Best Walkie talkies for restaurants

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Top 5 Restaurant Walkie Talkies

Trying to help your restaurant staff by choosing the right walkie talkies for your restaurant?

The importance of communication can never be underestimated. Ham radios promote businesses in numerous ways, mostly in the service industry, such as the restaurant services. The success of any service business depends on the coordination between various departments. Without a proper communication system, restaurants can find it hard to achieve their goals. Proper communication helps to attain organizational objectives in many ways. Managers can easily communicate with the workers, customers can make inquiries at their comfort, and Supervisors can communicate with their immediate staff, and so forth. An additional of an excellent two-way mobile will boost your business operations so that you can operate with minimal disruptions, if any.

The success of any service industry depends on customer service. Therefore, the use of two-way radio minimizes movements in hotels, thereby creating a smooth experience for customers and workers. You may use accessories such as an earpiece or the headset, giving the user an easy time. It also allows them to keep the conversation going, using the hands-free mode while they run other errands. The use of walkie-talkies minimizes unnecessary movements just to deliver a message to other people. The time saved can be used for the betterment of the services. 

The importance of communication

Communication has proven to be the best method of minimizing the customer’s wait time. The restaurant business requires customers to be served as they come, without undue delay. As such, managers, supervisors, waiters, and chefs must be in constant communication. This reduces the time used between ordering, serving, and billing, thereby minimizing the wait time for other customers. With proper communication, the customers can enter your restaurant and walk out happy after a smooth service.

Best Restaurant Walkie Talkie

The most effective two-way radios for restaurants are the most lightweight and easy to operate. It is essential that communication reduces the user’s time and does not interfere with his work. A less complicated model allows the user to remain in touch without wasting a lot of time operating it. However, you will not need a radio that has very many frequencies. Most of the hotels operate within the same building, so you may not require a receiver that has a long-range.

The following is a list of radios that may work for a hotel industry.

1.   Motorola CLS1110

This is an image of a black Motorola Business CLS1110 ham radio

CLS110 is an excellent device from Motorola that has unique features suitable for the hotel sector. Here is a summary of its features

  • 56 business-exclusive frequencies as well as 121 privacy codes for enhanced security
  • Lithium battery supports 18 hours of use with an optional AAA backup
  • Transmission of up to 200,000 square feet
  • Contains a keypad lock to prevent accidental dials
  • Three selectable call tones alert users of incoming communications.
  • Suitable for labor-intensive businesses experiencing high employees turnover

 Improved productivity

The Motorola CLS 1110TM is one of the ham radios specially designed for fast speed. You can boost your organizational productivity at the press of a button. It has a single channel with 56 business exclusive frequencies giving the user a variety of options. The user can be sure of accessing an open channel anytime and maintain the privacy of the conversation. This radio is reliable and easy to use, even for a newbie. 

Lightweight and durability 

This radio weighs 2.38 ounces, and hence it is easy to have it on your belt anytime without getting tired. The rugged design of this Motorola radio makes it durable enough to endure even the rigorous environments. 

Business Exclusive Frequencies

The CLS Motorola comes with 56 exclusive business businesses and 121 privacy codes. This means you can be able to transmit with a clear signal without any flaws. You will not require having a license to operate this radio.

Good Coverage

With one watt of power, you can get a coverage of 200,000 sq. Ft. or 15 floors.

Long-Lasting Battery Life

This radio comes with a rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery, which can sustain you for twelve hours, which is enough for a single shift. You can also use the AAA alkaline batteries as a backup in case you run out of power. The drop-in charger provides fast charging option to your device, keeping you in touch all the time.

Keypad Lock

The keypad lock prevents accidental dials hence saving power and time. This reduces the number of downtimes by using power optimally.

Clone function

With the CLS series, you can easily copy settings from another radio, so you do not have to program your radio again, to work with other radios. This makes it easy when you want to add some new units to your fleet. Cloning is easy, and you do not need to undergo any training.   


  • Enhance Security. You can keep in touch with your team and send a quick message in case of emergencies cost reduction- You can keep your team coordinated at no monthly charges
  • Simplifies tasks and eliminates time wastage
What is in the Box?
  • One CLS1110 scanner
  • Rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery
  • AC adapter
  • Drop-in charger
  • User manual

2.   Motorola CLP1010

This is an image of black Motorola CLP1010 radio

The CLP1010 two-way radio is another brand for Motorola that is created specifically for restaurants and other service businesses. Its lightweight design and the simplicity of this radio makes it ideal for business- no one will ever notice your staff wearing this receiver. I think the manufacturer of this radio the importance of waiters, cashiers, and kitchen staff keeping in touch. The cost of this radio is very affordable. You can clip this radio on your belt, attach it on your cloth or hang it around the neck. The one-watt receiver can be easily programmed to suit the user’s needs. What’s more, this radio works with a repeater.

Every unit of this Motorola radio is ideal for keeping the user connected. With the belt clip helping you keep the radio attached to your belt, the large and textured PTT button makes it easy to send a message quickly and fast. The adjustable earpiece and a microphone ensure that your radio is never detached from your belt clip. This radio keeps you communicating within 100,000 square feet, which is enough for most of the restaurant’s coverage area. You can add the UHF repeater and extend your coverage area

Channels and frequencies

The CLP radio comes with 99 exclusive business frequencies and 219-privacy codes, giving the user an array of options. You can enjoy a clear and private conversation free of interruptions.

 Features summary

  • Voice-assisted menus
  • a smart status light,
  • adjustable volume settings 
  • rechargeable 12-hour lithium-ion battery
  • A CPS programming cable.
  • Meets military specifications to work under the most rigorous conditions
  • Lightweight and compact size
  • Free belt clip
  • 99 business frequencies
  • 16 adjustable volume settings
  • UHF band, 1-Watt, 1 Channel,
  • 10,000 square feet and 219 privacy codes
  • Smart LED showing channels and battery status, 
  • Large Push To Talk button

What is in the box?

  • One Motorola CLP1010 Radio
  • Lithium-ion battery Belt clip
  • Wall charger
  • Stand-up charging tray
  • Adjustable earpiece with in-line push to talk microphone
  • User guide
  • Two-year warranty

3.   Motorola DLR1020

This is an image of a black Motorola DLR1020 radio

The DLR1020 is another grade radio that can improve the productivity of the service industry. You can adjust your communication with this ham radio and take your business to the next level. This radio keeps your conversations clear over a long-range without flaws. The fact that the receiver is digital, you can use it to transmit further and clearer, which is an advantage over the analog broadcast. The radio comes in a sleek design making it convenient to operate


No license required

DLR is designed specifically for business operations hence makes it easy to meet your business goals. This radio does not require a permit- this eases the application process and paperwork, which also goes a long way to save your operational costs

Assured privacy

There is nothing more frustrating than getting interruptions in the middle of a meaningful conversation. It can be equally disappointing to have your private conversation leak to other people. The DLR eliminates such probabilities giving you peace of mind by ensuring that no one intrudes on your conversations. You only need to set up your radio fleet with a unique code. You can choose from the 10,000 privacy codes available. This assures your privacy and keeps intruders away

Private reply

This radio allows different users to connect privately after a group conversation is over, using the private reply function. You do not need to use any accessories to keep your communication private. Identify the name of the person you wish to communicate with and push the top button on the radio to start conversing.

Direct call option

Some companies require every employee to contact the supervisor on duty directly at a determined time. The top button can be programmed for direct calling. You can call a specific person directly and get an instant response

4.   Kenwood ProTalk XLS TK-3230

This is an image of a black Kenwood TK3230 radio

The Kenwood radio comes with a great combination of specifications- battery life, size, and design, among others. With a weight of 5.5 ounces and a length of 6 inches, this is one of the smallest radio. These combinations make it ideal for retail businesses, restaurants, and educational services. This radio has an output of 1.5 watts giving an excellent range. The lithium battery provides this radio with the transmission of 18 hours out of a single charge.

This Kenwood radio is one of the essential choices for people looking for ham radios below 2 watts power. This radio exceeds the military specifications and offers the best quality voice quality and range

Features Summary 

  • Lightweight and Compact Size 
  • 6 Channels
  • 5-watt power output
  • Charges fully in 2.5 hours
  • Up to 5 miles range in ideal conditions
  • Durable battery with 18 hours of life after a single charge
  • 56 UHF Business Exclusive Frequencies with 122 Privacy Codes 
  • Excellent Audio Quality
  • Time out timer
  • Compatible with other business radios with the same frequencies
  • Programmable 
  • polycarbonate housing, superior speaker
  • Wireless cloning
  • Key lock option to prevent accidental dials

5.   Motorola CLS1410 

This is an image of black Motorola Professional CLS1410 radio

The restaurant business requires an excellent service to be successful. The Motorola CLS boosts efficiency by enabling managers and staff to keep coordinated to provide the best service to the customers. This radio delivers top quality at the push of the button and is designed for the fast running of the business. With four channels and 56 exclusive business channels, you can be assured of top reliability and privacy of your communication with a clear voice communication

The radio is reliable, and you can keep interacting with your colleagues without any problems. 

With the vibracall, you can receive calls without in noisy situations quickly. You can also use the clone feature to copy settings from other radios. This eases you the stress of having to reprogram it to be compatible with other communications. This radio comes with the rechargeable lithium-ion battery with the option of using the AAA batteries as a backup. LCD shows information such as battery consumption. With the Superfast drop-in charger, you can charge your radio very fast- you never have to go out of power

Features Summary

  • Lightweight and portable design 
  • Four channels with additions 56 exclusive business frequencies
  • Keypad lock to prevent accidental dials
  • VOXX feature for hands-free communication
  • 121 privacy codes with 83 digital and 38 private lines
  • Compatible with other Motorola models 
  • You need to have the FCC license to operate


The success of the restaurant industry heavily relies on communication. Smooth communication structures help keep the business flowing and reduces the customers’ waiting time. The models above have been reached by doing a critical analysis of the essential features that can help improve performance by saving time in the service industry. Features such as the VOXX enables the user to receive a call without interfering with the regular duties. Use this article as a guideline whenever you want to buy a good radio for your restaurant. You can buy any of the above models, and you will experience the best performance for your business. 





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