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    Table of Contents

    20 Best Motorola Walkie Talkies (Review Guide)

    Wondering which motorola walkie talkie is the best out of all the different types available? Those already using Motorola walky talky types know their real worth. Having a strong professional profile, they are a bit more durable than the average alternative. With rugged construction, these radios are made for the ultimate long-term communication.

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    Table of Contents

    Best Motorola Walkie Talkies

    Best Professional
    Motorola Business CLS1110 5-Mile UHF Radio
    Motorola Business CLS1110 5-Mile UHF Radio
    • Simple to use
    • Plenty of battery life to last a full shift
    • Lightweight
    • Covers 200k sqft / 15 floors range
    Budget Pick
    Motorola T107 Talkabout Radio, 2 Pack
    Motorola T107 Talkabout Radio, 2 Pack
    • Small & lightweight
    • Super affordable
    • Good battery life
    • Up to 16 miles range
    Value For Money
    Motorola T260 Talkabout Radio, 2 Pack
    Motorola T260 Talkabout Radio, 2 Pack
    • Up to 29 hours battery
    • Weather channels available for alerts
    • Good mid-range value for money
    • Up to 25-mile range

    How to choose walkie talkie motorola 2 way radios

    Choosing the base radio transmitter from the manufacturer might be confusing. There are many products to consider. Some of them even come in sets of 3, 6 or 12. But these sets are made for better savings. Here’s what to look for before making a purchase.

    Communication range

    The communication range varies from 200,000 square feet to 300,000 square feet at Motorola. Those who need extra power are usually the largest businesses such as those dealing with construction work.

    Battery life

    Battery life depends on the type of batteries considered by the user. Rechargeable batteries normally last between 6 and 15 hours at Motorola. AA-powered radios come with a longer battery life of up to 29 hours.


    FRS, GMRS, UHF, and XTN frequencies are supported by Motorola. Some radios might come with specialized frequencies. However, many of these communication devices also allow analog and digital frequencies channels setup. Here are the best of them as rated by users.

    20 Best Motorola Walkie Talkies in 2020

    1. Motorola T260TP Talkabout Radio

    This is an image of a 3 pack Motoro walkie talkie.

    The Talkabout is a pack of radios made by Motorola. Made for small groups, it guides people with direct communication and replaces the use of smartphones. The gadgets work even in areas where phone networks might be inaccessible.

    With a long battery life, they work up to 29 hours before recharging. This is why they are reliable in hiking and other multi-day outdoor trips. Most users report their coverage of up to 25 miles to be satisfactory. As a result, the radios are one of the leading options for beginners.


    • Included voice control commands
    • Designed with micro-USB charging
    • 20 call tones for added versatility
    • Sold in packs of 3

    2. 6 Pack of Motorola RMV2080 Two Way Radio Walkie Talkies

    This is an image of a 6 pack black RMV2080 Motorola Walkie Talkies.

    These old-school Motorola communicators have been the target of many construction workers. But they are useful in any situation where clear communication in areas of up to 250,000 square feet is needed.

    Some users note they work well even on various floors. But these communication radios are limited to 8 channels in total. This is the main reason they need to be taken out of areas with interference as much as possible. Running default VHF frequencies, the communication tools have limited buttons as well. The learning curve is considerably shorter for those new to this radio communication method.


    • Sold in packs of 6 with individual chargers
    • Covering a range of up to 250,000 square feet
    • An upgraded version of the older-generation RDV2020
    • Based on 8 VHF factory-default frequencies

    3. Motorola T107 Talkabout Radio

    This is an image of a 2 pack pink T107 Motorola walkie talkie.

    These compact devices are made for families. They are easy to carry and they provide communication alternatives on the go. Even added call tones allow for customization. Apart from their quirky pink design, they are also reliable. Most users find their size to be their main strength. However, this doesn’t make them limited devices. The radios cover distances of up to 16 miles.

    The Motorola 2 way radios have 22 channels to find the right path of communication. But they perform well regardless of the scan time for each channel. On average, the last 18 hours on 3 AAA batteries. However, they don’t include any rechargeable batteries.


    • Made with a compact design
    • Included call tones
    • 22 FRS and GMRS channels
    • Colored in neon pink

    4. Motorola Talkabout T402 FRS/GMRS Two-Way Radio 4-Pack

    This is an image of a 4 pack yellow T402 Motorola walkie talkie.

    As far as options for small groups go, the Motorola Talkabout radios are the right option for 4 users. They suit those who need to save money on bulk purchases. Most importantly, communication tools work well.

    With rechargeable batteries, they run for hours at a time. Used during the day, they work with 121 privacy codes. During the night, the devices use the backlight screen to search for one of the 22 channels of the FRS or GMRS frequencies.

    Adventurous users know the importance of staying safe out on trails. This is why Motorola has included an emergency button on all 4 devices. Another safety feature comes with a low battery alert. At this point, the radios can be switched to the Eco power-saving mode.


    • Shipped with 4 rechargeable batteries
    • Made with IP54 waterproofing
    • Supported by 121 privacy codes
    • Included customizable call tones

    5. Motorola 22-Channel Weatherproof 35 mile Range Two Way Radio

    This is an image of a 2 pack yellow Motorola walkie talkie.

    This pack of 2 Motorola 2 way radios has an average range. For most users, communication to distances of up to 25 miles is sufficient. Even those out camping find them reliable from this perspective.

    There are 2 compatible power sources for the devices. Rechargeable batteries save money. But they only last up to 10 hours. Quality AA batteries may prolong battery life to 26 hours.

    With 22 channels of communication, communication gadgets are also compatible with all ham radios. Made with waterproof construction, the duo can be counted on in extreme weather as well.


    • Made to reach distances of up to 35 miles
    • Supported frequencies include FRS and GMRS
    • IP54 weatherproof construction
    • Compatible with other radios

    6. Motorola Business CLS1110 5-Mile 1-Channel UHF Two-Way Radio

    This is an image of a black Business CLS1110 Motorola walkie talkie.

    This radio transmitter is suitable for business use. While it certainly can be used by an individual, it has many channels that businesses love. With 56 business frequencies to choose from, it is a radio to be used on large construction projects. It may also be used in warehouses or similar premises.

    The transmission range is an impressive 250,000 square feet. In this space, it handles all communication for the entire day. With a battery that lasts up to 18 hours, it is reliable for professional use. It must be said that the device is powered by rechargeable batteries. This is the main reason users need to leave it in its charging dock overnight.

    However, it has its drawbacks as well. Since it’s made for businesses, it doesn’t have adjustable call tones. Its screen is minimalistic as well. But the audio quality and channel compatibility are where its strengths lie.


    • Made with a small screen
    • Based on 56 business channels
    • Powered by rechargeable batteries
    • Designed with a keypad lock on the buttons

    7. Pack of Motorola RMU2040

    This is an image of a 2 pack black RMU2040 Business Motorola walkie talkie with 2-Rechargeable batteries and charger.

    The 2-watt radios come with 4 channels and 99 selectable frequencies. While they don’t come with the latest design, they still perform well. The communication of the devices is made with clear audio up to 250,000. Furthermore, the devices also come with hands-free operation with the right accessories.

    There are 2 chargers included in the pack. Ready to work for hours, they need to be fully charged for the best performance. It is also a clear sign these radio transmitters are made for professional use. Given their size, they should not be confused with Motorola’s outdoor traveling alternatives.

    In terms of build quality, they are as solid as possible. The even meet military standards of waterproofing. User satisfaction can then be further increased with programmable buttons for various functions.


    • Suitable for professional use
    • Supported by 4 communication channels
    • Made with 2 programmable buttons
    • Designed with a battery saver mode

    8. 6 Pack of Motorola RMU2080D Two-way Radio Walkie Talkies

    This is an image of a black 6 pack RMU2080D Motorola Walkie Talkie.

    This pack is specifically made for business use. Every radio comes with its charging dock. Businesses often offer these to their employees so that they can communicate every day. Covering thousands of square feet, the radios are easy to operate.

    A small digital display has been added by Motorola to these popular communication devices. A battery life indicator is visible on the screen. However, they should last for a full 8-hour work shift in normal circumstances.

    With 8 selectable channels, they offer the right communication to those who need to be on point with daily work tasks without too much interference.


    • Suitable for everyday business use
    • The batteries last up to 15 hours
    • Communication through 8 radio channels

    9. Motorola T460 Two-Way Radio/Walkie Talkie 6 PackThis is an image of a 6 pack black T460 Motorola walkie talkie with 6 curl earpieces.

    With 6 curl earpieces, the 6-pack Motorola offering is made for professional use. With included belt clips and 6 rechargeable batteries, they are among the best when it comes to the overall usability. They don’t require additional accessories purchases.

    VibraCall technology is also implemented on the communication tools by Motorola. This means users get to feel the vibrations with incoming calls. This is why they are highly useful in busy environments where the audio level might be overpowered. Made with IP54 waterproofing, these intercoms can also be used outdoors, such as on various construction sites.


    • The set includes 6 earpieces and 6 belt clips
    • Includes 3 micro-USB wall charging cables
    • Made with Motorola’s VibraCall function
    • Included low battery alerts

    10. Motorola RDU4100 Business Two-Way Radios with HKLN4606 Speaker Mics

    This is an image of a 6 pack black RDU4100 Motorola walkie talkie.

    This range is made with speaker microphones. This means they produce top-quality audio. Motorola recommends them for business use. As a result, they are only available in packs of 6. Used on business premises or outdoors, they impress with the build quality and audio quality.

    There are 2 programmable buttons on each communication device. These buttons allow users to find their quick-dial usage. For example, these buttons can be programmed for a quick analog channel scan.

    But the radios also feature long battery life. Running up to 22 hours before recharging makes them leaders in their class. Practically, they cover multi-day use, which is something that can’t be said about most other Motorola radios.


    • Made with 83 digital interference eliminator codes
    • 2 programmable buttons on each radio
    • Made with 22-hour battery life
    • Wattage varies from 2W to 4W

    11. Motorola Talkabout T801 Bundle Two-Way Radios

    This is an image of a green and black T801 Motorola walkie talkie bundle.

    This 2-pack radio bundle is Motorola’s solution for outdoor enthusiasts. It has multiple connection methods that allow it to run smoothly for the beginner user. For example, its Bluetooth connectivity allows it to pair with smartphones. It is here users can use its features such as location sharing. It can be one of the features which potentially saves lives.

    Other advanced features allow messaging and voice-control commands. But the bundle is highly suitable for audio quality. The 2way radios Motorola makes for the outdoors reach distances of over 35 miles. Their weather-resistant design also means they can be used during the winter. 11 weather channels have been programmed to complete the bundle’s versatility in any season.

    Together with the app, it also allows users to record the length and the location of certain routes. Hikers, trekkers or any outdoor group can benefit from this feature which makes it difficult to get lost when walking outside city limits.


    • Made with Bluetooth smartphone compatibility
    • Radio range of 36 miles
    • The bundle supports location sharing
    • Supports silent communication

    12. Motorola DTR410 Digital On-Site Two-Way Radio

    This is an image of a black DTR410 Motorola digital walkie talkie.

    This Motorola long range walkie talkie reaches distances of up to 300,000 square feet. It is one of the manufacturer’s radios made to meet military quality standards. This is the main reason the radios are properly water and dust protected. They are also shock-protected and they can’t break when dropped from a short distance.

    There’s room for adjustability also. This is the case of the backlight screen. The backlight function can be timed so that it doesn’t drain batteries fast. Contrast adjustments are also made on the screen.

    The 1W transmitters also come with long battery life. They run more than 14 hours and they represent one of the leading options for those seeking to store recent calls list. Up to 20 entries are saved at a time before overriding them chronologically.


    • Includes one-to-one private calling functions
    • Made with a one-to-many group calling
    • Supported by the digital audio quality
    • Made with an extended range of up to 300,000 square feet

    13. 2 Pack of Motorola CLS1110 Two Way Radio Walkie Talkies

    This is an image of a 2 pack black Motorola CLS1110 walkie talkie with headset.

    With a range of up to 200,000 square feet, the radios are expected to work reliably for 15 floors. UHD frequencies allow them to be reliable in any situation. Furthermore, they are normally used by businesses.

    This is why the 2 radios Motorola makes come with included earpieces. This ensures each person can be reached even in loud conditions. Working in production facilities is one such situation. In some cases, the worker needs to step away from machines to hear the transmitter. It is why the included earpieces can only be seen as a major advantage.

    But the smaller size of these intercoms is also what recommends them in busy locations. Since they are so compact, they can be attached to a belt for those who need to move around while also being accessible to co-workers.


    • Covers up to 200,000 square feet
    • Backed by a 1-year warranty
    • Default 1-channel communication
    • Compact size, suitable for limited storage space

    14. 3 Pack of Motorola CLS1410 Two way Radio Walkie Talkies

    This is an image of a 3 pack Motorola CLS1410 walkie talkie.

    These Motorola communication devices are sold in packs of 3. As one of the options for professional use, they are known to offer medium coverage. While they cover 200,000 square feet, this is not the most powerful option from the manufacturer. However, not all users need to cover more space.

    But the small footprint design is what makes them truly unique. Businesses like them because they don’t require too much storage space. Construction workers storing their tools in vans are just one group of users who appreciate the reduced size of the radios.


    • Sold in packs of 3
    • Backed by 1-year warranties
    • Default UHF settings
    • Supported by 18-hour rechargeable batteries

    15. Motorola T260 Rechargeable Two-Way Radios 8-Pack

    This is an image of a white and black rechargeable Motorola T260 walkie talkie.

    Sold in packs of 8, the devices are among the most interesting in their class. This is mainly due to their communication channels’ frequency versatility. Made to cover FRS and GMRS radio frequencies, the communication devices may be useful for both business and personal use.

    Essential weather channels are also set from the factory. Added iVox communication is another feature users might love on the radios. It allows for hands-free operation. As a result, these communication tools might be used by those on an assembly line or by trekkers who need to carry their trekking sticks. 121 privacy codes ensure all types of users are free from interferences.


    • Sold in packs of 8
    • Include USB cable charging adapters
    • Suitable for iVox hands-free communication
    • Made with 11 NOAA weather channels

    16. 6 Pack of Motorola RMM2050 Two way Radio Walkie Talkies

    This is an image of a 6 pack Motorola RMM2050 walkie talkie.

    This pack of 6 offers some of the most rugged radio transmitters on the market. There’s not too much room for dust or water damage. As a result, they are recommended on-premises which require a lot of labor-intensive work such as farming and storage units. It is here that dust damage can interfere with microphone’s audio quality in time.

    The 2-Watt devices cover areas of up to 200,000 square feet. When used on different levels, they are among the best as well. They maintain radio connectivity up to 20 floors. With 5 channels of communication, these transmitters are made for those who don’t need fancy digital screens.


    • The transmitters cover 20 floors
    • Made with 5 communication channels
    • Designed for MURS frequencies
    • The radios don’t require FCC licenses

    17. Motorola Professional CLS1410 5-Mile 4-Channel UHF Two-Way Radio 2 Count

    This is an image of a 2 pack black professional Motorola CLS1410 walkie talkie.

    These radio transmitters come in packs of 2. They are made for professional use. As a result, they might not be the best option for hikers or those who don’t hold an FCC permit. However, a business can apply for an FCC permit and they can use them for their reliability.

    With up to 56 business-exclusive channels, they are among the top options on busy working premises such as on construction sites and oil rigs. The radios are also compact and they offer the support of quick frequency viewing on their small digital display.


    • Supported by 56 business channels
    • Made for FCC license holders
    • Supported by audible tones
    • Voice-activated transmission

    18. CP200D Original Motorola Analog & Digital UHF Two-Way Radio

    This is an image of a black CP200D analog motorola walkie talkie.

    This is one of the most popular releases from the manufacturer for business users. It delivers some of the best results when it comes to durability. Without a digital screen, they also last longer. The radio transmitters are made for UHF, analog and digital channels, which recommend them for all types of business.


    • Made with 2250mAh rechargeable batteries
    • 90-minute rapid charging
    • Compatible with standard UHF antennas
    • Programs both analog and digital frequencies

    19. Motorola Walkie Talkie T40 Twin Pack

    This is an image of a red twin pack T40 motorola walkie talkie.

    These radio transmitters are made for 4km communication. They are orientated towards the home user working outdoors or going away out in nature. While their performance is limited for the home user, they look just like professional Motorola transmitters. However, they are also cheap. Those looking for affordable radios might find them very appealing as a result.


    • Suitable for camping and outdoor trips
    • Made with digital displays
    • Designed to communicate up to 4km away from each other
    • Made with rubber anti-shock protection

    20. Motorola Talkabout T200TP Walkie Talkie 12 Pack Set

    This is an image of a 12 pack T200TP Motorola walkie talkie.

    This set is a must-have for businesses. Backed by 22 channels of communication, it comes with all the accessories users might need. Among them, the included earpieces seem to be appreciated the most. With supported FRS and GMRS channels, the communication devices work up to 29 hours when powered by 3 Li-Ion AA batteries.


    • Suitable for business use
    • 20 included call tones
    • Runs on rechargeable batteries
    • The set includes 12 earpieces

    Best overall – Motorola T260TP Talkabout Radio 3 Pack

    With 3 included radio devices, this set supports an incredible communication time of up to 29 hours when powered by quality batteries.

    Best budget – Motorola T107 Talkabout Radio 2 Pack

    Those new to the walkie talkie world don’t need to spend too much to communicate at a distance. This duo radio pack comes with 22 pre-programmed channels.

    Best for large businesses – 6 Pack of Motorola RMV2080 Two Way Radio Walkie Talkies

    Rugged and efficient, this pack of 6 radios supports clear communication on distances of up to 200,000 square feet.

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