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    Table of Contents

    Best Walkie Talkies Two Way Radios Review

    Are you looking to buy walkie talkies and wondering what the best two way radios on the market are? In this review we have considered all the latest radio radio devices, best brands and both commercial and domestic use.

    You can take a risk with your business but not with communication. Our daily operations are slowly distancing us with our loved ones; sometimes we get out of the vicinity only to reappear after a long day, or days full of frustrations. Mobile phones keep us connected, and through them, we keep our families and businesses in check. However, have you thought of what would happen if you find yourself in the deep forest, where your phones cannot serve?

    Two way radios come in handy. With weather scan features, Auto Squelch functions, SOS signals, PTT buttons, among other features, these communication gadgets double as life-saving devices.

    Radios for all careers

    Irrespective of what you do, you will never lack a device that suits your purpose. There are myriads of ham radios adapted for specific functions, e.g., Police scanners, Kids ham radios, among others. These two-way radios are built with a clear mind of the particular tasks the user engages in. A Kids walkie talkie comes with a mute noise feature, you know kids adventure in noise surroundings- you don’t need to restrict them; you can talk with the kids even when they are in the playing ground, and the message will hit home sound and clear. The angler requires a waterproof ham, one that can submerge in water and come out as if nothing happened. A device with rugged design is ideal for anyone dealing with marine operations. Bikers and skating enthusiasts will prefer a device that can connect to a wide range. All these factors determine the best ham radios for you.

    Walkie talkie or Cell Phone?

    A walkie Talkie beats the mobile phone in various methods; first, with it, you can talk to a group at the same time at no fee. You will stay in touch in extreme environments with low connections or no cellular network at all. From Golf fields to construction sites, ham radios make your communication seamless. However, it is not easy to settle on one model owing to the multiple ham radios in the market, all bragging of having the best features

    You already know the kind of ham radio talkie you need, and therefore you just need to get to the market and pick some excellent deals. Wait, before you buy, check the following points in features and performance. Watch out for the multiple companies offering ham radios in the market. You can distinguish the receivers in terms of features, prices, range, and frequencies, among other factors. The following tips should inform your choice.

    The purpose

    Do you need the Walkie Talkie for professional use or leisure?

    If you do not know why you need it, then you do not need it. Every ham radio is made factoring in mind how the user intends to use it. Once you know how you want to use the radio, you will be able to choose the best features that will serve your needs. For instance, if you work in a factory, you need a receiver that has many channels to be able to address a group. Likewise, if you work in marines, you need a waterproof device. Similarly, sporting professionals will require equipment with a good range and multi-channels

    You might also need a two way radio to use as a baby monitoring device. Consider the best walkie talkie baby monitors if this is what you need a two way radio for.

    Radio Frequencies-VHF or UHF?

    It is essential to know the frequencies that you need. Different ham two-way radios have different frequencies. The available frequencies are UHF (Ultra-high frequency), and VHF (Very-high frequency) Radios that have the VHF frequencies cover a wide range and consume low power and are ideal for obstruction-free terrains. They are great for Aviation workers, Maritime workers, and outdoor activities. UHF is excellent for short-range and can penetrate obstacles. These are great for indoor activities

    Range needed

    Two-way radios will work well in an open area free from obstructions. Various factors determine the range of two-way communication, these include cars, woodland, buildings, interference from other users. The manufacturers cite the walkie talkie range under ideal conditions free from obstruction, so in normal circumstances, you would expect the actual range to be a bit lower. Digital ham radios have the best range. If you need an extended range of let’s say 4 miles, you may go for a ham radio that reads 8 miles

    Power level

    The higher the watt, the longer the distance coverage. You may need to check the type of batteries that come with your radio. Most of the receivers use lithium-ion (Li-ion), which has high capacity and long life. Others use Nickel-Metal Hydride (NiMH batteries), which are durable and have high resistance. Most people prefer them due to their fast charging capability. However, they are sensitive to heat, which in the end reduces their charging capacity.

    Licensing requirement

    With ham radio, you can operate under specific frequencies with minimal interruption. There is a legal requirement that users must purchase a license to operate licensed walkie talkies. The license will cost you around £75 for five years and can be used with an unlimited number of ham radios under given frequencies.

    We have compiled a list of the best ham radios depending on the features and customer reviews. Customers give reviews based on their firsthand experience with the products. You expect a top-rated product to be better than one with low ratings.

    If you think you need more information about what makes a great walkie talkie set, then click here to head to the page where we discuss the best two way radios on the market today.

    Best Walkie Talkies in 2020 

    1.    Arcshell Rechargeable Two-Way Radios 

    This is a photo of two black sets of Arcshell walkie talkies

    These ham radios are small to fit in your hand. They are waterproof and can be easily operated by people of any age. They have a 2-watt power output and a belt clip to fit perfectly on your belt. The company promises a five miles range in a clear line free from obstructions. However, this range varies on the terrain and hence will be less when used in places with obstacles, e.g., between tall buildings. It is commonly used in construction sites, warehouses, security forces, schools, hotels, among other places. It works globally

    Notable features
    • Each radio has a 1500 Li-ion battery and a charging unit. The battery can serve up to 96 hours, depending on the transmission rate. You can either charge the battery separately or charge it when still in the phone. It will take two and a half hours to charge fully. The charger comes with a type A plug and works with 110v-240v.
    • The radio contains high-quality speakers that give out clear sound. In addition, it features a PTT button and a built-in mic. The VOX function allows hands-free use. The radio also features a single earbud with a foam piece to keep your eardrum safe. You can plug and listen to the receiver using the earpiece.
    • The handset has 16 pre-programmed channels, a frequency range of UHF 400-470MHz, and a voice feature that reads the channel number whenever you engage a new channel. You can program the channel frequency and any of the available channels on each device.


    • Lightweight and compact
    • Built-in a sturdy design making it durable
    • Has a decent battery life
    • Cost-effective
    • The fair range for everyday purposes


    • No screen to show channel/volume
    • Not compatible with other walkies
    • The headsets are not of excellent quality

    2.    Retevis RT22 Two Way Radios

    This is an image of four black Retevis R22

    If you are looking for long-range ham radio, Retevis is ideal for you. This ham radio comes with 16 channels and security codes that prevent interruption from other users. The R22 is FCC certified. Its size plus short antenna makes it easy to use it anywhere without being detected. Its slim size makes it an excellent choice for commercial use. The phone has a vast range and contains a built-in FM feature.


    • USB charging provides a flexible charging option
    • You don’t need a license to transmit
    • VOX feature allows for hand-free transmission
    • Emergency alarm to keep you out of danger
    • Quick scanning
    • Belt clips to keep the device attached to your clothes


    • Substandard headsets
    • Some users reported durability issues

    3.    Radioddity GA-2S Long Range Walkie Talkies

    This is a photo of 2 Black Radioddity GA-2S with micro usb cables

    If you are looking for cheap long-range ham radio, Radioddity is here for you. This two-way radio is ergonomically designed to suit its functions. Radioddity GA-2S Two Way Radio is another cost-effective ham radio which has been ergonomically designed for applications in security teams, construction teams, warehouse, hotels, etc.

    It contains a 1500 mAh battery, which provides an incredible 96 Hr of standby time on a single charge. You can charge it via a micro USB cable. It is pre-programmed, so no need for manual setup. This radio can serve up to a 3 miles range. It contains CHIRP making it easy for programming using a PC and a programming cable.


    • It is already programmed so you can use it right away after unboxing
    • Long battery life
    • Can be programmed using a PC
    • Stays for long on standby mode
    • Reprogrammable via PC


    • Takes a long time to recharge
    • No battery indicator
    • Users complained of a faulty earpiece

    4.    BaoFeng UV-5R UHF VHF 

    This is a photo of Biofeng UV 5R Black walkie talkie

    When it comes to a radio with a definite range, Baofeng is a leader, and you can get it at meager rates. It has a battery of 1800aMh and a frequency of 400-480 MHz. The 7-inch antenna adds strength to its reception, while the built-in FM makes it more interesting. The CHIRP feature makes it easy to program the radio using a PC and a programming cable. If you engage in outdoor activities, which might lead you to remote places with no cellular network, then UV-5R will work out for you

    • It is compact and light in weight
    • Has NOAA channels which give a clear reception
    • It is affordable
    • FM function with a long-range transmission



    • Very slow in scanning
    • Has no voice prompts
    • No PPT options.

    5.    Retevis RT21 Two Way Radio

    This is a picture of one Black Retevis R21 walkie talkie and a charging dock

    Retevis RT21 Two ham radio is the best radio for people who work for long durations without accessing a power source, thanks to its durable battery. The power-saving option detects the receiver’s inactivity and switches it off to save power. It is popular in warehouses and construction sites. The earpiece and the private code feature make it impossible for people to intrude on your conversations. The designer of this radio had in mind the building construction sites and set up fall protection of up to 1M, making it ideal for construction works. The scanner has a low battery alert alongside the voice command response, which works through the Retevis software.

    Signal quality

    However, if you are looking for good ham radio for outdoor activities, I guess you would need to keep searching. Retevis signal quality reduces as the range increases. The single band, sturdy design, and security features make this phone the best in the market. The scrambler feature beefs up the radios security; hence, no one can listen to your conversation.

    This radio has a UHF frequency range of 400-480 MHz with a strong scanning capability. With 16 channels and privacy codes, you will never run out of choices, and your conservation will always be safe from intrusion.

    • The sturdy design makes the radio durable
    • Clear voice transmission
    • Long battery life
    • Small earpiece to maintain your privacy
    • Contains Emergency alarm and voice response
    • Contains an anti-scrambling feature to encrypt your communication



    • Some users have reported issues with batteries not charging
    • Contains fragile belt hooks
    • Doesn’t have micro USB support; you can only charge via charging docks.

    6.    Proster Rechargeable two way radios

    This is an image of two black Retevis R21 walkie talkies with USB Charger and Earpiece

    Proster is a 16 channel ham radio designed to work over a short-range. It is another ham radio that is used in the construction sites, security sector, supermarket sites, and other recreational activities like hiking, skating, skiing, and biking. Their ergonomic design makes it easy to carry them and is great for both indoors and outdoors.

    The device has 16 channels and works with UHF 400-475 MHz. They cover up to 2 miles range. The rugged design and unique shape make them resistant to drop. They are very clear, more so when used for short distances. The CTSS and DCS function reduces unnecessary noise and eliminates any interrupting signals. The rechargeable 1500 mAh battery gives the device up to 8 hours of talk time. With the earpiece, you can enjoy a clear transmission while at the same time allowing you to have your private communications secure.

    • The lightweight makes it portable
    • Built-in Flashlight for easy use at night
    • UHF 400-457 MHz
    • Excellent build quality
    • Sturdy design
    • 16 channels with a range of 2 miles
    • DCS and CTCSS feature blocks signal interruption and minimizes noise



    • Not ideal for long distances
    • The device has Fewer channels and lacks no privacy codes
    • The radio is not water-resistant

    7.    Retevis RT628. Kids’ two way radios

    This is an image of two Retevis RT628 Kids Walkie Talkies with black and red color

    Buy your kids this Retevis ham radios and make their new year worth celebrating. Just like adults, kids, too, need good ham radios to keep them engaging with each other. The Retevis RT628 has features similar to the popular adult radios but comes with the best cost. These ham radios come in four colors and are small, making them attractive for kids. The device has six buttons (Talk switch, power button, volume up and down, and scan). It also contains a switch that locks the menu when you are leaving it to younger kids who want to experiment with every button.

    The radio has an earpiece jack, which allows the kids to plug the earpiece and have quiet conversations. The LCD backlight shows the remaining battery life, the signal strength, and the engaged channel. The small size and lightweight make the radio ideal for little hands while the slip-proof texture makes it hard for the device to fall off the user’s hands. However, the user manual seems somehow misplaced and makes the setup process confusing. If you can manage to get over this, then you can never find a better device for your kids. The price is ideal for every pocket

    • VOX function makes it suitable for handheld use
    • The Speakers are clear
    • 22 channels
    • Perfect size for kids
    • Works with many receivers together



    • The instructions look like they relate to a different device

    8.    Obuby 3 Pack

    Obuby Walkie Talkies for Kids

    The Obuby set comes with three radios, which are well designed with an ergonomic structure to fit the little kids’ hands. The device contains a large button at the center, which works as a PTT and is easy to press for little kids. The radio has 22 channels and 38 privacy codes, giving you various channel options. The backlit display shows the channel number, signal strength, and power level. The belt clips make it easy to attach the device on your belt or your backpack. The VOX channel keeps the kids talking even when engaging with other activities.

    • Clear sound
    • VOX feature
    • Built-in Flashlight
    • Sturdy design
    • Waterproof



    • The device has too many buttons, which may confuse the young children

    9.    Huaker Kids Walkie Talkie

    This is an image of three Huaker Kids walkie Talkies (Camo green, Camo blue and Camo purple)

    Huaker kids’ two way radio is the best choice for families with more than one kid. With more than 22 channels and 99 sub-channels, the scanner is ideal for private conversations. The radio works well with a 3-mile range in an open field. In case you need to communicate with all the kids simultaneously, the radio allows you to call all the three devices. With the call alert feature, communicating with other users is effortless. You can let your kids choose their favorite ring tones from the ten unique choices available. Each scanner uses four AAA batteries. With the anti-interfere feature, you can mute the background noise to get clear communication that is free from intrusion. You can use the volume controls to talk with the kids in a noisy environment

    • Powerful sound with excellent clarity
    • The buttons are easy to operate
    • Ten call tones
    • The noise-canceling feature makes it suitable for communication in crowded places



    • The tight battery clips are, make it difficult to insert the batteries

    10.  SUNTON Walkie Talkies for Kids, 

    This is a picture of three Sunton Walkie Talkies for Kid (3Pack (Blue, Pink and Yellow)

    Sunton two-way radio keeps your kids engaged during outdoor activities. The PTT and the built-in microphone makes it easy to stay in touch with the kids amidst their noisy activities.

    This two-way radio serves a 3km, so you do not have to limit the kids’ movements. The 22 channels and the full range keeps the kids engaging without restricting them. Older kids can use privacy options to keep their engagement private

    The device has a precise sound technology, which crystallizes the child’s voice for clarity, while the auto squelches mutes the background noise. The advanced features such as the channel auto scan, battery saver, VOXX feature and built-in Flashlight give the device an edge over other similar ham radios in the market. The belt clip keeps the device safe in the vigorous outdoor activities, while the sturdy casing keeps the device safe in case it falls.

    11.  Playco Blue Radio Set

    This is an image of two sets of Playco Walkie Talkies for Kids, blue in color

    This package comes with a set of three walkie talkies which kids can power and use instantly. Each device has three channels and a feature that keeps the channels locked to prevent the kids from engaging the wrong channel accidentally. The battery life is long enough to support the kids’ conversations for hours. The built-in flashlight keeps the kids safe when darkness hits, making them secure. The set contains strong belt clips to allow the kids to move up and down without dropping the radio

    • Flashlight for safe use in the dark
    • Long battery life



    • The size is a bit tiny

    12.  Veroyi Walkie Talkie

    This is an image of two Veroyi Walkie Talkies for Kids, blue and pink

    Give your kid this Veroyi ham radio and fill their life with fun. With a 3-mile range, Veroyi keeps your kids moving without losing their touch. You can stay in touch with your kids even when they are out of the vicinity. With the 22 channels and 99 sub-channels, the kids can pick their favorite channels to keep the communication going. The device comes with easy to follow instructions so your kids can start using the device immediately. The lightweight design and small size will keep the kids moving for hours without getting tired of the radio.

    Veroyi makes the kid’s outdoor activities enjoyable and safe. The radio contains critical features such as keypad lock features, which prevent the kids from changing the settings. With the backlit LED display, the kids can keep engaging even during the night. It is straightforward for the kids; you just need to press the PTT button and start the conversation. The device is excellent for boys and girls of all ages. Leave your kids to enjoy their outdoor activities and have fun with their friends.

    • Long-range -3 mile range
    • Built-in Flashlight
    • Channel-lock feature
    • Lightweight and small size for easy portability


    13.  Caferria Kids Walkie Talkies, 22 Channel 

    This is an image of three Caferria Kids Walkie Talkies, (Camo green, cano blue and camo purple

    Get in touch with your kids without limiting their movement and creativity. Cafferria Walkie Talkie has a small size and a sturdy design, which makes it portable to your kids. The device has a camouflage design with firm grips to avoid dropping. It is made of a durable casing with an environmentally friendly material. The radiation power of 0.5 watts keeps the device safe even for smaller kids.

    What makes this device stand out?
    • First, with the PTT feature, it is easy to operate. The PTT is large and comfortable to press, and when pressed, it activates the microphone. With this ham radio, you can communicate with one or more people on the same channel, and you can also transmit to other regular two way radios
    • The l3 miles range allows your kids to be more creative without restriction, while the 22 channels give them an array of choices, leaving them to enjoy and interact within their outdoor activities. The security features such as anti-lost, intelligent alarm among other features provide easy monitoring for your kids leaving them to exploit the many outdoor opportunities
    • Prime features such as the VOX feature, battery indicator, battery alert, channel scan, built-in Flashlight, channel lock, belt clip, among others, make the device similar to adult radios.
    • The CTSS and Crisp features keep the kids safe. The auto Squelch mutes the background noise so you can interact with the kids while they are still in the noisy activities

    14.  BTECH UV-5X3 5 Watt Tri-Band Radio 

    This is an image of Black BTECH UV-5X3 amateur radio

    If you are looking for a customizable Handheld Radio, then you need to try this BTECH device.

    This 220 MHz radio is an improvement of the original UV-5R that was a 4-watt dual-band radio. The ham radio has an output of 5 watts on VHF while the UHF works with an output of 4 watts.

    The following features make the BTECH great

    Simplified Scanning: The UV-5X3 has a simplified scanning function compared to its earlier version. The UV-5X3 has a menu option that helps add or remove undesired channels from the scanning list. With the frequency mode, you can scan a specific frequency range rather than scanning the whole band

    Sync Display

    With the synchronized display mode, you can display the channel name and frequency without having to Toggle. The sync display also helps in scanning and can be switched off when necessary

    DTMF Commands

    The radio works with DTMF remote commands. With the DTMF, you can control the microphone remotely. You can also send commands remotely to stun (Disable transmission) or kill (Disable all functions) or revive it from any of the two states. The inspect function also helps you to ensure that the radio is within a specific range- it responds with a confirmation alert when the radio is within the range.

    Programmable through CHIRP software 

    With the CHIRP software, you can program this device completely. This makes it compatible with other devices that use the software. This means that you can import data from your previous two-way radio and use it with UV-5X3, which makes programming easy.

    Unboxing the radio

    The box contains new V-85 Dual Band Antenna, Earpiece Kit, UV-5X3 Radio, 220MHz Single Band Antenna,1500mAh Battery, Wrist Strap, CH-5 Charger, CH-5 110V Adapter, Belt Clip, and an In-Depth 85 Page User Manual.

    15.  Rivins RV-7 Walkie Talkies for Adults 

    This is an image of two black and orange Rivins RV-7 Walkie Talkies

    Rivins RV-7 comes with 22 GMRS/FRS channels, and 99 security codes give a combination of 2178 channels. It does not require any license to operate this radio. This device operates within a range of 5 miles in a clear field free from obstructions. It is ideal for camping, hiking, road trips, camping sites, among other outdoor activities. The built-in backlight displays the channel number, signal status, battery level, and volume level, among other indicators. The built-in Flashlight makes it easy for night use.

    With the VOXX feature, you can use the device while still running other operations under the hands-free mode. The keypad lock ensures that no button is accidentally pressed. The device also features roger beep, channel scan, and other premium features.These radios use both the alkaline batteries and the rechargeable AAA batteries. You can replace the batteries whenever you go out of power.

    16.  BaoFeng BF-F8HP

    This is an image of black BaoFeng BF-F8HP walkie talkie


    The BaoFeng BF-F8HP is an upgraded dual-band radio that has high power output as well as a superior battery. It can be run on three power settings to maximize battery life and can be used for long and short-range communication. This handheld radio operates on 8watts when on high output mode, which is twice the output from the previous BaoFeng models. It can also run on medium power of 5W and low power on 1W. With a powerful 2000mAh battery, the handheld radio can run for 24hours when on 5W medium power, 20hours on 8W high power, and 18hours when operating on 4W power.

    The battery can also run the inbuilt radio and Flashlight while still communicating, therefore, proving convenient. In terms of frequency, the BaoFeng BF-F8HP has a 65-108MHZ frequency range, which is purposely for commercial radio waves, UHF range 400-520 (Rx/TX), VHF range 136-174MHZ (Rx/tx), as well as broad and narrow broadband. Besides, both beginners and professionals can use this radio. With a 76 page detailed manual, operating the walkie talkie is effortless easier since the manufacturers are aware that not every user is knowledgeable about radios.

    Weighing 10.1ounces, this lightweight radio has a high antenna performance of V-85. This is twice the antenna performance making it both high gain and convenient. In addition, it has a 700mW speaker output and is made of durable materials to make it long-lasting.

    • Has a larger, powerful battery of 2100mAh
    • Can run on low, medium and high power output with 8W as the maximum output
    • Has V-85 high antenna performance
    • Has a durable and hardened shell to make it long-lasting
    • Ideal for beginners and experts



    • The package only includes one radio
    • It only allows single way communication

    17.  Motorola T100 Talkabout Radio

    This is an image of black and blue Motorola T100 Talkabout Radio,

    The Motorola T100 radio is the ideal Walkie talkie to take with you for family camping, adventures, hiking, and picnics. The Talkabout is suitable for FRS and GMRS and allows two-way communications. This two-pack radio has call tones intended for your callers in place of the default ring. The call tone entertains callers while also grabbing their attention before the call is received.

    It also has a keypad lock that ensures no one tampers with your configured settings.

    Besides, the T100 has 22 channels where one can easily find an empty channel to link up with friends. Despite the brand of the Walkie talkie on the other end, this compact radio is compatible with different brands as long as they have the same frequency. This 2pack radio requires three AAA batteries and can operate for 18hours. When the battery is running low, the Walkie displays a flashing light alert to notify the user to charge the battery. The Motorola T100 is not only lightweight but inexpensive too. It is easy to operate and can be used by anyone in the family.

    • Suitable with any radio brand
    • Packed with two radios and makes 2way communications
    • Has 22 channels
    • Radio alerts you when the battery is running low
    • It has call tones as well as a keypad lock



    • The quoted range calculated on the package differs from the actual range on the ground.

    18.  Midland GXT1050VP4 Radio

    This is an image of two Midland GXT1050VP4 walkie talkies, Mossy Oak Camo, with a charging dock, chargers and headsets

    For more than 30years, Midland has been seeking to provide reliable and quality radio communication while incorporating technology and innovation. It is no wonder the Midland GT1050VP4 has met and surpassed expectations.

    Made to withstand weather elements and perfect for hunters, this radio has the needed channels and more for communication. Besides, it offers long-range communication that is twice the range of other radios.

    Are you worried about the weather conditions changing while hunting? Worry no more. This radio has NOAA weather scan that automatically scans and selects the most reliable channel among the available ones to keep you posted about any severe weather conditions. It has an alarm in case of risk, thereby making this radio an added asset to any hunter.

    Furthermore, the radio has 28 preprogrammed channels as well as 22 available channels, making a total of 50 GMRS channels. Whether you engage in long-range or short-range communication, the radio has adequate channels to choose from. Besides, it is equipped with DCS privacy codes where one can block out unintended conversations. With no obstructions, the radio can make communications at 36miles out.

    Meanwhile, the radio has ten call alerts, five animal alerts, and vibration mode and vibration feature. The battery included can run on high, medium, and low power settings depending on the power level.

    This radio allows 2way communication and is not limited by weather conditions. With JIS4 protection, the radio is splash resistant and will not be damaged by splashes. Besides, the mossy oak coloring on its body makes it a perfect camouflage while in the forest.

    • Offers maximum range communication of up to 36miles
    • Has 50 channels and can block unwanted conversations
    • Offers 2way communication
    • The radio can run on low, medium and high power settings to maximize battery level
    • Has NOAA weather scan to alert you on weather updates



    • Compared to other radios, the Midland GX1050VP4 battery life is relatively short

    19.  Retevis RT27 Walkie Talkie

    This is an image of five black Retevis RT27 Walkie Talkies

    The Retevis RT27 radio is one of the few Walkie talkies that do not need a license nor require you to pay extra to have additional frequencies. It supports hands-free operations and is easy to operate. Whether you are in a building or warehouse, this small radio will deliver clear sound when in the needed range.it is easy to operate, and once you press PTT, one can get in touch with all group members. The radio has 22 channels that make it convenient to communicate with other parties. It also has Scan function, VOX function, as well as Monitor function for better transmission.

    The scan function identifies the same frequencies to join the conversation quickly. The VOX function is useful in freeing your hands, and you can listen in on an earpiece while the monitor function works to remove weak signals for a more explicit conversation.

    With CTSCC and DCS codes, all unwanted and irrelevant calls can be barred from the radio. Meanwhile, you can receive private calls without anyone listening in, thanks to the encryption codes.

    • Made of durable firmware that is not only water-resistant but dust resistant too
    • Delivers crystal clear sound when on the correct range
    • Easy to operate and use
    • Allows hands-free operation
    • Ensures private calls remain private
    • The package includes five walkie talkies, their batteries, chargers, adapters, belt clips, hand straps, and a detailed manual



    • Although the radio is water-resistant, it will be damaged when subjected to heavy rainfall.

    20.  Ansonko Long Range Walkie Talkie

    This is an image of black Ansoko Walkie Talkies with headsets plugged in

    Ideal for FRS and GMRS, the Ansonko handheld radio delivers clear transmissions in both short and long-range distances. It operates on UHF waves, making it ideal to use indoors and outdoors. This handheld radio uses 2W power with a 400-470 frequency range. The reception can get to 3 miles or more when on Ultra High Frequency. UHF waves are the best to use in buildings since they can penetrate through the wood, concrete, and non-metal walls and still deliver clear sound.

    Besides, since the waves are shorter, they can get around interference.

    The memory has 16channels where you can save your most used frequencies. Also, the radio has a VOXX function to clear your hands and multi-task. Moreover, this long-range walkie talkie has a powerful 1800mAh battery that can effectively run for 5-7days while on standby mode. When used regularly, the battery may last for 1-2days, and when used continuously, it will run for 8-12 hours. It only takes 4-5 hours to charge the battery fully. Unlike other ham radios, the Ansonko comes with a charging base that makes it look appealing when charging or not in use.

    • Comes with a charging base
    • This package includes four walkie talkies as well as their features
    • Has 16 channels on memory
    • The 1800mAh battery has long standby time as well as operating time
    • Great for indoor and outdoor activities



    • The 3mile range is pretty small compared to long-range radios

    21.  BaoFeng GT-3TP Mark III

    This is an image of Black and yellow BaoFeng GT-3TP walkie talkie

    The BaoFeng GT-3TP Mark II is an upgraded version that incorporates triple power in its transmissions. Despite obstacles and interferences, this radio will deliver loud and clear sounds.

    The GT-3TP operates with the best SQL setting, as well as a TX /Rx modulation power tube. The frequency range on the radio is 65-108 MHz purposely for commercial radio; 136-174 MHz, VHF, and 400-520MHz, UHF. One can select whether to use broadband or narrow band. When using low range output, one can communicate from 11kms away, making the radio a piece of effective long-range equipment.

    Additionally, the walkie talkie has 128channels, which are more than enough. It also has Voice Operated Transmission, Busy Channel Lock as well as Offset. To curb interference, this compact radio has upgraded SQL that ensures the solid sound is delivered from each end. On the other hand, the RDA1846S chip in the radio translates the message from voice to the carrier, thereby eliminating function.

    It is important to note that the Mark III has a 3800mAh battery, which will run you through your entire adventure. Besides, the radio is packed with a radio car charger for convenience.

    • Despite interferences, this radio is effective
    • One can use the low, high or medium output for communication
    • Has 128channels
    • Allows hands-free operations
    • Designed with the best SQL settings as well as TX/Rx modulation power



    • Allows for single way communication
    • The PTT buttons are not in a strategic position, and they quickly get pressed.

    22.  Topsung M880 FRS 2-way Radio

    This is an image of 2 Topsung M880 walkie talkies, Black and red

    Almost every function on the Topsung M880 is automated, making your adventure or work more fun. This lightweight radio has been made of the quality and durable materials and has received certification from FCC. Moreover, the radio is straightforward to operate even for kids.

    This FRS radio has auto-memory function, auto-monitor function, auto-scan function, auto-squelch function, low battery notification, and auto-power saving mode. All these functions play an essential role in maximizing battery usage as well as the radio’s performance.

    This two-way radio can be used in long-range transmissions. Whether the receiver is 1 mile, 4 miles, or 16 miles away, this device will deliver the intended message. It has 22 main channels alongside 121 privacy codes that need 2662 combinations to crack it. Since the M880 is lightweight and weighs just 2.9 oz, this device is ideal for cycling, camping, hiking, skiing, and other outdoor and indoor games. When on standby mode, the required 3 AA batteries can go for 3-4 days. Apart from communication, the walkie talkie also has a backlit LCD screen that consumes minimal power. With the help of the LCD screen, one can adjust the volume and the power level. The device also has a keypad lock to keep off intruders from changing your settings.

    • The radio system automatically scans, squelches, monitors frees memory, saves power, and alerts the user on low battery levels
    • Has 22 main channels where the user can add his favorite channels
    • Materials used are environmentally friendly and durable
    • The device has received FCC certification
    • It is easy for kids to operate, fits in hand and weighs 2.9 oz



    • The required 3AA batteries are not included.

    23.  Cobra RX680 Walkie Talkie

    This is an image of two black Cobra RX680 walkie talkies

    The Cobra RX680 two way radio is not only rugged but weatherproof too. Suitable for people who need regular weather updates, this inexpensive radio has built-in measures to keep you on the loop about pending storms and emergencies. With 60channels, the Cobra rugged scanner has a frequency range of up to 38miles. Thirty-eight of the channels come with privacy codes to limit interference from unwanted users. This ensures your transmissions are private and secure.

    Apart from this, the RX680 pair has NOAA receiver that locks into the most robust weather channel to keep you informed about the weather conditions. In case the area will experience light showers, this radio is waterproof with an IP54 rating, meaning it will not get damaged from the rain. It is dustproof, too, making it convenient for all weather conditions.

    For added convenience, the Walkie has Voice Activated Transmission that frees your hands to carry out other tasks. Apart from this, it has vibrating feedback that alerts you of incoming transmissions.

    • It limits unwanted interference
    • Fits snuggly in hand and feels rugged
    • Has NOAA receiver to inform the user of current weather conditions
    • It is both waterproof and dustproof
    • Has a 38mile frequency
    • The battery allows 18hours of continued use



    • This small radio has a few buttons, which have at least two functions. It is, therefore, vital that you retain the user guide before you get accustomed to it.

    Summing it up

    With a range of walki talkis designed for different uses, getting the best walkie talkie that fits your job requires some research. Choosing a good ham radio should not be a difficult task. With the enormous reviews reflecting on user experiences, it is no longer a trial and error thing. In the above analysis, we have focused on the top devices in the market. You can keep an eye on your workers, friends, and family members without limiting their movements.

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