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    Are you in the market for a walkie talkie baby monitor? We all know having a 2 way baby monitoring device can increase your babies safety while sleeping. Here we have looked at some of the best brands to ensure you have some great options to choose from.

    A baby monitor also called a baby alarm, is a radio system that allows you to listen for the sounds of an infant, toddler or baby. The baby unit has a microphone that is placed near the baby and a parent unit that has a speaker that allows the parent to talk to the baby; this is known as the talkback function. Audio monitors allow you to listen for sounds made by the baby while a video baby alarm (or video monitor) has a video camera and allows you to watch your baby remotely.

    The VOX setting on the walky talkie makes it a suitable baby alarm substitute; this is because the VOX feature means the receivers can be activated with the voice and there is no need to push any button. Installing one of the receivers in the baby’s crib or in range would allow you to pick up the sounds on the other receiver. Using the walky-talky in this way effectively makes your device an audio monitor.

    If your kids are a bit older and you want to pick up some walkie talkies for them to play with, then you should look at the best walkie talkies for kids.

    Considerations choosing walkie talkie baby monitors

    The best baby monitors will have a number of useful features that we’ve outlined below. If you want to find out more about the best walkie talkies that you can buy at the moment, click the link to be taken to our review page.


    Most audio monitors are the size of mobile phones; this is because they need to be handy in the event that the baby or the crib is moved. In addition, seeing as the device would be set close to your baby, you would not want to get a device too heavy that a fall could cause several problems. The small size of most walky talkies makes them ideal for replacing regular monitors. When shopping for a walky-talky audio monitor, you should check the packaging for the weight of the device with the batteries installed in the battery compartment.


    When making a choice for the piece of equipment that would serve as alarms when your baby is woken from sleep, when you need to change a diaper, you need not only consider the price, the range or the quality of the audio production, one of the important things to be considered is the durability of the receiver. The monitors would always be around the baby on the bed in the nursery and mom/dad at home; this means it could fall or come in contact with water and other fluids, it is important that the gadget is durable and can withstand whatever is thrown at it.mm m

    VOX function

    The baby alarm walky talkie feature is only possible due to the VOX feature that comes installed in higher-end walkies. VOX means that the receivers can be activated with voice transmissions without the need to push the Push-To-Talk buttons. This feature transforms your everyday walky talkie into a functional audio monitor that would look good and work fine in any baby cot.


    If you are looking to use a two-way radio as a baby alarm, one thing that is non-negotiable is the sensitivity of the device. It must be able to pick the faintest of noises, so you would be immediately notified of actions, the tiniest vibrations should be picked up by the audio monitor, so mom can act in real-time. It is important that the development is received in the best sound quality from the receiver unit of the audio baby monitors.


    You do not need to spend a fortune to pick out a radio that would serve this purpose. Most of these radios fit into every budget; they are aesthetically pleasing and offer all the functionality that parents would need to audio monitor their baby in the room or play area.

    Battery life

    It is very important that the device can stay powered for long periods, it would not matter of the radio is the best on the market if you constantly need to recharge the device or charge its batteries. It would especially make parents anxious if for a long time, they do not pick up any transmissions, and have to rush to the baby’s room thinking something has gone wrong with the device’s battery. So when choosing a walky that you intend to ascertain the security of your baby, pick out a radio model that gives you peace of mind with long battery life, and preferably fitted with a rechargeable battery.

    10 Best Walkie Talkie Baby Monitors

    1. Motorola T260


    Motorola T260 Talkabout Radio, 2 Pack


    The Motorola walkie talkie baby monitor is great for your baby’s nursery or anywhere in the house. It offers you seamless audio alerts, speaker, microphone, display, and a clip that helps you keep the walky on you as you move about the house. Communication is easy because the volume level can be adjusted, and the low battery alert will let you know when you need to charge the device. As a parent, you will find this easy to use and navigate the setting for your preferences. The radio has 22 channels and privacy options that make this a safe option for use in your kid’s cradle.


    • It features the Vox; it allows for the talkback function.
    • The gadget is dual powered.
    • It features two channels.
    • It features 20 Call Tones.


    • You stand a risk of the occasional battery issue.
    • The device features an average range.

    2. KOMVOX Rechargeable Walky Talky


    Rechargeable Walkie Talkies for Adults Long Range Handheld Two Way Radio, 2 Way Radio Survival Gear Equipment, 22 Channels 121 Privacy Codes VOX Scan, Alert + LED Flashlight for Camping


    The KOMVOX walky-talky is one of the best baby walkie talkies. It is a family-friendly device, and it is suitable for toddlers. The two-way radio has a sleek style and powerful connection range that helps you to keep tabs on your child. Komox devices have wonderful functions that include a rechargeable battery, channel button, CTCSS, Privacy codes, and a vox feature that makes it perfect for the bedroom. The target of this product is to give you a simple way to monitor your child without any hassle.


    • It has 121 Privacy codes.
    • It features a USB port.
    • It has the Vox installed.
    • The gadget is dual powered.


    • Limited range.
    • Spotty voice activation.

    3. USA Toyz 2 Pack Walky Talky


    USA Toyz – “Vox Box” Walkie Talkies for Kids (Blue and Yellow)


    USA Toyz manufactures awesome baby alarm replacements. The walkie design is split into a parent unit and a baby unit that help parents monitor their babies. The walkie is designed in colors friendly for kids (Blue and Yellow). The sensitivity of the voice activation gives you value for your money, and you can monitor your child with ease. Your little one will enjoy the new experience of instant attention when he calls. Reclaim peace in your homes with a product that puts kids first.


    • Vox Function.
    • The gadget has a Backlit LCD.
    • The radio has 22 Channels(99 Sub-channels).
    • In the package is an easy to use user Manual.


    • In the package is an easy to use user Manual.
    • The device has an average range.
    • You could experience battery drain.

    4. Wes Tayin Walkie Talkies


    Walkie Talkies for Kids, Range Up to 5 Miles Long Range Walkie Talkies, VOX Hands-Free Crystal Sound Kids Walkie Talkies,Two Way Radios Toys Best for Kids, Set of 2


    Wes Tayin designs radios for individuals who want radios that work. The LCD screen gives you a clear view of all the necessary information at a glance. With every order, you get a belt clip, in-built LED flashlight, power saving, and receivers that help you monitor your toddler. The job of the knobs is to help you set and control the volume level so that you do not disturb your baby while it sleeps.


    • The gadget has a Vox function.
    • It has 22 Channels.
    • It features an LED Flashlight.
    • It has battery saving circuitry.


    • There is a risk of a weak battery

    check price on amazon button

    5. Retevis RT45


    Retevis RT45 Walkie Talkies Rechargeable,Long Range Two Way Radio,Flashlight 22CH VOX Room Monitor Handfree,2 Way Radios for Family Camping Hiking Cruise Shipping(2 Pack)


    This walkie utilizes the latest technology in mode, range, and sound to create a masterpiece. It will be a great device for your house as it helps monitor your sleeping baby. The best baby monitors have a voice activation function that assists you in keeping tabs on your little one while you do other things. The decent signals mean you are free to move about withing your house without the fear of disconnection. If you have safety concerns, this is a good choice as it has the ability to bring you closer to your child.


    • It serves as a nursery monitor or travel monitor
    • The baby alarm has an LCD Screen.
    • Easy to understand User Manual


    • The belt clips could be faulty
    • The sensitivity could be better

    6. Midland – X-TALKER T77VP5


    Midland - X-TALKER T77VP5, 36 Channel FRS Two-Way Radio - Up to 38 Mile Range Walkie Talkie, 121 Privacy Codes, and NOAA Weather Scan + Alert (Includes a Carrying Case and Headsets) (Black/Silver)


    This monitor is an awesome piece of technology that allows you to monitor your child with ease. The radios are of exceptional quality as the receivers pick up sounds due to the powerful microphone. As a parent, you can now control the noise levels in your child’s room while you keep other things in check. Parenting has never been easy, but with this walkie, it can be smooth sailing.


    • The sensitivity could be better
    • The baby alarm is water-resistant.
    • The gadget has 22 channels
    • It features a Vox Function.


    • The signal is average
    • The battery capacity can be better

    check price on amazon button

    7. GOCOM Walkie Talkies


    GOCOM Walkie Talkies For Adults Two-Way Radio 2,662 Channels USB Rechargeable Walkie Talkies Long Range, VOX & NOAA Weather Scan, Hands Free, LED Flashlight For Outdoor Hiking Camping Travel Excursion


    This long-range baby monitor walkie  is regarded by many as the industry standard because it offers functionalities that make it the ideal baby walky talkie monitor. The piece of equipment has a large LCD screen that allows you monitor the vitals of the radios, informs you of the signal strength, the charge left in the battery and the channel you are listening for. It is powered by six rechargeable AA batteries, in the package is a belt clip that allows you store the radio when not in use and range of one mile when used in town or in an area with obstructions present.


    • It has a large LCD screen
    • It is small and compact


    • You could experience battery drain

    8. Midland – LXT118


    Midland - LXT118, FRS Walkie Talkies with Channel Scan - Extended Range Two Way Radios, Hands-Free VOX, (Pair Pack) (Black)


    Midland is a company known to produce the best communications gear, and they have not disappointed with this model. The VOX feature and the keypad lock means that you can pick up transmissions from the unit in the nursery and your baby can not accidentally tamper with the settings. The radio gives you 18 miles of range in open space and would give just enough range to effectively listen for sounds from your child when used in the house. You can silence the tones from the keypads, so you do not wake the baby when operating the device.


    • It is easy to use
    • The baby monitor is portable
    • You can turn off keypad tones
    • It is small and compact


    • You would need to invest in better batteries

    9. Retevis RT22


    Retevis RT22 Walkie Talkie Long Range,2 Way Radio Rechargeable,Two Way Radio with 2 Pin Earpiece Headset Adults Children Field Camping Driving(2 Pack)


    The Retevis RT22 has a hard exterior that has been designed to survive falls and prevent against dust. The VOX function allows parents use the talkback feature and it has a headset jack that allows you listen to the other unit with earphones plugged if you guests around and do not want to be interrupted with noise from the baby. It is easy to set up and comes ready to use from the box. The radio offers multiple USB charging options, so the radio stays on for as long as possible.


    • It has a tough exterior that protects the device from dust and when it falls
    • It has an easy setup
    • It charges very fast


    • The sensitivity can be better

    check price on amazon button

    10. CRAFTSMAN Walky Talky


    CRAFTSMAN 25-Mile Long Range Walkie Talkies for Adults - Weather Resistant, Rechargeable Two Way Radios with VOX - CMXZRAZF333 (2 Pack)


    This gadget is aesthetically pleasing and offers the most functionality. The device comes with rechargeable batteries included in the box and in some cases alkaline batteries. The buttons are large and very easy to navigate; the design makes this gadget straightforward and easy to use. The intelligent battery saver circuitry ensures that you get the most life out of each battery charge cycle. The VOX function means that this model allows parents the talkback feature.


    • It is a portable device
    • The battery saver feature means that the gadget stays on for longer
    • It offers premium sound quality


    • The range can be better

    check price on amazon button


    Can walkie talkies be used as baby monitors?

    Yes, but not all of them. The feature that makes a regular two-way radio the ideal replacement for baby monitors is the VOX function. The feature allows parents to monitor their children from the living room or kitchen with its hand’s free mode of operation.

    How to use a walky talkie as baby monior?

    When you purchase a walky talky with the VOX mode installed on the units, you decide which one would be the child unit and allow it listen for transmissions from the parent unit by switching on the VOX function. You should then put the child unit close to your baby so it can pick up sounds coming from the room or crib and transmit that sound to the receiver unit, provided that the two radios are within range of each other.

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