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    Different people have different reasons for buying a two way radio. And in some cases, they might have a need to use these walkie talkies for city communication with all the hustle and bustle.

    The obvious problem that arises with this is that there are many structures that would cripple the signal strength, defeating the purpose of using the talkies. To better understand how these work and how it can affect the efficiency of your two-way radio, we have to understand walkie talkie range and frequency.

    Considerations choosing walkie talkies for city

    The best walkie talkies will all have a number of great features that you should always look out for when buying a new set of devices.

    Range and Frequency

    The range as advertised on these radios lets you know the distance over which you can still maintain communication in an ideal setting. Like earlier stated, it does not factor in the obstructions that might be in your immediate environment. This is why it is very important that your choice to be one that offers you a lot of range, so you would be able to brave any obstacles that come the way of your radio.

    Regular walkies work by transmitting from one radio directly to the other. The range from these walkies can vary from a couple hundred meters to some miles or more. Although when the same radio is used in an urban setting with densely built houses, buildings, and other obstructions like trees, the communication range becomes drastically reduced. The same radio might have a range of a couple of miles in the open and only a few hundred meters in the city streets.

    With all walkie talkies for city use having the same power output and roughly the same range, they are very likely to offer the same results and performance, depending majorly on where it is being used. For example if you’ll be using the walkie talkies inside city buildings, then maybe look into the best walkie talkies for indoor communications.


    Getting a communications radio at a good price does not necessarily mean getting one at the lowest price. It is more about the value gained from the money spent; you want to make sure that the cost of the device is reflected in the specifications.


    One thing you must definitely consider is the build quality of the radio. You want to ensure that the one you end up picking is constructed with materials that would stand the test of time. They are roughly the same size as your mobile phone and, as such, very easy to fall. It is advised that it be shockproof, waterproof, and dustproof, so you would be able to get the most use out of them in any terrain.


    All radios have similar dimensions, so not much would separate the choices in this aspect. But when you can, it is advised that you go with the most portable option. This means that the radio is handy, can be easily carried around with not too much discomfort. And in case of travel, you can easily fit it into your pocket or pack it in your travel bag.


    The popular brands have in their years of experience developed technologies that allow you to get the most from your gear. They have carefully developed these radios to work in conditions that are far from ideal and ensured that they have different modes that make them survive in all-terrain.

    Best Walkie Talkies for City Use

    The following are the best walkies to be used in cities. We have carefully selected this few from discussions and reviews gathered from people who have at one point in time used the products. 

    1 Motorola T600

    Motorola T600 Talkabout Radio, 2 Pack

    This popular Motorola model is good for a ton of situations, and it’s equally suitable for use in the city. It’s a solid & reliable purchase with a mid-range affordable price.

    The Motorola T600 package contains two pieces of colorful dual-signal radio that can connect with other brands of FRS/GMRS radios on the same 22 channels and 121 privacy codes. It is durable and waterproof with thick rubber coverings. These two-way radios offer a bright LCD screen with white and red LEDs and a water-activated flashlight that can be used as a light source during an emergency or late activities.

    You also enjoy the NOAA radio service of 11 weather report channel that keeps you updated with real-time weather conditions before it strikes. With these unique features, you can count on the T600 to provide a dependable means of communication during your wildest adventures.

    check price on amazon button

    2. SAMCOM FPN10A

    SAMCOM FPCN10A Two Way Radio Rechargeable 3000mAh Battery Business UHF Handheld Ham Walkie Talkie Long Range Radio 20 Channels/Double PTT/LCD Display/Earpieces/VOX/SCASAMCOM FPCN10A Two Way Radio Rechargeable 3000mAh Battery Business UHF Handheld Ham Walkie Talkie Long Range Radio 20 Channels/Double PTT/LCD Display/Earpieces/VOX/SCAN/Lock, 2 PacksN/Lock, 2 Packs

    SAMCOM FPN10A two way communication system is ideal for delivering a message to individuals and teams that are not on your immediate channel dial. This feature is well suited for emergency situations. The radio operates across 20 channels and transmits the message over 30 miles without interruption. It can both send and receive signals between 400-469MHz with an option to create your personal frequency for a private conversation. FPN10A also boasts of a 3000mAh LI-ion rechargeable battery that offers 33 hours of active wireless transmission or 190 hours of standby operation. The package includes nine sets of a walkie-talkie, a k-type earpiece for a noisy environment, a belt clip for easy mobility, and a lifetime warranty.

    check price on amazon button

    2. SAMCOM FRS22

    FRS Two Way Radio 22CH, 1250mAh USB Rechargeable Battery LCD Display LED Flashlight, Walkie Talkies License Free 2 Miles Long Range with Group/VOX/SCAN/NOAA Weather Alert/Call Function (Black+White)

    This particular radio offers the best features you will need to stay in touch with family during activities like camping, cycling, road trips, hiking. You have the options of 22 channels that can transmit your voice over a range of 36 miles in an open area. When you want to pass general information, you can dial the group button to send your message to all family members at the same time.

    In addition to the primary function, SAMCOM FRS also features a built-in bright flashlight that can be used as an emergency light in the dark. Also, a Weather Alert system that notifies you of emergency weather broadcasts.

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    3. QIGONG TH-UV8000D

    TYT TH-UV8000D 10W Ultra-high Output Power Amateur Handheld Transceiver, Dual Band, Dual Display and Dual Stand

    Qigong Ham radio features a stylish compact design that perfectly combines aesthetic with technology. Special functions such as the cross band repeater extend the transmission distance of its two-way signal. The radio has a frequency range of 76-108 MHz that operates both the VHF and UHF band system. You can always select between the narrow or wide bands according to your specific needs. TH-UV 8000D also features a sophisticated acoustic technology that produces clear and loud sound with less power usage. The device is equipped with a 3600mAh advanced Li-ion battery with an ultra-high power output of 10W. You can also preserve the battery by dialing the high or low power button.

    check price on amazon button

    5. BaoFeng BF-888S

    BAOFENG BF-888S Two Way Radio (Pack of 6pcs radios) - Customize Package

    BF-888S box consists of two pieces of a 16 channel two-way radio, charger, belt clip, Li-ion battery, and headphones. The radio features a two-way communication system that signals between a frequency range of 400-470MHz. The radio also possesses 16 different communication channels to connect with other radio signals. With CTCSS and CDCSS technology that blocks unwanted signal interruptions, the radio covers a wide communication range of over 4km at full power.

    Baofeng radio is very durable. It comes with a battery saving feature to preserve the 1500MAh

    Li-ion in-built battery. Other features include the Alarm function, VOX, intelligent charging, flashlight, and an emergency alert system.

    check price on amazon button

    Which is better: UHF or VHF radios?

    VHF signals (136-174MHz) are best for the outdoors because, at the same power output of the UHF (400-740MHz), it gives a longer communication range. The catch here is that VHF signals do not work as well as UHF when there are obstructions around. This makes UHF radios the better all-round choice, but if you are looking to use your communication radio in the open or at sea, the VHF knock the UHF radios out of the water as it offers a much better range.


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