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    Best Walkie Talkie Radios for the Mountains

    Looking for a mountain walkie talkie radio that has two-way communication? When your mountaineering and trekking through rugged terrain you need to have the right radio communication device.

    Any mountaineering Activity not only involves a hard terrain but is also a dangerous affair. Abrupt weather change, impassable areas, rocky cliffs on the pathway- there are so many uncertain surroundings. Do not forget about the volcano eruptions that may still be active in some mountains.

    But let nothing stop you from enjoying your hobbies, you can do it safely just like any other outdoor activity. Therefore, a perfect communication model helps you keep safe against all the odds.

    It is good to make proper considerations when looking for the best walkie-talkies for mountains. Before settling on a particular two-way radio, several factors fall into play. First we’ll look at 10 of our top recommendations to buy, then feel free to keep reading for some tips on what to consider before you pull the trigger on your purchase.

    10 Best 2 Way Radios for Mountains

    Midland Gxt1000vp4 ham radio

    The Midland GXT1000VP4 is among the most incredible weather radios you can add to your package anytime you want to go to the mountain.

    This radio comes 50 channels (22 GMRS and 28 other channels) enough to keep your entire team in check. The radio transmits up to 36 miles in an area free from obstructions.

    With a JS4 rating, you can submerge the device in water for up to 30 minutes without any damage. Besides, this radio features weather alerts to cushion you from any emergency that may beget you on your trip.

    The weather scan features help you scan the available NOAA channels, which gives you real-time weather updates. You can also get other emergency updates e.g., fire alerts.

    This is an image of  Midland Gxt1000vp4 50-Channel walkie talkie

    The radio comes with a rechargeable battery, car adapter with an input of 12 volts. One thing that sets this radio apart is the whisper mode that allows you to whisper on the phone while the other end receives your message clearly.

    This bonus feature will enable you to send a distress call whenever you are in a compromising situation.

    In addition, the group call feature will allow you to transmit directly to other members without alerting the whole group. The vibralert also adds to the security features in cases where a ringer tone may be intrusive.

    • 36 miles range in ideal conditions
    • NOAA channels for emergency alerts
    • 50 channels with 285 privacy codes offering crystal clear communication
    • JS4 rating meaning it is waterproof
    • Durable battery
    • Auto squelch noise mute feature
    • Dual-channel monitor

    Midland LXT600VP3 two way radio

    The LXT600VP3 is undoubtedly one of the ideal ham radios offering outdoor communication.

    If you enjoy activities such as hunting, mountain climbing, camping, among others, then you need not look further. Not many radios have a range of 30 miles. Midland can be a great deal for anyone who wants to keep in touch over a great distance.

    The weather scan feature will keep you safe in the most unpredictable weather conditions; you never have to worry about the storm. You can get the latest weather updates and keep yourself safe before nature hits.

    The radio comes with rechargeable batteries, a headset, mic, and AC/DC car adapters. It is built in a waterproof design to stand the ever-changing weather in the mountains

    This is an image of a Midland LXT600VP3 two way radio
    • 30 miles range in optimal conditions
    • 36 FRS channels with 121  privacy codes to keep your communication clear and private
    • NOAA weather alerts with a channel lock
    • Vibration alert
    • VOXX hands-free option
    • Dual power option
    • Uses 3 AAA batteries for backup
    • It is costly
    • It’s not ideal for use in the urban areas

    Midland LXT630VP3 36 channels two way radio

     If you are looking for a method of keeping in touch with your family and friends without adding an injury to your bank account, Midland will serve.

    The LXT630VP3 handheld scanner can transmit within a range of 30 miles in optimum conditions.

    Made with rubber materials, this radio weighs 1 pound and is small enough to fit your palm. It is yellow, making it easy to spot it from a distance.

    This is an image of Midland LXT630VP3 36 channels two way radio

    The backlit LCD makes the radio usable even at night. It has five selectable tones, which are very clear. The squelch feature helps mute background noises allowing for clear communication even in noisy surroundings.

    The keypad lock prevents accidental dials, thereby minimizing the downtime. This radio features dual power with 3 AAA batteries and an integrated battery. The battery can serve for 11 hours with a single charge. Besides, you can use the power extend feature for better performance

    • 30 miles range ideal for long-range use
    • 5 selectable call notifications
    • A yellow color case for high visibility.
    • 36 channels with 121 privacy codes
    • NOAA channels with weather alert features
    • The channel scanning takes a long time
    • Unsuitable for urban use

    Midland – X-TALKER T77VP5

    Keep connected with your folks with the Midland XTALKER. This radio transmits within a 38 miles range hence an excellent deal for mountain-to-mountain communication. These radios have 36 FRS/GMRS frequencies but require no license to operate.

    The radio comes with 121 CTCSS codes, which block interference signals and blocks unwanted noises. You can also use the silent function to mute volumes.

    The NOAA weather alert help receives essential weather updates and maintains your safety in the wilderness. It scans through the available channels locking to the most reliable channel to give you weather updates.

    This is an image of Midland - X-TALKER T77VP5 two way radio

    With the hands-free VOXX feature, you can keep communicating with your team without leaving what you are doing.

    In case you want to put across something while you are still up the cliff, you just need to talk on the direction of the radio, and it will transmit to the other end.

    The radio comes with a 1000 mAh battery strong enough to keep you connected for a long time. It also works with the AA batteries.

    The availability of the USB charging option provides the user with a flexible charging option. This radio is water-resistant; hence, you never have to worry about the weather changes that may affect the receiver.

    • 1000mAh battery which recharges within 4 hours
    • VOXX features for hands-free transmission
    • NOAA weather channels with channel lock
    • USB flexible charging
    • 38 miles range

    Motorola Mh230TPR walkie talkie

    Motorola tops the most popular radios used for outdoor activities. With a mile range of 23 miles, this radio will keep you rocking in the harsh mountainous terrain.

    With 22 channels and 121 privacy codes, you can always get an open channel without compromising the privacy of your communication.

    The radio features a backlit display for night activation. It is made of rubber and quality plastic material, making it strong enough to stand the rigors of the mountainous environment.

    It features a keypad lock, thereby preventing accidental dials-this helps conserve power for optimal use of the radio.

    The intergraded NiMH battery can serve you for 12 hours without running dry. You can also power it with three AAA batteries in case you run out of power while still in the wilderness.

    Get this waterproof and shock-resistant radio and keep enjoying the beautiful nature. It also features CTCSS and CDCSS codes that help eliminate noise and interference signals.

    This is an image of a Motorola Mh230tpr walkie talkie
    • 22 channels and 121 privacy codes
    • 23 miles range for long-distance communication
    • CDCSS and CDCSS codes for blocking interference signals
    • NOAA channel with weather alerts
    • Can last for 14 hours with AAA batteries and 12 hours with the integrated NiMH battery

     Motorola T400 Talk about Rechargeable ham radio

    Anytime you think of going to the mountain, or doing some camping activities, remember to add a Motorola device to your package. You can transmit on any of the 22 channels available, and you have an option of using the FRS or FMRS frequencies.

    Besides, it has 121 privacy codes, which helps keep your transmission free from intrusion. This radio is small, but it provides excellent performance.

    T400 is top-rated among many camping, mounting climbing, and hunting enthusiasts.

    This radio has a lightweight yet sturdy design. It is made of a water-resistant material, which keeps it safe against splashes and light rain

    This is an image of a Motorola Talkabout T400 two way radio
    • Lightweight and Sturdy design
    • 22 channels and 121 privacy codes
    • The NiMH battery serves for 8.5 hours with an option of using 3AA cells for an extra 21 hours.
    • USB charging options offering flexible charging
    • Durable battery with a long
    • Water-resistant

    Motorola T605 Talkabout Two Way radio

    When it comes to the best outdoor radios, the Motorola Company has dominated the walkie-talkie market. It is among the few brands that perform in extreme conditions. You never have to worry carrying this through the rough terrains.

    With a rating of IP67, this radio is weather resistant and very convenient. This radio features emergency alert features, keeping you out of danger.

    The LED flashlight makes it easy for night activation whenever the sun goes down while you are still in the forest. The Push to Talk button makes communication easy and straightforward. You can increase the transmission range using the PTT.

    The USB charging option makes it easy to charge the radio with a USB so you can never run out of power

    This is a Motorola T605 Talkabout two way radio

    • 35 miles range
    • CTCSS and CDCSS blocks signal interference and minimizes noise
    • 11 weather channels with NOAA alert
    • 23 channels with 121 privacy codes
    • IP67 rated Water proof
    • Flexible charging

    Motorola MS350R two way radio

    The MS350R from Motorola is another radio that will keep you in check as you navigate the rough terrain in the mountain. With 30 channel options and 121 privacy codes, you can always get an open channel while keeping intruders away from your conversation.

    This radio operates within a range of 35 miles, which makes it excellent for anyone looking for a long-range communication device.

    You never have to worry about getting out of power, thanks to the durable NiMH battery. Besides, it can use 3 AA batteries as a backup option.

    The device is ip57 rated, making it waterproof and dust resistant. With the flashlight keeping you active even at night, this device becomes an excellent choice for outdoor operators.

    You can transmit in both FRS and FMRS frequencies, which makes this radio a robust option for mountaineering. Also, you can always get the weather updates, thanks to the NOAA weather alerts. This prevents you from uncertain weather conditions that may expose you to danger.

    This is an image of a Motorola MS350R two way radio

    You can use the VOXX feature to keep in touch with your folks without engaging your hands. Never stop what you are doing to send a call.

    Its rugged design makes it strong enough to avoid breaking in case it accidentally drop it. It is built to stand the rigors that come with the mountain climbing-drops, pressing against rocks, falls and so on.

    The box comes with a radio, belt clip, charging adapter, dual charger, and an emergency checklist.

    • Durable design
    • VOXX weather channels
    • IP57 waterproof rated
    • 30 channels with 121 privacy codes
    • Hands-free communication
    • Long battery life
    • 35 miles range
    • Some of the weather channels are not connected to NOAA
    • It is not waterproof

    Motorola T600 Talkabout  long range two way radios

    The Motorola T600 is an essential tool you should never miss whenever you are going to the mountain.

    The 35 miles range makes this radio ideal for long-range communications. This 22-channeled radio features privacy codes totaling to 2662 combinations.

    This helps you maintain a clear transmission free from interruptions. The radio comes with an ip67 rating meaning its waterproof.

    The vibracall alert enables you to receive calls silently, especially where a ringer tone may be intrusive.

    This is an image of a Motorola T600 Talkabout  long range two way radios

    You can use the keypad to avoid accidental dials and interference with the settings. This helps you to avoid conserve power and use it optimally.

    The radio comes with an LED flashlight that produces a white or red beam, which helps you maintain your visibility even at night or during a power outage.

    The rechargeable NiMH battery can support you for 9 hours, while the alkaline battery can extend to 23 hours more. The low battery alert lets you know the right time to plug or change the battery.

    This radio comes with NOAA weather alerts, which gives the best weather updates in real-time. This keeps you safe against the uncertain Mother Nature. The best thing is that this radio is compatible, and you can use it to connect with any FRS/GMRS. What’s more, this radio can float in water without any harm.

    • Built-in Flashlight.
    • 22 channels with 121 privacy codes
    • NOAA weather alerts
    • IP67 rating, meaning it is Waterproof.
    • Automatic flashlight when it floats in water
    • Micro-USB for flexible charging.
    • Red LED light for night vision
    • VOXX hands-free mode

     Uniden Gmr5089 long range walkie talkie

    Make your mountain trip awesome with this Uniden two-way radio. The submersible FRS and GMRS scanners can keep you connected within a range of 50 miles in optimal conditions.

    This radio is excellent for various types of outdoor activities-rock climbing, biking, and camping, among others.

    This is one of the perfect walkie-talkies in the Uniden class. The radio is JIS7 rated, meaning you can submerge it 3 meters inside water for around 30 minutes without harming it.

    As if that is not enough, the radio can float in water if you accidentally drop it in water. It includes NOAA alert to keep you updated with possible weather changes.

    This is an image of a Uniden Gmr5089 long range walkie talkie
    • Lightweight and sturdy design
    • 22 channel
    • Transmits within 50 miles range
    • VOXX features for hands-free communication
    • Battery level indicator
    • NOAA weather alerts
    • Can submerge in water
    • The Speaker is a bit low

    Considerations Choosing Two Way Radio for Mountains

    The Terrain

    For a handheld radio to operate clearly, it requires ideal conditions free from interruptions. As such, the radio signal requires a clear path with minimal obstacles. Rocks, valleys, and trees may block the waves slowing the connection between radios. This distorts communication.

    No single device has stable frequencies that can penetrate the mountain. Your receiver can only transmit over or around it; you must understand this when comparing the wattage between various radios.

    The more the wattage the longer the range. Nevertheless, our research takes an in-depth analysis of all the crucial factors before highlighting our choices of ham radios.

    The Environment

    The environment is a significant factor that can affect communication. The weather condition and other environmental factors can affect the transmission range.

    It is worth noting that the mountain experiences severe weather changes from time to time. Some places also experience tough weather conditions that can significantly affect transmission signals.

    Even though ham radios are sturdy to stand harsh conditions, exposure to extreme cold or heat may sometimes impede their performance. Batteries have a particular level of tolerance, which would break if exceeded.

    Safety features

    If you have ever lost your way in the mountains, then you know the word safety in bold. It can be very dangerous to be lost in the forest, with no one to trace you.

    Imagine all alone between the massive rocks, icy lakes, caves, and deep valleys; it can be terrible.

    Anything you do, remember that your safety comes fast. You must ensure that your mobile radio is equipped with features that can send an emergency alarm within a push of a button.  

    The Antenna

    The antenna of your radio determines the quality of your transmission and reception. Remember that walkie-talkies typically operate in a clear line of sight.

    The higher the antenna, the better the transmission signal. Since radio transmission towers are generally placed on the top of the mountain, walkie-talkies require to have their antennas pointing high enough to maximize the lite of the site.

    That is why you find people always look for a raised ground whenever struggling to establish a strong network signal

    The Power Requirements

    When operating in the mountains, it is highly unlikely that you will get a power source to recharge your two-way radio. Your radio must have a reliable battery that can serve you throughout your activities in the mountain.

    Even though the receiver may not have enough watts to support you throughout the time that you will spend there, some walkie talkies allow you to use other cells such as the AA or the AAA for backup.

    It will cost you nothing to have some backup batteries in your bags. A typical walkie-talkie uses 5 wats and below.

    Depending on the band, most two way radios use up to 50 watts. Handheld radios will keep you connected in the mountainous regions, but you need to keep them powered on

     Weather Resistance

    It is essential to buy a radio that can be exposed to extreme weather changes without any harm. Receivers that are meant for Outdoor use can quickly come to contact with dust and water.

    As such, it is vital to ensure that your handheld radio is safe from dust and water. Some receivers may be water-resistant but may damage if you deep them in water.

    Others may be waterproof and maybe put in water for around thirty minutes and still function. Whatever the case, you must ensure that your receiver can endure some extent of wetness, depending on how you intend to use it.

    The radio type

    Different radios have different capabilities; UHF radios are robust in indoor communication and can penetrate various obstructions; VHF is suitable for long-range outdoor communication and hilly areas.  

    The type of receiver that you will choose will determine the performance. Do your research based on how you want to use your radio.

    FRS and FMRS are perfect choices but require the FCC licenses. If you need extra bands, these are great choices. However, they come at a higher cost.


    Once you know the right features that can help you achieve your needs, getting a good walkie-talkie should be effortless.

    This article comprises of the most dependable walkie-talkies for mountain climbers.

    Numerous radios are selling in the market, designed for various uses. Go through this list and get yourself a good handheld radio for your mountain expeditions.

    Reviews show that the Motorola radios have dominated the market when it comes to reliability and range.

    You can use our review as a guideline, and you will surely get a good ham radio that will match your needs perfectly. Navigate through the article and pick an excellent two-way radio as you proceed to your trip to the mountain.

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