in many settings. It features the NOAA weather alerts, which keeps the user updated on any weather reports and any emergency warnings. These radios feature 50 GMRS channels with a channel scan feature that helps check for activity. It also features the JIS4 rating, which keeps it safe from splashing waters from different directions. 

    With a transmission range of 36 miles, you can rely on this radio for your long range communication. It also comes with an eVOX feature that has nine sensitivity levels for hands free activation. The 142 privacy codes also make this radio ideal for private communications. You can easily block interference from other transmissions. The NOAA weather alerts help you receive weather reports with emergency alerts in case of severe weather conditions. The weather alert gives a voice alert indicating a risky weather change to allow you to keep safe. This is among the popular waterproof walkie 2 way radios with a headset.

    This is an image of Midland - GXT1000VP4 long range 2 way radio

    Features summary

    • An impressive 36 miles range
    • 50 GMRS channels with 142 privacy codes
    • NOAA weather alerts with up to 10 weather channels
    • eVOXX feature with nine sensitivity levels
    • JIS4 rating

    DEWALT DXPMR800 Heavy Duty walkie talkie

    If you are looking for the best Heavy Duty Walkie Talkies with Headsets, then Dewalt is your ideal choice. Their waterproof design makes them durable and versatile in any environment. The VOXX option allows for hands-free activation, which makes communication smooth and flexible. With this radio, you can transmit up to 15 floors/10km, What’s more, this radio comes with 16 preset channels, which, combined with privacy codes, gives thousands of combinations. This helps prevent any unwanted interference from other transmissions. Its IP67 rating makes this device waterproof and dustproof. You can immerse it in 1 meter of water for thirty minutes without any damage. 

    Its shockproof design keeps the device safe in case you drop it on a hard surface. Besides, it is made in an anti-slip material, which prevents it from slipping out of hand.

    This is an image of DEWALT DXFRS300 1 Watt walkie talkie

    Features summary

    • Shock proof, will withstand a 2 meter drop
    • Up to 10km/15 floors coverage
    • VOX hands free activation
    • 16 preset channels with privacy codes

    Midland – LXT600VP3 two-way radio

    The LXT600VP3 is another long-range two way radio from the Midland company. When it comes to quality, Midland is among the top brands in the market. The radio comes with 36 channel options and 121 privacy codes, giving the user more transmission options. It can cover up to 30 miles range in optimum conditions free from obstructions. One advantage of this radio is the NOAA weather channels, which give you updated weather reports and emergency warnings. The channel scan feature helps you scan the most reliable weather channels and receive updates. 

    Another bonus feature is the continuous coded squelch system with up to 2662 channel options that help you keep away any interference from other callers. You can use the optional silent feature to keep off all tones. You can power the radio using the inbuilt rechargeable battery or buy some extra AAA cells.

    This is an image of Midland - LXT600VP3 two-way radio


    • NOAA weather channels with emergency alerts
    • 30 miles range in optimal conditions
    • AAA batteries
    • 36 channel options with 121 privacy codes
    • Squelch feature with 2662 combinations

    Retevis RT21 two-way radios

    Retevis long range walkie talkie comes with a quality radio headset that gives you the best communication experience. This radio comes with 16 channels and privacy codes to keep your communication free from any form of interference. The box comes with five radio sets with preset channels so you can transmit right after unboxing. They are compatible with other FRS radios on the same frequencies and privacy codes

    Every device comes with a crystal earpiece to keep the conversation smooth and private. The privacy codes help maintain the privacy of communications by blocking any interference by other callers. High-quality headsets and mic enable you to get the best voice quality. This is one of the two-way radios s with an emergency alarm to ensure your safety. You can scan to see the conversations in progress using the channel scan feature. The battery can support the user for 8 to 12 hours and only takes 3 to 4 hours to charge fully. The VOXX feature allows hands-free communication when your hands are engaged with other activities. 

    Check out here for more Retevis walkie talkies reviews.

    This is an image of Retevis RT21 two-way radios


    • UHF frequencies
    • 16 memory channels with private codes
    • Low battery alert
    • Emergency alarm
    • Busy channel lockout
    • Battery save function

    Retevis RT7 Walkie Talkies Adults 

    Are you looking for a headset walkie talkie that is already programmed? You can use the Retevis RT7 radio right from unboxing; the radio is already preset with channels. While this radio comes with an inbuilt battery, you can use the USB charging option whenever you are traveling. The headset earpiece makes communication smooth and private. You can use the LED flashlight in case of a power outage or dark environments. A 1000mAh battery with 6-12 hours lifetime powers the radio. VOXX channel gives you the flexibility of switching to the hands’ free communication in some situations. One thing that sets this radio apart is its mic that is bigger than other walkies; it gives a clear and loud transmission. 

    Retevis RT7 is easy to operate both for the kids and, and the elderly. It comes with two different earpieces giving you the option to choose one that is suitable for you. The emergency alert sends an alert to other people when you are in danger.

    This is an image of Retevis RT7 Walkie Talkies Adults 


    • 1000aMh battery
    • VOXX hands-free communication
    • Preset with channels and privacy codes
    • LED flashlight
    • Optional USB charging option


    A good headset boosts the quality of communication while at the same time maintaining privacy. Whenever you want to buy two way radio, you need to check the earpiece quality. You can go for walkie talkies with Bluetooth headset while others have a standard radio earpiece. Overall, the variety of radios differ significantly. Some premium features come with an additional price, but it is worth every dime. We have gone through numerous walkie headset reviews before compiling the above list. You can use this as a guideline anytime you want to buy the walkie talkie headset.

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