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    Are you wondering what type of walky talky is best for your kid? Here we have comprehensive reviews of some of the Top walkie talkies on the market.

    I am not talking about the popular play toys you can find all over the market. There is a handful of real two-way mobile radios with original features just like that of adults. Your kids can find a lot of fun playing with this equipment when they are on vacation or during the weekends. 

    Buyer’s guide

    A kids walkie talkie is not very different from the other two-way radios, only that they are specifically designed to suit kids’ needs. Hence, they have a lightweight and are smaller, which makes them kids-friendly. 

    There are two types of devices for kids; those designed for playing and the other brand types that has advanced features.

    If you’re buying walkie talkies to use in science lessons or in the classroom, then it might be better to consider the best walkie talkies for schools.


    Kids walky talky talk devices contain several characteristics similar to the other two-way radios. The following features will help you pick the best two-way communication for kids 

    • Simplicity

    The walkie talkie should not be sophisticated. It should contain a large push button with graphic images explaining the role of each button rather than using words. It becomes easier even for the youngest adventurers who cannot read fluently. 

    • Child-friendly design.

    The kids toy device should be light, a device that the kid can handle with ease. It should be ergonomic to make it easy for small hands to manage. A large gadget will not give the kid an easy time. The kid should enjoy rather than struggle to handle the device.  

    Cute 4 year old mixed race Asian Caucasian boy plays outside in a playground with a toy walkie talkie radio


    • Range

    The long range walkie talkies I would say are the better ones to consider. You will keep in touch with your kids even when they are miles apart, and in case they need a quick response, you can rush within a few minutes. It is useless to have device that can only connect within a close range. However, do not always emphasize the range advertised on the product. Remember, they operate under real conditions, which may not be possible due to obstacles, which affect the frequencies. Always prefer long range devices over the short-range ones. 

    • Durability

    While you should not get hard and heavy devices for the kids, you must ensure that you invest in a walky-talky that will not break after a few days or weeks. Remember, kids, engage in vigorous and rough activities. Therefore, the device should have strong shock absorbers to withstand, drops, and falls, or they will not last for long. 

    • Auto-squelch.

     An auto-squelch function enables the user to communicate with ease, even in noisy environments. You are aiming to keep in touch with the kid, so you expect them to be in noisy surroundings most of the time.  


    This feature enables the hands’ free function so that the kid can use the device without pushing the button. This function works well, especially with mountain climbers and bike riders, since their activities require them to use both hands always.  

    If you want more information about the best walkie talkies out there, read this handy article, where we break down all the top models.

    Benefits You Can Enjoy from kids walkie talkies

    Monitoring the baby

    The walkie-talkie baby monitors provide a unique way of keeping in touch with your baby. Baby monitors first emerged in the 1980s, and they were handy for listening to the kids during bedtime. The only challenge was that you could not communicate with them. You would hear them, but they could not hear you. We consider baby monitors as outdated, but they were very compelling back then, rarely could you find them dusting in the shelves. Every mother wanted to have one for her babies.

     Remote Monitoring

    With the continued technological growth, you can get yourself a good option for toddlers to help monitor the baby, hence making life easier for you. When the kids are having fun with their friends, you can easily ask them to lower the noise without having to go where they are. You can even ensure they have an easy time outdoors without having to keep watching them. 

    Get More Things Done

    You can easily give instructions to your kids without having to run up and down to find them. You can even instruct the baby sitter without leaving your errands; she will only need to turn on the button and ask you for advice without leaving her duties. 

    Peace of Mind

    Kid’s options have a myriad of advantages, which we may not exhaust in this article. Imagine how peaceful it can be, working on the lawn without rushing in and out of the house to check on your kids; 2-way radio will give you peace of mind in such situations. In case the kids wake up, you can know right away, even for the small ones. Once you hear some noise coming from their room, you can check on them immediately. You can also soothe your newborn by singing a lullaby as you continue with other stuff. Thanks to the myriads of devices for toddlers. That sounds fun, right? 


    Builds kids confidence

    Whether the kids are busking or biking. A good device that helps you keep in touch and monitor their movements. Kids will always discover and learn new things, and if left unattended, they can engage in risky activities. The walkie-talkies provide you with the necessary solution. 

    Builds communication and responsibility 

    Your kids need to learn how to take care of their possessions. Let them keep their new device and teach them how to take care of them. It helps them learn to handle other valuables as they grow up. Kid’s Walkie-talkies are low-risk devices and can be used by your kids for a long time. 

    Delays the need for a telephone 

    The walky is an economical means of communication. You buy it once, and you need not spend more on talk time. Use of the kids’ walkie, talkie will teach your kids how to communicate without engaging in any unnecessary cost and without introducing your kids to phones when they do not need them. Besides, you can use it as a test to let you know the best time your kids are ready for the phone. 

    Communication devices help them become independent

    Communication via handheld devices can help a great deal in creating self-independence for your kids. You realize that almost all kids like TVs, which can have a significant effect on their mind and sight. TVs carry kids away to the extent of losing concentration in everything else. Children spend a substantial amount of time on TVs and mobile phones if no one is watching them. You need to promote outdoor activities to facilitate child development. Children can be so creative if given time, freedom, and space. They help provide them with time to interact with their friends and experiment with the environment. The give you ample time to encourage kids’ independence while maintains the safety of the kids. 


    Choosing the Best Walkie Talkie for Kids 

    These items give us a good time and fill our lives with joy. Remember the games you used to play with your friends when you were young. They gave you a lot of adventure and exploration. They gave you exposure in communication and relating to others. If you can recall the old days of your childhood, there are certain things you learned, which remain relevant to you even now. The kids of today are even luckier as they can get more advanced walkie-talkies, which give them even better exposure beyond what we enjoyed back in our days. Provide them with a chance to enjoy the experience and learn something out of the adventure. 

    Here are some modern Picks on the market 

    Are you planning to go out for skiing, skating, camping, or having any other outdoor events? Well, you still need to keep in touch with your kids. You may not rely on your phone, especially when you want to communicate to the young ones. Even with the most advanced phones, you may find it hard to find service in remote areas. Walkie-talkies will keep you connected as long as you are within a clear view of the sky. There is a litany of devices to choose from without breaking your bank. After taking the time to check on the available kids reviews, I came up with the following list. 


    The device contains a modern upgrade with a wi-fi-enabled relay and the 4g LTE, which goes for around $5 per month. It also doubles as an excellent starter phone for kids. Connect the talkie and let your kids out with their folks, and you can reach them anytime you want. They can also communicate with anyone in the network in case of any need. The waterproof and bump resistant features on the device can withstand the kids’ rough experience. The device features video modification, GPS tracking music, among many other features to keep the kid entertained. 

    7 Best Walkie Talkies for Kids 


    Zello is among the highest-ranked Push To Talk applications on the iTunes. The device works with some wi-fi or 4G LTE connection to reach the child. It also permits messaging and photo sharing and as location tracking 

    True timber Walkie-Talkie Combo Set. These are mainly for outdoor operations, which is the main reason kids love them. They contain a flashlight, binoculars, and compass, meaning they can not only communicate but also explore. 

    This is an image of kid's zello walkie talkie working with 4G in black color


    Midland GXT100VP4 

    Midland is not a new mobile radio on the market. It has been there for decades, but it’s always introducing new features as the technology continues to grow. The GXT1000VP4 features 50 channels, and 142 privacy codes, with a tremendous 36-mile range. It features a bright, backlit LCD screen, and contains ten customizable message alerts. It includes a whisper mode for quiet environments. The walkie-talkies provide rechargeable battery packs to keep you connected with your kids all the time. They are also water-resistant and shockproof to match the kids’ activities. More to that, GXT100VP4 is excellent for emergencies. The SOS siren alert helps the kids ask for help in case of an emergency.

    This is an image of kid's walkie talkie by Midland in black color


    Motorola T100 Series Talk about 

    Instead of using a lot of money on a kid’s toy walky, many parents opt to purchase a pair of cheap walkies for their kids. The Talk about T100 is a great deal. The device provides excellent sound quality, and a bright LCD screen and 22 channels. It has a keypad lock, which prevents the kids from tampering with the channel settings. With a single set of three AAA batteries, you can remain connected for up to 18 hours.

    This is an image of kid's Motorola T100 walkie talkie in black and blue colors


    ArcShell AR-5

    Even though they do not appear to be very attractive, they are the most economical, especially if you need a bigger group of communication. They have 16 customizable channels in the 400-470MHz band. The speaker is loud and clear, while the earpiece makes them useful in noisy places while the. The voice activation function makes it easy for the user to transmit without pressing the PPT button. 

    This is an image of kid's talkie walkies two way radios by arcshell in black color


    Reviews have shown some drawbacks that come with this brand. Its maximum transmitting power is three warts, which significantly reduces its range, compared to other models. A handful of reviews show that they work perfectly within a mile range while the company promises 5 miles over unobstructed conditions. Its battery has a shorter life and takes quite some time to recharge. Heavy use may kill the battery completely. It takes three hours to recharge a flat battery fully. However, knowing the underlying limitations, you can work around them and manage it. 


    Reviews on other kids Options



    Retevis deals with portable mobile devices, both short-range and long-range. They have long-range two-way mobile radios suitable for kids and those for adults. All the devices contain the most advanced features for effective connectivity. Retevis makes specific devices for specific users. E.g., the two-way business mobiles are ideal for business while the RT628 walkie is for children only. The Retevis is suitable for long-range connections, so the devices do not have to be close to each other. 22 FRS and GMRS channels ensure that you are always in touch with your kid. The oversized button makes it easy for the kid, while the vox feature enables the kid to respond even when riding. The rear lit screen maintains the kids’ visibility on the dark, while the high and low power functions make it easy for battery usage control. Although there is no specific range defined, reviews show that the devices are useful in long ranges. 

    Good features 

    • lightweight design for secure handling by the kids 
    • 22 FRS and GMRS channels which maintain clarity in communication 
    • Back-lit screen for easy visibility in the dark 
    • VOX function 
    • Durable material 
    • It is cheap 


    • Some reviews show that you need to keep replacing the batteries regularly. 

    This is an image of kid's walkie talkie by Retevis in black color



    Kids find fun in bright colors; The DilissToys come in in various colors to make them attractive for kids. They also contain a significant sound quality as well as a vast range of connections, which is crucial for adventurous kids. Your kids can take advantage of the 22 channels and three-mile range while you keep in touch with them 

    The LCD backlight screens make them visible in the dark while the inbuilt LED flashlight can be a great light source for your kids. They are great for camping and sleepovers and keeps the kids engaged even at night. They have simple buttons, with notable labels to make it easy to push for the kid. The volume is easily adjustable, while the auto squelch enables you to mute the noisy background whenever you want to get in touch. 

    Good features 

    • Kid-friendly design 
    • Squelch feature to boost clarity 
    • Affordably priced 
    • Built-in LED flashlight 
    • LCD back screen for easy visibility 
    • Fun colors to make them attractive to kids 


    • Various customers say that they are easily damageable 
    • Other users have shown that the talk button was in a strange position 

    This is an image of kid's walkie talkies by Diliss in yellow color


    TINTEC 3 Pack

    If you need a walkie and talkie device that can support over one kid, then Tintec is your ideal type. This comes with three devices that offer reliable connectivity to you and your kids. The bold colors will keep your kids drawn to the devices, and you can assign different colors for different kids to avoid commotion between them. They contain a drop-resistant feature to keep the gadget safe even when under rough use. They also provide a channel lock feature to ensure only the right channels are active. 

    Good traits 

    • A set of three devices to support different kids 
    • Attractive colors 
    • Lightweight design 
    • CTCSS feature for clarity 
    • 2-mile range 
    • Drop-resistant 


    Reviews say that the battery died faster than expected 

    This is an image of kid's walkie talkies pack 3 by Tintec in 3 different colors



    Maintaining a close eye on your kids all the time is not an easy task, not to mention that overindulging in each of their activity may inhibit their creativity, exposure, and independence. Relax, a good walkie-talkie will solve you the hassle. Kids will play the watchdog role while your kids hover outdoors with their friends. With this device, you will keep a close watch of your kids’ whereabouts while giving them the independence, which is so imperative for their growth.  

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