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    Are you planning for a long trip and do not know which two way radio 6 pack that would work best for your team? There are so many shops selling two way radios and picking the best is not easy. Nevertheless, with the right information, you can get the best receiver that suits your needs. Keep your family connected with the best six pack rechargeable walkie talkies. The following review will help you decide on the best 6 pack set in the market.  

    If you’re going to be using a pack of walkie talkies in your work team, then it might be worth considering the best walkie talkies with headsets, especially if your teams work outside or are on the move all day.

    Best 6 Pack Walkie Talkie Radios for Superior Communication 

     Arcshell 6 pack walkie talkie

    Keep connecting with your friends with Arcshell 6 pack without breaking your bank. Built-in a small lightweight design, this radio fits your hand without a struggle. The receiver is also safe against water and is easy to use for all ages. The removable belt clip keeps the radio safe and prevents it from falling off. It features a frequency of UHF 400-470MHz and comes with 16 preprogrammed channels. These walkie talkies are powered using a 1500 mAh Li-ion battery. This is strong enough to keep you connected for up to 96 hours, depending on the use. When the charge is depleted, the radio will charge fully within. 2.5 hours. With Arcshell, you never have to worry about the privacy of your communication, thanks to the privacy codes. You can recharge the battery while still within the phone or recharge it alone. 

    You can enjoy clear voice from the high-quality speakers. What’s more, you can use the PTT button with the inbuilt mic to boost the quality of your transmission. You can activate the VOX feature to enjoy a hand free operation whenever you are busy with something else. You can transmit for 5 miles with this radio. The noise reduction feature helps you enjoy smooth communication even when you are in a noisy environment. As if that is not enough, your safety is a guarantee, even at night, thanks to the inbuilt LED torch. The voice prompt supports either English or Chinese. Whenever the battery goes low, the radio turns to battery saving mode giving you more talk time. The low battery alert lets you know when it is time to recharge

    Thi is an image of  Arcshell 6 pack walkie talkie

    Features summary

    • VOX hands free feature
    • 16 programmable channels 
    • Emergency alarm
    • Built-in LED flashlight for night use
    • Battery save function
    • Busy channel lockout
    • Noise mute feature

    Retevis RT22 Walkie Talkies (6 Pack) 

    Boost your communication with the Retevis RT22 two way radios. This radio comes in a small and compact design to fit different forms of business. The radio comes with16 channels and is FCC certified. Why pay for a license while you can use a license-free radio? With this two way radio, your communication is guaranteed, even in noisy areas. The VOX feature has 0-9 levels, which are adjustable to fit any kind of environment.

    This radio comes with 22 channels. Your safety is all catered for with the emergency alarm feature that allows you to alert your colleagues quickly in case you need their help. The channel lock saves you from accidental dials, thereby saving you from a power outage. With these radios, you can operate right after unboxing. The box also includes a multiple gang charger with charge protection feature.

    This is an image of Retevis RT22 Walkie Talkies

    Features summary

    • 16 preprogrammed channels 
    • Requires no license
    • 0-9 selectable VOX levels
    • Emergency alarm
    • Small and lightweight design
    • Squelch mute noise feature
    • 1000 mAh battery
    • Channel-lock feature
    • LED flashlight

     Greaval Long Range 6 pack two way radio

    You can connect with your friends and family through the Greaval walkie talkies six pack. The 16 channelled UHF radio features 16 channels uses a programmable frequency of 400-470MHz. The receiver can transmit up to 3 miles using 2 watts. It comes with a 1500 mAh battery, which can support up to 24 hours of transmission. If you have no previous experience with mobile radios, this radio is easy to set, even for newbies.

    Boost your communication without spending a fortune. If your job involves staying late at night, this radio has a built-in flashlight, which also plays as a security feature. You can keep your transmission free from intruders using the Privacy codes. While the battery allows you to transmit for 12 hours continuously, it only requires 3 hours to charge it fully.

    The radio contains loudspeakers that produce a clear voice. You can adjust to the most comfortable levels. Like many other radios, it features the VOX feature, which allows you to enjoy the hands-free activation. Combine the 16 channels with the privacy codes; you will enjoy up to 2480 combinations. This makes it hard for any interference from other signals. 

    This is an image of Greaval Long Range Walkie Talkies

    Features summary

    • It is sold at a low price
    • UHF 400-470MHz frequency
    • Built-in torch
    • 16 channels and privacy codes
    • Reliable 1500 mAh battery
    • Splash-proof casing
    • Miles range
    • VOX hands-free setting
    • Low battery alert
    • Emergency alarm
    • Built-in Flashlight

     Ansoko 6 Pack

    Ansoko is among the popular handheld scanners known for intuitive features and excellent performance. With 16 channels and privacy codes, you can be sure of having a quiet conversation free from interference. It is easy to match the codes with the channels. This radio transmits up to 3 miles and operates in 400-470MHz Frequency Range. This radio is built in a rugged and light design, making it easy to use and durable. It has a long battery life of up to 12 hours of continuous use. You can match various channels with the privacy codes making it hard for interference from other calls.  

    Like many mobile radios, Ansoko too features the VOX feature that makes it ideal hands-free communication. You can use the LED flashlight in times of power outage and as an added safety measure. The pack also includes belt clips that help keep your radio attached to your pocket or belt for added safety. UHF radios are excellent due to their intense penetration through walls and hard surfaces. This makes them ideal for indoor communication and short-distance transmissions.

    This is an image of Ansoko Long Range walkie talkie 

    Features summary

    • 16 channel memories with 50 CTCSS/105 DCS Codes
    • 12 hours of battery duration
    • Sturdy and lightweight design
    • LED flashlight 
    • UHF frequency 
    • 4 miles range
    • 1500 mAh battery

    Rivins R7 6 2 way radios

    Rivins 2 way radio is another communication device that works well for a medium group. This radio comes with a preset 22 GMRS/FRS channels, so it is an excellent choice if you want to unbox and start connecting. A combination of channels and codes gives you up to 2178 combinations. Just like many UHF radios, you can operate comfortably within 5 miles range in optimum conditions. The receiver is excellent walkie talkie for people who love outdoors, camping, mountaineering, among other outdoor expeditions. The radio comes with a backlit LCD screen that shows the battery level, channel number, volume level and so on.  

    You can use the built-in flashlight to light your way in case the darkness strikes while you are still outdoors. The mic and speaker allow you to enjoy a private communication and reduce interference from other conversations. Are you a good multitasker, this radio got your back- you can tune the radio to hands-free mode using the VOX feature. With the keypad lock, you will never have to worry about accidental dials or interference with the settings. Call tones allow you to alert the other person when you want to transmit.  

    You can easily power the radios using the AAA batteries, either the rechargeable or the alkaline. Unlike the inbuilt batteries, recharging this radio is easy. You can just replace the batteries when low or recharge the batteries while you continue using the radio. This saves your time and is flexible for you.

    This is an image of Rivins R7 6 walkie talkies for adults

     Features summary 

    • Built-in Backlit LCD Screen,
    • VOX hands-free activation
    • AAA alkaline battery
    • Channel scan function
    • LCD display
    • Keypad Lock 
    • 22 preset channels
    • Channel scan feature

     Samcom 6 Pack (5 Watts)

     The Samcom is another excellent choice for anyone looking for a good six pack two way radio. This radio operates in 5w and is strong enough to penetrate obstacles. This radio Features 20 channels and a long antenna that allows you to talk freely in any environment. Samcom is ideal for outdoor activities such as hunting, camping, hiking, among other activities.

    The low battery mode gives this device a long life. Unlike other radios, this radio has various apt features with different functions. You can use the Left Side PTT to make direct calls to radios operating on the same channel. You can use the center group PTT to make calls to other communications simultaneously even when they are connected to different channels.  The radio comes with 1500 mAh battery strong enough to keep you connected for 12 hours.

    Any UHF talkie with CDCSS codes guarantees you of the safety of your transmission. Do not worry again about interference signals that prevent you from enjoying your communication. It has an adjustable volume that helps you regulate the audio quality to your comfort level. With the backlit LCD, you can use the radio in light and darkness. Enjoy a transmission range of 5 miles with this radio. You can program this radio to transmit with other FRS & GMRS on the same frequency.

    This is an image of SAMCOM 5 Watts Two Way Radio

     Features summary

    • 1500 mAh battery with up to 12 hours lifetime
    • Backlit LCD
    • 20 channels 
    • Low battery alert

     6 Reliable Baofeng 888S

    Baofeng is a reliable radio intended for people looking for a good short-range communication device. You can use the Push to Talk button for a quick connection. Featured with the DCS and CTCSS codes, this radio covers the user over interference from interference signals. It comes with clear voice transmission and built-in speakers. This radio has a reliable charging dock to keep your radios on all the time. The built-in mic and a single earbud boost the qualification of your communication. The receiver has a coverage of 4 miles in an area free from obstruction. It also features an LED flashlight that allows the user to operate even at night. 

    This is an image of  Baofeng 888S Walkie Talkies for Adults 

    Features summary

    • Built-in LED flashlight
    • 1500 mAh lithium-ion battery
    • Battery low reminder
    • Built-in LED flashlight
    • Power saver

     6 Pack Midland T71VP3

    The T71VP3 from Midland is another form of rechargeable walkie talkies six pack ideal for long-range communication. Keep your contacts free with this radio; you do not require any license to operate. These radios are equipped with a channel scan feature that helps the user to scan for the available channels when transmitting. With 38 miles range, this radio is ideal for outdoor communications in areas free from obstruction.

    Combined with the privacy codes, this gives you enough privacy for your conversation. It also features a continuous squelch feature to mute background noises. Enjoy the NOAA weather scan, which provides you with emergency alerts in case of weather changes. You can set the radio to the hands-free operation to boost your communication when you are engaged with something else. The VOX feature has nine sensitivity levels, helping you keep the conversation clear.

    This is an image of Midland T71VP3 36 Channel 6 pack radio

    DEWALT DXFRS800 (6-pack) 2 Watt Heavy 

    Dewalt is another ideal choice for people looking for a good two way radio for long-range communication. With only 2 watts, you can transmit up to 25 floors or 300,000 square feet. This radio comes with 22 channels and up to 2662 channel combinations. The privacy codes allow you to reduce interference from other callers. It is ip67 rated, which prevents it against dust and water. This helps it withstand up to 1 meter inside water for 30 minutes without any damage.

    It is also shock-resistant and built-in anti-slip design to prevent falling. Dewalt dxfrs800 2w is a substantial duty business two-way radios (6 pack) with gang charge which will take your communication to another level. The VOX feature allows a smooth hands-free communication when you are tired of holding the radio. You can talk while your receiver is still attached to your bag. The pack comes with the six walkie talkies and a gang charger.

    This is an image of DEWALT DXFRS800 2 Watt walkie talkie

    Features summary

    • 22 channels and up to 2662 combinations
    • Ip57 rated for Waterproof and Dustproof

    COBRA 6 Pack Walkie Talkies 

    The six pack walkie made by cobra comes with 22 channels to keep you connected. This radio transmits over a 16 miles range free from interruption. It can be powered using three AAA batteries, though not included in the pack. You can use the USB cable to recharge this radio on your car or using your power bank. The receiver also comes with the NOAA weather channels to give the user emergency alerts in times of risky weather changes. 

     Users can access government operated weather channels to keep themselves safe. It also features headsets and microphone, which boosts its functionality. This radio is powered using the AAA batteries, which are bought separately. Also, it features the squelch function, which keeps away any unwanted noises due to terrain or obstacles. This can be a great six pack walkie talkie for store use, construction, supermarkets, among other areas. 

    This is an image of COBRA CX190-6 6 Pack Walkie Talkies

    Features summary

    • The radio is powered using AAA batteries
    • USB charging option
    • NOAA weather alerts
    • 22 channels 

    Considerations choosing 6 pack walkie talkies 

    The best walkie talkies will have a number of features that you should always look out for when choosing your next pack.

    Number of channels needed

    One crucial point to consider before buying a two way radio is the number of channels that can work best for you. This depends on the number of people who need to use these radios. Small businesses may require receivers with lesser channels, while big businesses require more channels. Average business radios should have between 2 to 16 channel options. These are enough to keep everyone connected. However, advanced receivers, especially those used by security personnel, have radios featuring up to 256 channlels. You can manage your employee by clustering them into small groups and assigning them specific channels. You can determine which group needs to communicate with the other using the scan function. 

    Privacy codes

    Different users can tune to different channels to block interference and avoid unnecessary interruption. Privacy codes are combined with channel making it hard for two conversations to be on the same line. This keeps you focused on your communication without worrying about any form of interruption. However, this does not guarantee the privacy of your conversation. 


    Two way radios are divided into two, short range or long range. It is worth noting that the range is on optimum conditions, which are hardly achievable. If you are looking for 6 pack long range 2 way radios, models such as Motorola can work for you. Short-range radios are ideal for modern areas while long-range radios can be used in open areas.  Pick 6 pack rechargeable walkie talkies, which are essential for long distance use.

    Power source

     You must find out the options available to keep your radio powered. Most of the receivers use AA batteries or AAA batteries. Besides, most of the radios come with the USB charging option that allows you to charge the radio on your car, PC or using a power bank. If you want to use the radio for outdoor operations, you may need a receiver whose battery lasts for long hours. 


    Choosing cheap walkie talkies 6 packs is not a good idea. There is a various range of two way radios for every pocket, but we all need quality in dangerous times.

    The price can be high or low depending on the features you want. It is obvious; cheap radios come with basic features. If you want a radio that can perform advanced functions, e.g. security, you will have to spend more than what you can spend on a standard communication device.


    One big concern when purchasing any electronics is the accessibility to accessories. You may have a good radio but if you cannot get its accessories, and then it is useless. On the other hand, the receiver should be compatible with different types of accessories. If for instance, you have other radio types, you should be able to use their accessories with the new radio. It can be a bit hectic having to buy different accessories for every new radio, you purchase—things like chargers, headsets, belt clips, batteries, jack pins should work with different radio models.

    Country’s regulations

    Different states have different laws. You should make sure that you are conversant with all the communication rules relating to two way radios. However, remember that different countries have varying regulations. If you need to travel to other countries with your radio, you must update yourself with the country’s policies so that you do not find yourself on the wrong side of the law. Confirm that you’re the radio model is allowed in that country before buying it. Various states require a license to operate on some frequencies. So, be sure that the receiver can serve you adequately, even without the need to obtain a license

    More features

    There are many walkie talkie features; understanding each can be confusing. Nevertheless, if you know what you want to achieve with your radio, it will be easy for you. Mobile radios with more features are better than those with fewer features. Other notable features include Lone worker, IP rating, shockproof, Backlit Keyboard, channel lock, keypad lock, Roger beep tone, PTT among others. 


    Two way radios are suitable for group communication. Six-pack radios are great for medium and large groups. While the receivers in our list have plenty of premium features, their operation is not complicated. A good number provides the easiest way to keep in touch with your colleagues and family. This list comprises of cheap six pack walkie talkies to stay connected while ensuring your safety.

    There are many other cheap devices went through our tests but didn’t qualify to get to our list. The receivers included ere have turned out to have incredible features and excellent customer reviews. You will realize that most of the handsets have an inbuilt torch; your safety is essential to us. This feature is very convenient since you can use the radio round the clock. Pick any of the devices that meet your needs and enjoy smooth communication.

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