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    Are you looking for a reliable walkie talkie to use on the Royal Caribbean? The Caribbean is a large-sized vessel and hence requires a radio that is strong enough to penetrate its different segments. You may need a strong 2 way radio to keep in touch with other people on the ship. A strong radio gives you the freedom to explore different sections of the ship and have fun without losing touch with your team, during the journey.

    You should look for ways of keeping in communication with everyone as you proceed with your journey. Unfortunately, you will not always be close during the cruise period. There are, however, several alternatives to help you communicate with your friends and family. Agreeing out on the best option is crucial. One convenient method of staying in touch with your comrades while on the cruise is the use of handheld radios. A sturdy device that can withstand a fall on hard steel can be a great option. Most sea vessels have internet connectivity. You can browse free while in the port but it attracts some charges when you get to the sea. Before buying a 2-way radio for use in this massive ship, you, however, need to consider the following;

    Considerations buying a walkie talkie for Royal Caribbean

    Kinds of Walkie talkies allowed

    Get familiar with the communication laws within the ship. It can be very frustrating not to communicate with your comrades just because you carried a device that is not allowed in a ship. Different cruise ships have different policies. It is good to ensure that you are in line with the given rules and regulations to avoid getting into trouble. Some ships allow only specific types of two way radios and prohibit other models. Never mind, all this is to ensure that all the occupants are comfortable and safe. The Royal Caribbean recommends 2 way radios with a coverage distance of 10-mile, and a power of about five watts.  Check out various suitable walkie talkies for cruises before making your decision.

    Performance and transmission range

    Everyone would wish to have smooth communication with travel comrades in different decks on the ship. The device’s maximum power output, antennae, and weather are some of the determiners of how active your connection can be. These alone are not enough. Specs consideration is vital as it tells one about the radio’s performance and the transmission range. You may need to spend some more money to get the best walkie talkie for cruise ships.


    Before buying walkie talkies for use while on the Caribbean ship, it is essential to consider the coverage distance. Will it cover the entire vessel or part of the boat? This way, travel comrades would not be limited in their adventure. Caribbean cruise ship is large and can have more obstructions due to many sections within the ship – watertight doors, rooms, swimming pools, and multiple passengers on board. The environment may be a bit congested. Considering that, a simple device may not cover the entire vessel, one needs to invest more to reach friends even in closed cabins. Cruise ship walkie talkies should have a wide coverage to keep every member connected.


    Many passengers on the cruise are likely to keep communicating with their friends while on travel too. To avoid them from turning to your channel knowingly or unknowingly, you should look for cruise ship walkie talkies with many frequencies. You need to remember that the privacy codes do not guarantee private communication, they are meant to make it difficult for any intrusion.

    6 Best Royal Caribbean walkie talkies in 2020


    Midland-GXT1000VP4, a product of a leading wireless communication company, has two colors to select from; black and silver. A pack contains the radio kit and other useful tools such as batteries, temperature gauge, whistle, and a flashlight.  The device is among the walkie talkies with a long mile range. A range of up to 36 miles makes it qualify for use in the Caribbean ship. The two-way radio has over 50 channels in addition to 142 privacy codes. The many channels make it suitable in a crowded environment.

    The privacy of your communication is guaranteed; you need not worry about others listening to your conversation. The NOAA weather scan and alert on the device helps you keep track of the weather changes. The heavy-duty tool is reliable for use in any kind of emergency; tornados, earthquakes, natural disasters, among others need not worry you. Additionally, it is waterproof, making it an all-weather device; you don’t have to worry even if your child wets the device. Maybe this is what you need with your friends and family to explore a stress-free cruising experience in the Caribbean ship.

    This is an image of Midland - GXT1000VP4 long range 2 way radio

    Features Summary

    • 36 miles range
    • 50channels and 142 privacy codes
    • NOAA weather alerts
    • led flashlight for night activation
    • Waterproof design

    Arcshell UHF two way radio (two-pack) 

    The Arcshell comes with 16 preprogrammed channels with each radio operating on an identical frequency. You can actually start transmitting as soon as you unbox it. Combine the channels with the 50 CTCSS tones and 105 CDCSS tones to minimize interruptions. The device is light (6.3 Oz) and comfortable to move within the cruise. Additionally, it is small-sized and fits well on one’s hands; 4.5 by 1.30 by 2.36 inch (antennae excluded). The single push button makes it convenient for all ages.

    Each radio comes with a Li-ion battery charger and a single earpiece. On plugging the earpiece, all the noise goes into the earpiece, and the speaker goes off. Thus a conducive environment is created for others. With this device, one needs not to worry about splash water because it is waterproof. A range of up to 10 miles is another plus if you are to consider using it in a Royal Caribbean ship. Voice projection on the device is loud and crystal clear; it has a high-quality in-build speaker. With 16 pre-programmed channels, privacy while on-board is ensured.

    The two ways radio frequency is between 400 MHz to 470MHz.The lion battery takes about two and a half hours to charge completely. There are two charging options; alone or when plugged into the radio. One can add as many receivers as possible and still works perfectly. If intending to manage communication of a large group, UHF long-range two-way radio would be a great option. The radio can operate within a range of 5 miles in areas free from obstruction.

    This is an image of Arcshell UHF two way radio

    • 400 MHz to 470MHz. frequency
    • VOXX hands free activation
    • 16 channels and privacy codes
    • 5 miles range free from obstacles
    • 1500mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery

    Uniden’s MHS75 two-way radio

    Are you planning for lots of splashing on the royal Caribbean during your vacation? Well, you can still communicate with your friends amidst the activities, MHS75 is the best communication tool you have to have. JIS8 waterproof on the device means it does not give up no matter how wet it becomes, after all, it is also designed to float—the single black-colored unit in a pack made of die-cast aluminum metal. A battery with about ten-hour life can keep you connected for a long time.

    If depleted, it only takes 4hours to charge completely. Covering many international channels keeps you updated with marine activities. Additionally, the triple watch mode monitors channel 16 and 9 every second of your journey. The highly-rated submersible radio has a switchable Watt selection of 1, 2.5, and 5. The brightly lit display allows one to use the radio even in the dark. The handheld device has a manageable size of 6.4 by 6.2 by 3.4 inches.

    This i an image of Uniden's MHS75 two-way radio

    • JIS8 waterproof rating
    • Submersible at 5feet for 30 minutes
    • High low transmission power option
    • Power saver option

    Retevis H-777 2way radio (6pack)

    The long-range device is suitable for a small or medium group. Each radio in the pack comes with; a USB charging base, an adapter, an antenna, a 1000MAh lion battery, a belt clip, sling, and an English user’s manual. The two knob button makes it easy to operate for every group member. The active VOX functions allow you to speak even when doing other things while on the ship. You can set the device to operate at different frequencies. The emergency button will enable you to call out in case you need some help. Built-in torch makes the device perfect for dark environments. The two-way radio scanning allows the location of the conversations in progress. The backlit LED makes it to use the radio even in the dark. The radio features a low battery alert to help you avoid downtimes.

    This is an image of Retevis H777 2way radio

    Features summary

    • 16 channel memories
    • 1000mAh battery
    • USB charging option
    • Built in LED Flashlight
    • UHF frequency
    • Low battery Indicator
    • Power saver option
    • UHF channels

    Topsung M880 two-pack

    The squelch button allows you to enjoy a noise-free communication irrespective of your background. Both two-way radios in a pack are red. The bright color makes it easily traceable when misplaced. With 22 main channels and 121 privacy codes, you are sure of keeping conversations to your comrades only. The light weighed device 92.9 Oz) can cover up to 16 miles and therefore a preferred choice while in a longship. The small gadget is designed in a way that you can keep control of the power and volume. With the belt clip, one is sure of using the two-way radio for outdoor activities even after the adventure on the Royal Caribbean. Additionally, replacing the device for any reason within 30 days of purchasing is allowed.

    This is an image of Topsung M880 two-pack

    • 22 channels with 121 privacy codes
    • 16 miles range
    • Squelch noise mute feature
    • Small size and lightweight
    • VOX hands-free activation
    • Powered with 3 AA batteries for backup
    • Keypad lock
    • Backlit LCD screen
    • 16-mile range

    Cobra-ACXT390 (2 pack)

    Coverage of up to 23 miles makes it suitable in along crowded ship. The 10-NOAA inbuilt radio receiver keeps you updated on all the weather changes. Five incoming call tones help distinguish different callers. The device contains 22 channels on an addition to 121 privacy codes; many forms of interference can be prevented using this device. The pair comes along with a rechargeable battery and a micro USB charging cable. Any AA alkaline battery can as well be useful with the rechargeable device.

    Features Summary

    • Up to 23 miles range
    • Up to 2662 channel combinations
    • USB charging option
    • Micro USB charger
    • 10 NOAA channels with weather alerts
    • VOXX hands-free activation


    Traveling via the Royal Caribbean ship while on vacation can be such an adventurous moment for a holiday. Enjoying some, independence, away from your normal life, is not too bad. Bearing in mind how long it is with many decks, one would not want to be lost or disconnected from friends and family members. It can be confusing to settle on a 2 way radio to keep in touch with each other. Having some information about the available brands out in the market can enable one to decide on what fits them best.

    We have discussed a variety of radios suitable for adventure while on the Royal Caribbean ship. We considered the range of connectivity, durability, size, royal Caribbean’s rules and regulations, among other factors. The information is a clear guideline for anyone looking for a suitable and most affordable two-way radio. Use this information to make an informed decision before you set your hands on any ham radio. We are determined to take your communication to the next level while helping you save some cash

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