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    Communication has evolved with the help of technology. Although we began communicating through smoke signals and horseback riders, we have grown to have multiple communication tools that include phone calls, instant messaging, and video messaging.

    Although walkie talkies seem to have been phased out from the mainstream due to trendier and hippier products, there is still a place for it. Although this means of communication has primarily been done using hardware, technology has enabled us to mimic this mode of communication using apps. This is made possible through the VoIP technologies that are available for use on these mobile devices.

    In this guide, we will be examining some of the best PPT apps you can get for your devices. We will also show you some of the factors to consider before you decide to download a walkie application. We will also help you with some of the benefits you will derive from downloading the app if you need help making up your mind. Without wasting your time, here is our review of the best PPT apps for you.

    Factors to Consider Before Downloading a Walkie Talkie Application

    There are various factors you should consider before you download any app from the store. It is only right you ensure you are making the right choice with the app you are getting from the Play Store or App Store. You should also consider what kind of functionality you’ll be needing. If you want some more advanced features, you should probably look into the best walkie talkies/two way radios, instead of a smartphone app.  

    Here are some of the critical factors you should consider before downloading a walkie app


    You need to have a clearly defined purpose for getting the app, or you will download it and abandon it in your app tray. Sometimes we think we need an app when there might be a simpler solution we could use. Some users end up finding this new solution after they have committed to download the application. Ensure that getting this app will help solve your problem before downloading it.


    You need to consider the size needed to download the application before you commit. First, check if you have the space for the new app and also check the required space needed to download the app. Ensure that you do not stuff your phone with irrelevant apps will make your phone run slower and steal storage space. You should always give extra room apart from the exact space listed on the Play Store or App Store. Most apps begin to take up much space when they store and transfer data.

    System Requirements

    Every app on the play store and Apple store has system requirements that must be met for the app to function optimally. Ensure that your device meets all the requirements before you download it. If you download an app that is not compatible with your phone, you may experience difficulties using the app. If your device doesn’t meet the requirements for your preferred PPT app, you should check for the next best option.

    5 Best Walkie Talkie Apps and PTT Apps for Smartphones

    1. Zello PTT App


    Zello PTT Walkie Talkie

    Zello is available on both the Android and iOs platforms. It is the best walkie app out there and requires an account to be set up before you can use the app. Asides the beautifully designed push to talk feature around which the app is built, it also offers a quality messaging feature that allows its users to connect. It has support for wireless headsets and delivers the best quality audio. The platform allows you to chat over private and public channels, with close to 3,000 users at a time. You will never miss an incoming call as the application runs silently in the background.

    With just a 2G connection, you can transform your mobile device into a full-fledged communications device. To make this already juicy offer more interesting, the app offers support for Android Wear smartwatches and Apple smartwatches. And you get to speak with pre-existing contacts, as it integrates with your contact list. This app really does have it all.

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    2. Two Way Walkie Talkie

    This is one app that just can not wait to get straight to the point. It can not get any simpler than this application, as it does not require any login info or configurations. All you need to do is download the app on your Android or Apple smartphone, and you are all good. All you need to do as soon as the app is opened is to dial into any channel and start conversing. The downside to this obviously is that there is no security; anyone can listen in on your conversation. But with millions of channels to choose from, the chances of that are low but not zero. Just try not to use obvious channels, like 123456.

    When you choose your channel number, you can then share this information with your friends and family, so they too can join in the fun. 

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    3. Modullo PTT

    If you are familiar with productivity applications like Slack, then using this one would be a breeze for you. As the administrator, you would create a team space with the option to add teammates or for them to join themselves. Then a channel would be created to keep everyone engaged. In comparison to other apps on this list, it is quite complicated to set up, but it comes with the obvious advantage of security. It creates a safe space for everyone on your team to communicate. It allows for file sharing and instant messaging among team members. This is, without any doubt, a voice application that can be used for business.

    Available on the Android and iOS platforms. 

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    4. Intercom

    This is another pick-up and play communications application, but this one comes with a twist, it works without an internet connection opting to use the Bluetooth technology on your smartphone instead. This makes it is excellent for connecting to people closeby. It works across the android and iOS platforms. 

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    5. Walkie Talkie

    This is an easy to use walkie. The application is Android and iOS compatible; it also works on web browsers. It is as simple as tuning to the same frequency, and when you are ready to talk, you push the button. You do not need any login permissions; the problem with this is that anyone on the same frequency can listen in on your conversations.

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    Benefits of Using a Walkie Talkie App

    There are various reasons why these apps will be better for you over traditional calling or texting apps. You may be wondering why you should get one of these apps instead of relying on your regular calls over cellular networks. In this section, we will show you some reasons why you should download these today.

    It is Free

    It may cost you a few minutes on your cellphone to make even the shortest calls, but using a these apps is free. Once you have downloaded and installed the app from the Play Store, you are free to begin to send voice messages to other users with the push of a button. All you need to make this work is your cellular network or wi-fi connection to begin sending voice messages. The apps work without any hitch as long as they are compatible with your device. Ensure that you check the required specs before you download the app.

    Save Your Messages

    Most PTT apps will save your messages when you are not available to return them. This feature is fantastic because there is no constant pressure for you to be present and with your phone to return messages instantaneously. This feature combines the best parts of voice and texting to ensure that you enjoy a seamless experience when using your app. We are not entirely sure that all apps have this feature; hence you should endeavor to check the details of the app before downloading.

    It is Useful in an Emergency

    Emergencies require services that will be efficient in delivering messages. These services allow first responders and emergency personnel to communicate with each other so that they can carry out their duties fluidly. It can also help individuals relay messages swiftly to one another so that they can stay abreast of issues as they happen. PTT apps are also useful when you have no other means of personal communication, and you want to reach your family or loved ones.

    It is Secure

    Security is a significant issue for most users as more people are sensitive to privacy concerns and the way their data is being used. PTT apps do not share your information or communication with third parties or individuals. The apps are modeled and work the same way; therefore, you can be assured of airtight security anytime you wish to send messages via the apps.

    It Helps You Save Your Minutes

    Talking with friends and family over the phone can sometimes become more protracted than we expect because we are catching up or making plans. This longer talk time will lead to lost minutes on your carrier plan. It saves you time and money by reducing the amount of time you spend waiting to get connected, and it allows you to send longer messages without any used up minutes. If you have any reason to talk for long hours on the phone, you should endeavor to get a PTT app and save your minutes.

    For more information about the best walkie talkie apps and two way radios go to our website and read through our handy guides.

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