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     6 Best Radios For Security Teams / Guards [2021]

    Working in the security sector requires a high level of communication to provide adequate protection and one of the main tools to achieve this high level of communication is a goo ham radio. A good ham radio enables the security team to save their lives as well as those of other people. To achieve this goal, an excellent ham radio comes in handy. Security personnel is required to send and receive signals in cases of emergency. This, in turn, triggers a response directing people to behave in a coordinated manner to combat the risk. Getting the most suitable radio for such a role requires ample information on the required specs. Ham radios can be crucial in security enhancement.

    6 Best Radios for Security Guards in 2020


    This is a black image of Motorola Professional CLS1410 radio

    The receiver is built in a lightweight and compact design, which makes it easy for the user to carry all day long. The radio has four channels and 56 optional frequencies with excellent voice quality. The keypad locks prevent accidental dials, while the VOX function enhances hands-free use. Please note that you require the FCC license to operate this radio. With 121 interference eliminate codes, you can be sure to get more options to keep your communication going on.

    CLS 1410 allows you to transmit that urgent message at a push of a button. This radio is designed to keep your business a safe place for both your workers and your customers and with the vibracal, the user can receive calls without attracting any attention of other people, especially in situations where the ringer may be intrusive.

    Enhance Security

    With this Motorola radio, you can keep your team coordinated to respond to emergencies such as fire, theft, accidents and so forth


    While many security devices require a high level of training, you can operate this Motorola model without any training. This helps reduce time wastage when combating emergencies.

    Improved Service

    Instant communication translates to better performance. It also helps to reduce preventable losses through immediate response in cases of need.

    Notable features

    • Four channels with 56 optional business frequencies
    • Vibracall alert- allows the user to receive transmissions
    • 121 interference eliminator codes (83 digital and 38 private analog lines)
    • VOXX function for hands-free operation
    • Rechargeable battery with 18 hours of life and AAA batteries
    • LCD screen
    • Drop-in charger
    • Keypad Lock prevents accidental dials and saves the charge
    • Lightweight and durable to stand the rigors of any environment
    • Excellent coverage- one watt can transmit up to 200000 square feet
    • Three selectable call tones


    2. MOTOROLA RMU2040

    This is an image of black Motorola RMU2040 radio

    Keep your team safe with the RMU2040. With this radio, you can convey messages instantly and accurately. This Motorola radio comes with four channels with extensive coverage of up to 250,000 square feet. It features 99 UHF frequencies with 219 codes. This radio is simple to use, even for beginners.


    The radio has 99 UHF frequencies with DPL codes. This includes six customizable codes that help the receiver to receive a clear signal. More so, the radio has a speaker of 1500 MW that gives clear sound hence providing proper feedback, even noisy backgrounds.

    Rugged design

    This device meets military specifications, which means they can resist adverse conditions such as dust, shock, water. Before being released to the market, the radios go through rigorous tests that assure more than five years of usage in severe conditions

    Channel Announcement

    While your radio is still locked on your belt, the receiver uses a voice to let you know the channels, which you are using. You can select from the available sixteen prerecorded functions.


    The VOXX feature lets the user continue transmitting without holding the radio. You can use the hands-free mode

    • Six customizable codes to ensure the signal is clear
    • 1500 MW speaker for clear sound
    • 89 UHF business exclusive channels
    • VOXX function for hands-free communication
    • Dustproof and shockproof
    • Four channels
    • Great audio quality


    • Improves productivity
    • Boosts sales
    • Helps deploy workers where needed
    • Quick reaction in times of emergency
    • Easy coordination of events
    • Smooth evacuation in times of emergency

    3. MOTOROLA DLR1020

    This is an image of black Motorola DLR1020 radio

    The success of every business depends on its ability to respond to issues in real-time. The Motorola DLR enables the workers to communicate efficiently and handle unexpected problems that may arise in the organization setting.

    Clear, communications

    The LDR technology provides clear communication over a long-range without flaws. The radios, being digital, can communicate clearer compared with the analog models. The receiver has an intuitive design and is easy to use

    Transmit without interruption

    When executing an emergency measure, minimum distraction is expected. It can be very discouraging when other people’s conversations interrupt when you are trying to send an urgent message to your colleagues. It is equally frustrating when other people other than the intended recipients hear your message. The DLS keeps your conversation private, giving you peace of mind. The DLR has 10000 privacy codes to help keep your conversations private.


    4. MOTOROLA RDU4100

    This is an image of a black Motorola RDU4100 radio

    This radio has ten channels with 10 watts. The simplicity of this radio makes it reliable for security purposes. The user can operate it with ease in any case of emergency. The tri-color LED displays the features and status of the phone. The channel scan allows you to find the available channels when you move to a new area. With the VOXX feature, you can switch to the hands’ free mode and communicate with your radio as you move on with other chores.

    Motorola RDU 4100 comes with 89 UHF frequencies and 121 codes. This brand is famous for its exceptional audio quality the robust design. The radio meets the IP54/55 rating, which protects it from rain, sand, vibration, temperature, and dust. This makes it perfect for any environment. Exceptional audio quality and flexible programming give this radio an edge over others. Other features include a drop-in charger for superfast charging.


    • 10 Channels
    • 4watt output
    • Dust-Weather resistant
    • Drop-in charger
    • Low power alert
    • VOXX hands-free function
    • 18 hours of battery life
    • 2400 mAh Li-Ion rechargeable battery
    • Belt clip

    With this radio, you can attain a maximum range in open areas under optimum conditions. Please note that to operate this radio, you must have the FCC license.


    5. KENWOOD TK-3400U4P

    This is an image of a black Kenwood TK 3400U4P radio and a charger

    The TK-3400UP is among the latest models from Kenwood. This radio offers the best solution for communication in security firms, construction, and hospitality, among other areas. The receiver is built elegantly to provide the best audio quality even when used in noisy backgrounds. This radio is known for reliability and durability, thanks to its rugged design. You can use it with ease, regardless of the weather conditions.

    Key Features

    • 2 watts trami6 miles range
    • Battery saver
    • Channel confirmation
    • Programmable frequency
    • Low battery alert
    • Rugged design and water-resistant
    • Four colors LED display
    • Transmission of Up to 250,000
    • VOXX function for hands-free transmission
    • Programmable Frequency


    6. KENWOOD TK-3402U16P 

    This is an image of five 3402U16P black walkie talkies

    This reliable 16 channels ham radio supports up to 370,000 square feet. The lithium battery can support the communication for 18 hours of transmission with the battery saver function. This radio can be programmed with UHF frequencies. With this radio, you can exploit 207 quiet Talk Codes. The radios small size and ergonomic design makes it suitable for swift use


    • 16 channels with coverage of 300,000 sqft or 7-mile range
    • Drop-in charger for superfast charging
    • Low battery alert which saves energy
    • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery
    • 16 channels
    • VOXX hands-free mode
    • Waterproof and dust resistance
    • Repeater cable·

    Considerations choosing Radios for security guards

    A sound communication system provides better security for the public, security guards, and the premises they are guarding. A sound security system can also help a company get an edge over its competitors. Customers will trust a company if they will feel safe when operating in it.

    Security radios should include features such as 

    • Lone worker
    • Push To Talk button
    • Priority Access
    • GPS location services
    • Alarm dispatch center connected to the police station
    • Wide range call options
    • Group calls and broadcasts
    • Loud and clear audio
    • Noise-canceling functions

    Selecting robust and rugged security radios

    Customers should ensure that the receiver is sturdy and durable. Security use may involve harsh conditions, and hence a robust device is necessary. The receivers should have the ip4 rating to stand humid as well as dusty conditions without harm. They also need to have a high resistance to shock that may come from knocks and drops.

    What to check when looking for a security radio


    A reliable walkie-talkie is essential for any business. Popular brands such as Kenwood and Motorola will work out for you. Your ham radios must always be easily usable when required and in time. A good receiver must be able to transmit and convey urgent information with ease to keep people safe when an emergency arrives

    Clarity of signal

    Security radios must provide clear signals in a wide range. They must support the user over a large area irrespective of the terrain. The radios should transmit in hilly regions, deep valleys, amidst other obstructions. Whether you are conveying some security message within or outdoor area, security radios are not only used to monitor the premises physically, but they are also used to quickly send an emergency alert in case of any suspicious activity

    Ability to support multiple users

    A walkie-talkie may be used to send a directive to a group of people or quickly send a signal to assemble people to a specific place in times of danger. As such, the radio must be able to send an emergency message across all other users immediately.

    The following are some of the radios that may be used by security guards. This list has factored in the most critical features that may enhance fast response to combat danger


    Security guards require sleek radios that can help them act swiftly whenever the need arises. As such, you can pick from the list of receivers given above to keep your business secure. The above list comprises of radios that have stood out in advanced features that help combat insecurity. Both Motorola and Kenwood occupy a top position when it comes to durability. Most of their ham radios are built in a sturdy design, enabling them to serve in the harshest conditions. I hope the above list gives you a guideline whenever you are looking for a good security radio.

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