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    Looking to go hiking or outdoors and wondering what camping walkie talkies are best? We have compared different walkie talkies to ensure you have the right equipment for your trip.

    Camping is one of the best ways through which you can relax your mind with your loved ones away from the rest of the world. It is also an excellent method for conducting team-building activities with your staff. Throughout this time, you need to keep in touch with one another while at the same time ensuring your safety. The best campsites happen to be in the remotest places since they are not accessible to everyone. This is the surest way to spend your leisure without compromising your safety.

    Camping in remote areas means that you may not be able to use your cellular phones due to the low mobile networks. Nevertheless, with an excellent ham radio, you can enjoy your time without losing touch with the other people. If, for instance, you are using different vehicles, a robust ham radio can help you keep in touch with your team as you drive. This helps keep the team coordinated even when operating in different campsites. If you are yet to obtain a two-way radio, getting one is not a bad idea.

    A lot of the good camping walkie talkies will also be great for hiking. The best walkie talkies for hiking will have great range, battery and will probably be waterproof as well. Read on for our picks of the best camping walkie talkies.

    10 Best Walkie Talkies for Camping

    1. Motorola Walkabout T260TP 

    Anytime you go to the campsite, you need an excellent communication method that keeps you connected with your team. The Uniden keeps you transmitting as long as you are within the 25 miles range. The radio comes with 22 channels and 121 privacy codes giving you enough options to communicate with other people without interruptions. They are powered using the NiMH rechargeable battery which can be used for 10 hours after a single recharge. The backup AA batteries can support the radio for up to 29 hours depending on the usage. It also features a channel scan feature that helps detect the nearby receivers.

    This is an image of Motorola T260TP Talkabout Radio

    You can use the group call feature when you want to convey a message to everyone within your group while all the other radios remain silent. You can also decide to communicate with some members of the group without involving the others. The receiver uses the standard frequencies, and hence you can communicate with other people who have different radio models. This radio is excellent for camping, hiking, and biking, among other outdoor uses. The radio features an optional roger beep, which lets you know when the other person begins transmitting or ends the transmission. The receiver also features an auto squelch button that switches the background noises allowing you to enjoy your communication without interruptions

    • 25 miles range
    • 22 channels with 121 privacy codes
    • AA batteries and a battery extender
    • Automatic power saver mode
    • Battery level indicator
    • Channel scan features
    • Flexible USB charger

    2. Midland GXT1000VP4 Two-Way Radio

    For many years, Midland has gained a lot of popularity in the world of communication. The GXT1000VP4 boasts of 36 miles range in clear conditions, which makes it ideal for camping. It also comes with the NOAA weather alert that provides you with the latest updates of any dangerous weather changes within your area. You can choose to combine the available 50 channels with security codes to get multiple transmission options. This also doubles as a security feature that allows you to enjoy private communications.

    Although the radio is not waterproof, it is built in a water-resistant material, which helps prevent water splashes from all directions. The group call feature allows you to transmit with all the group members. Besides, you can also communicate with selected people within the group without alerting the whole group.

    This is an image of Midland GXT1000VP4 Two-Way Radio
    • Ergonomic design and durable
    • 36 miles range in optimum conditions
    • Reliable quality and impressive range
    • JIS4 weatherproofing and water resistance
    • Can use a rechargeable battery or backup AA batteries
    • NOAA weather alerts
    • The mic is below average
    • The tiny screen which makes setup hard

    3. Cobra CXT 145 Two way radio

    If you are looking for a radio that can transmit for a long distance without losing audio quality, then Cobra will sort you out. The receiver has 22 channels and keeps you connected within a 16 miles range. The two-way radio has built-in weather features that always keep the weather in check, should anything happen that requires quick action. The radio can detect and shut weak transmissions and any background noises. The radio comes with a rechargeable battery and flexible charging options. You can charge it from the USB port on your car or your laptop. The automatic power saver extends the battery life when the radio is not in use.

    This is an image of Cobra CXT 145 Two way radio
    • 22 channels and 16 miles range
    • 10 NOAA weather alerts
    • Power saver
    • Flexible USB charging option
    • Low priced model
    • Doesn’t have the scan features
    • Has no privacy codes

    4. Motorola MT350R FRS two-way radio

    Make your camping activities impressive with the 22 channels MT350 radio from Motorola. Besides, you can combine these channels with the available 121 privacy codes to your transmission free from intrusion. One thing that makes this radio popular is the robust design that makes it ideal in harsh conditions. The receiver is weatherproof and dustproof. You can use it to remain connected within 35 miles range. It also features a vibracal that allows the user to use it in situations where a ringer would be intrusive.

    You can keep yourself safe from harsh weather conditions thanks to the NOAA alerts, which gives you the most updated weather alerts. This feature gives you warnings about tornadoes, heavy rain, floods, and other conditions that may be hazardous to humans. With the flexible USB charging options, this radio is ideal for outdoor activities away from any power source. The built-in LED flashlight makes it easy to use this radio in dark settings. If you are right in multitasking, then the VOXX feature allows you to activate the hands-free option and keep talking while still working.

    This is an image of Motorola MT350R FRS two-way radio

    The radio is famous for its class D amplifier that gives it a quality sound by reducing any voice distortions. The PTT power boost allows you to extend the wattage to increase the range or lower the wattage when less power is required. This gives the radio longer battery life.

    • With an IP-54 rating, which protects it against dust and water splashes
    • NOAA channels with weather alerts
    • Flexible USB charging options
    • A Vibracal alert.
    • Built-in LED light
    • 22 channels and 121 privacy codes
    • iVOXX hands-free communication

    5. Arcshell Rechargeable Long Range Two-Way Radios

    Arcshell is among the small-sized receivers that can boost your communication without adding some weight to your luggage. The radio is water-resistant and straightforward to operate, even for beginners. One thing that makes this radio ideal for camping is its power. It comes with a 1500mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery, which charges fully within 3 hours. You can use the type-A plug, which works in 110v-240v. The battery can serve you between 8 hours to 96 hours, depending on your transmission. This is enough to help you within the 5 miles range in optimal conditions. You can use the inbuilt microphone to record voices by just pushing the PTT.

    The radio contains 16 preprogrammed channels and operates within the UHF 400-470MHz frequency range. It also includes a perfect inbuilt speaker and an earpiece, which enables you to have a private conversation while at the same time producing a clear sound. Besides, the radio features a VOXX feature used for hands-free transmission. Arcshell is popularly used in campsites, construction sites, warehouses, hunting among other professionals.

    This is an image of  Arcshell Rechargeable Long Range Two-Way Radios
    • 1500mAh battery
    • 16 preprogrammed channels
    • VOXX hands-free channels
    • 8 to 96 hours of battery life

    6. Ansoko handheld radio

    If you are looking for a compact, designed handheld radio that is easy to operate, then Ansoko is your ideal choice. The receivers are already present with channels and frequencies. Though programmable, you do not have to program the radios- you start transmitting immediately after unboxing. With an impressive of 3 miles range, this radio is ideal for camping and other outdoor operations. It comes with rechargeable batteries and has a long life depending on the transmission. Besides, the inbuilt LED light allows the user to work freely, even at night.

    This is an image of Ansoko handheld radio

    Ansoko works within a frequency range of 400-470MHz Up to 3 miles range. It features 16 channels as well as privacy codes, giving the user an interruption-free transmission. With a 24 hours battery life, this ham radio is reliable to serve you in places away from the power source. The audio is clear for both transmission and reception making it free to enjoy a crisp free communication. The VOXX channels allow the user to enjoy hands-free communication. Unlike other radios, you can keep your transmission going as you continue with other day-to-day activities. This is a great 4 set of walkie talkies for camping!

    • UHF frequencies for smooth penetration on hard surfaces
    • Great for indoors and outdoors communications
    • Compact and Portable design
    • 4-5 hours of recharge time
    • 16 preset channels with privacy codes

    7. Motorola T100TP Talkabout two-way radio

    The Motorola brand remains the most intuitive device in two-way communication. One thing that makes this brand stand out is its compatibility with other radio models. The fact that they can use the AAA batteries makes it easy to carry these radios away from the charging points. You can take several backup cells, which can serve you for some days. Three alkaline batteries can keep the device on for 10 hours. The radio gives you a low battery indicator when the power level goes down. However, it is worth noting that the batteries are not rechargeable, and hence you may need to have several.

    This is an image of Motorola T100TP Talkabout two-way radio
    • Compatible with other radios
    • Three AAA batteries with 10 hours lifetime.

    8. Floureon 22 channeled Two way radio

    Floureon is a Fantastic radio for anyone looking for a good radio for camping. It can be powered by using the AA batteries and can be charged with a USB. These batteries can support the radio for up to 4 hours of continuous use and 9 hours standby mode when at the campsite; you can charge it on your PC or power bank. The radio features an LCD flashlight that keeps you safe during the night. The 22 channeled radio works with the FRS and GMRS, which are ideal for long-range transmission. The radio covers a 3-mile range in perfect conditions.

    This is an image of Floureon 22 channeled Two way radio

    You can enjoy the clear sound from the high-quality inbuilt speakers with an adjustable sound level. The squelch features ensure a quality transmission free from background noises so you can communicate well even in crowded areas. Floureon is simple and easy to use for all the family members, even kids. This radio has a loud inbuilt speaker that gives the best quality audio and is built in a durable material. You can boost the audio quality with the adjustable volume while the squelch feature mutes the background noise. In addition, you can also use the VOXX feature for hands-free communication. You never have to stop what you are doing to transmit or receive a call. What’s more, you can communicate with other FRS/FMRS radios as long as they are along with the same frequency

    • 22 channels and 121 privacy codes
    • Channel scanning feature
    • Compatible with other FRS/GMRS radios
    • Squelch feature for noise reduction
    • VOXX hands-free transmission

    9. Motorola MH230R Two-Way Radio

    Motorola is among the popular walkie-talkies models popularly known for excellence. Make your campsite impressive with this MH230 from Motorola. The MH230R has outstanding coverage of 23-mile range, making it suitable for outdoor communication. The combination of 22 channels and 121 privacy codes leaves you with numerous connection options while at the same time, maintaining the privacy of your correspondence. Whenever you are worried about unpredictable weathers, you can check on the latest weather updates from the available 11 weather channels. You can get receive automatic weather alerts on any extreme weather changes so that you can work on your safety. The radio is rechargeable, but in case the battery goes low, you can power it using the AAA batteries. If you combine the two, you can use this device for 18 hours on the camping site.

    This is an image of Motorola MH230R Two-Way Radio
    • NOAA weather alerts with latest weather updates
    • 22 channels with 121 privacy codes
    • 23 Miles range in ideal conditions
    • VOXX hands-free communication
    • Lightweight and portable design
    • Easy to operate, even for beginners

    10. Radioddity GA-2S Long Range Walkie Talkies UHF Two Way Radio

    I cannot conclude this review without mentioning something about the Radioddity GA-2S. The radio covers a range of 3 miles in ideal conditions free from obstructions. Radioddity has some excellent features that make it suitable for outdoor activities camping, biking, mountain climbing, skating, and team-building. One good thing about it is that there is no programming needed. You just unbox and start transmitting. All the radios in the pack are already programmed in the same channel. The batteries need three hours to recharge fully. You can use the flexible USB charging option to charge the radio on your power bank the same way you recharge your cell phone. Depending on your transmission, the battery can last for three days. This is one of the best rechargeable walkie talkies for camping!

    This is an image of  Radioddity GA-2S Long Range Walkie Talkies
    • 16 Preprogrammed frequencies
    • Convenient USB charging option
    • Up to 3 miles range with 2 watts power
    • Can be programmed using the PC
    • This radio is built in an ergonomic and sturdy design, yet it is very affordable.
    • Busy channel lockout
    • Up to 96 hours of standby mode
    • VOXX hands-free feature
    • Battery saving option

    Considerations Choosing walkie talkies for Camping

    There are numerous walkie-talkie sellers in the market, each looking for a customer to buy their products. As such, it becomes challenging to identify the best two-way radio. This article provides a clear guideline on the crucial information you may need to know when looking for your radio. We zeroed our research on the best models for camping and other related outdoor activities such as biking. Here are some important considerations.


    The design is the first thing to check out when looking for your two-way radio. There are several points you need to consider when looking at the design. First, depending on the use, the size of the receiver is of paramount importance, more so if your operation is very mobile. You do not want to move up and down with a piece of hefty luggage on your back. Hence, a small and lightweight radio may be very crucial. If, for instance, you will use the radio with gloves, you may need a rugged radio made of an anti-slip material to avoid dropping it from time to time. The device should be made of sturdy material to prevent breaking.

    What’s more, the radio needs to be water-resistant or simply waterproof if you are going to expose it to wet areas continuously. While some receivers have rubber materials that resist light rain and splashing water, others can be submerged in water for some time without any damage.

    Battery Power

    Every radio needs some consistent power to keep it on; otherwise, it is useless to have a radio that will go off after a few minutes. A good receiver should use not only the inbuilt rechargeable battery but also other batteries. Removable batteries such as the AAA or AA can help you in case you run out of power while away from the power source. The radio should also contain flexible charging options such as USB to make it easy to charge using other power sources when one is in the remote areas. Features such as Time out Timer and keypad lock help preserve unnecessary power consumption.

    Range and transmission Clarity

    The reason why you need to have a two-way radio is to have your message delivered clearly and timely. It, therefore, goes that the best radio is one that transmits the information to the user within the operational distance. Each model comes with its estimated range, which may reduce depending on the terrain. All the radios in our list have undergone rigorous tests to see that they fall within their specified range fit for camping. It is also worth noting that we have tested more other radios in our research, but the ones on the list managed to convince our decision.

    Emergency and safety features

    In anything that you do, your safety comes first. We cannot think of communication without emphasizing the safety of the user and that of other people. Features such as the NOAA weather alerts play a significant role in keeping the user safe from unforeseen circumstances. LED flashlights keep you safe in case of the darkness strikes while you are not yet at home. Vibracall alert allows you to receive a call without using the ringtone, especially in places where a ringer may be intrusive. Numerous radios have privacy codes that help keep your transmission private when sending a sensitive message. A good walkie-talkie must have some emergency channels, which can help you in times of distress.

    Extra features

    It is worth noting that radios have different features depending on their use. You need to conduct thorough research on what you want the receiver to do for you. This will help you choose the best radio that makes your work easier. If, for instance, you are a maritime worker, you need a radio that can float in water in case you accidentally drop it. It should also contain a bright color and an auto flashlight that activates whenever it encounters water. This makes it easy for easy retrieval in case you lose it, even at night. There are hundreds of features to check out for, before making your choice.


    Picking the best walkie-talkie for camping requires a lot of research. However, we have made the process easy for you by doing an in-depth analysis of the available radios in the market. The above guideline will help you make the best choice. Our research entails case-by-case testing and determining the best radio that meets the requirements. For more information about our favourite models, check out this review guide.

    We have also gone through other customers’ reviews and collected their feelings on various walkie-talkies they have used. The Motorola Company is seen to dominate in the list two-way radios best for outdoor operations. This is because of the significant investment done by the manufacturer on premium features making this model a leader in the Communication. We hope that these guidelines help you to find your best two-way radio.

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