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    Are you a head teacher or principle needing walkie talkies for your school? When schools go sightseeing or on excursions to see beautiful places around, the fear that parents and teachers alike have is that there would not be adequate facilities to actively monitor all the kids. And with the large population of schools, you understand why this could be a difficult task. This is where these teachers walkie talkies come in, handing them to the kids on the bus means you have created a channel to speak to all of them at once, it allows the person in charge actively monitor the kids every move and with a push of a button sen instructions or call them to order.

    Also, kids might be given assignments to do on school premises that would require them to be grouped. Handing them fun two-way radios can be an incentive to make them do these assignments. It is no secret that children love having fun. So this beautifully designed gear helps you blend fun and learning, just the right mix for children that need to develop their creative, social, and communication skills.

    Considerations choosing Walkie Talkies for School

    Before you take a stroll down the radio aisle, there are a few things you need to know before making that order. The following factors would hold your hand and enable you to make the best choice for the occasion. They are:

    The Walkie Type

    There are three categories that these radios could fall in. And they are:

    two way, touchless: These usually double as baby monitors because the pair as a unit with a push to listen and the baby pair has no buttons. It can be placed near your baby’s rip or play area, and with the push of a button, you can know how well your little pumpkin is doing. It serves as a safety gear and also playthings for babies and toddlers.

    Two way, handheld: The most common of the three categories is the two-way handheld radios. Both devices have push to talk buttons and can easily connect to the other radio for ample communication. These devices are best enjoyed in the backyard when kids are playing and having fun. Or on a trip with just two people, and also games where people are grouped in pairs. It allows for secure communication over a range as specified on the product.

    Two way, multiple: This is the family go to when on the road, it allows for one person to communicate with more than one person at the same time. This way, information, and instructions can be sent out in record time. This walkie type would be the ideal choice for schools since it would be safer and time-saving to send out instructions to everyone on the train at the same time. It also offers the capability to speak with one person at a time.


    When shopping for radios for school events, it is best to buy the radio packs as it gives you multiple radios at a competitive price. The big brands understand that there would be times when communication would need to be facilitated across multiple parties and have come up with the ingenious way to allow you to make just one purchase that covers all. Take a look at the best walkie talkie 3 packs for our recommendations for the best packs. 


    As with everything else on the market, how much it retails for is very important. The higher range radios retail for more because they often offer communications over a longer range, sometimes lighter radios, and superior build quality to others on sale.


    The dimensions of the device are very important, especially when you intend for them to be used by schoolchildren. Getting radios that are too heavy might be discomforting and might dampen the spirits of everyone in the company.


    The build quality of these radios is something that must be taken seriously. Especially when the walkies are to be reused on other outings, it is then imperative that you look out for the materials with which they are made, and find out if it is made from any materials that might pose a health risk to the people that would be using.


    You want to go for a brand that offers a longer range for communication. In cases of emergency, you want to be confident in your abilities to rally the troops at the push of your button. Longer range radios assure safety and can allow you to coordinate actions and movement over long distances.

    5 Best Walkie Talkies for Schools

    The following are the best walkies for school activities; they have been carefully selected after lengthy interviews with school proprietors and coordinators to better understand why they choose and still continue to use the following products. Enjoy!

    For the best walkie talkies for other situations, read this guide!

    1. Retevis RT22

    Retevis RT22 Two Way Radio Long Range Rechargeable,Portable 2 Way Radio,Handsfree Walkie Talkie for Adults Commercial Cruises Hunting Hiking (4 Pack)

    The walkie is a useful communication device for schools. It is slim and compact for easy carriage; it fits into the palm. With Retevis RT22, you enjoy access to 16 channels.

    The two-way radio offers you license-free communication. It gives you the best quality audio output with its 0-9 level voice activated transmit function. You can adjust the level to suit your needs.

    The Emergency alarm function allows you to alert others about threats, suitable for school environment to prevent accidents and dangers.

    It offers multiple charging protection against overcharge, short circuit, and over-voltage issues. The rechargeable walkie  for schools is the perfect blend of style and quality.

    check price on amazon button

    2. Arcshell Walkies

    Arcshell Rechargeable Long Range Two-Way Radios with Earpiece 2 Pack UHF 400-470Mhz Walkie Talkies Li-ion Battery and Charger Included

    This beautiful walkie by Arcshell comes in a pack of four. It is a fantastic device for both short-range and long-range communication needs. The rechargeable device makes use of durable Li-ion Battery that is both long-lasting and less prone to damage from overcharging. On a full charge, the device can last for two and a half hours. The walkie comes with an earpiece, custom battery, and charger.

    The small device size makes it convenient to take around with you. Water-resistant, light-weighted, and solidly built to last for ages, the walkie talkie is the right choice for schools. It also offers access to 16 channels.

    check price on amazon button

    3. SAMCOM Walkies

    samcom walkies

    The handheld walkie by SAMCOM is an attractive choice for schools. You can get these in packs of 1 to 16.

    The two-way long-range radio has 20 channels and a long antenna that provides effective communication for different environments, such as campground and school ground.

    Battery life is a big strength of these walkies, with a 3000mAh battery which gives up to 190 hours of standby charge, or 33 hours of working battery.

    It comes with earpieces, charging stations, and belt clips.

    check price on amazon button

    4. Retevis RT20

    Retevis RT20 Rechargeable Walkie Talkies for Adults Seniors Wearable Mini 2 Way Radios with FM Radio VOX Keyboard Lock(Silver,3 Pack)

    These small walkies come in packs of 3. It is portable to carry around. Each walkie talkie has a lanyard for easy hanging on your chest when on the move.

    It provides good range coverage and crystal-clear voice output for effective communication. The device is rechargeable with a large battery capacity for prolonged usage. 

    It provides 16 channels, hand free, and keyboard lock function. The keyboard lock function prevents accidental setting and channel changes.

    The ultralight body design makes the devices attractive to carry around. Enjoy fast charging time with the USB rapid charge support.

    check price on amazon button

    5. TID TD-V2

    TID TD-V2

    The biggest walkie talkie in our list in terms of numbers you get on purchase (up to 20 packs), the talky devices are enough to cater for a moderate size population like a classroom.

    The two-way radios are simple to operate, no need to take a class to learn its function. The device is suitable for long-distance communication. Compatible with other small walkie talkies, you can combine it with different walkie talkie types and still enjoy a free-flowing conversation.

    The walkie talkie comes with 20 high-quality acoustic tube headsets for each device. It boasts of good signal strength and bright audio output. It has a scanning feature to allow tracking of locations where conversations are in progress.

    check price on amazon button


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