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    Are you still looking for a cheap long range Floureon two way mobile? Look no further, Floureon is the leading mobile radio that you can use together with your family. The model has various packages; some have two devices while others have four. They feature all the necessary attributes you need to remain in touch with your kids, even in the remotest areas where cellular phones cannot work.

    Besides, they have bright colored displays that make it easier to see the channels even in the dark; this, coupled with a flashlight, makes it easy for use even at night. Their access to GMRS and FRS channels will allow you to capture up to 3000M range. There is an automated voice to update your current channel whenever you tune to a new one.

    You want to invest in a simplified two-way communication device with the best value for your money. Let me take you through the features that you will need to consider.

    Features to consider when buying a mobile radio

    Frequencies and Range 

    The Best long-range radio walkie talkie should get you connected over more than 30 miles range. However, you need to understand that you need to be in a precise position for the device to transmit correctly. Long-distance mobile radios operate at an average of 4 to 5 miles, which is standard for communication.


    Don’t spend your savings on a device that will break after using it for a few days. You need to enjoy the value of your money. Your two-way mobile should be shock resistant. Some devices will break the first time you drop them, but Floureon can hold for a longer time. However, Just like any other electronic device, you should handle it with care to enjoy the benefits that come with it. You should not test by dropping or banging it.

    Channels and frequencies 

    The reception varies from one device to another irrespective of the number of channels available. Floureon keeps you connected over a wide range. However, you need to be in an open area to receive the frequencies. You can connect up to 5 miles when in a forest or mountains. Besides, Floureon keeps you connected in the regions that no other devices may work appropriately.

    You will find that most of the cheap two-way radios come with very few channels. This means that you will have few options left when one of your channels is not connecting clearly. A device that has privacy control functions allows you to block out unwanted conversations extending your privacy options. The privacy of your communications depends on how many channels you can access on your device. Look for a device that has privacy settings and more channel options to keep your conversations safe.

    Hands-free technology 

    Kids will have more fun using a two-way radio that does not restrict them from enjoying their favorite game. They will prefer to talk while still skating or biking. With Floureon, you do not have to break your chores to respond to a call; you can activate a hands-free function anytime you need. The VOX feature in the Floureon 22 channel two way radio four-pack makes it easier for kids who prefer the hands free option.

    Sound clarity 

    Floureon is made of environmentally friendly material, making it appropriate for kids, even the young ones. With the squelch feature, you can mute the background to reduce any noise interrupting the communication. This makes the device ideal for people who work in a noisy environment. Kids can safely receive clear sound and adjust the volume accordingly.

    FLOUREON 4 Pack 22 Channel 2 Way Radios

    This is a photo of 4 black and orange FLOUREON 4 Pack Kids Walkie Talkies

     Floureon Two-Pack is a professional kid’s walkie talkie with fantastic features. With multiple channels and a bright torch, its quality is unmatched. Floureon is famous for its clear sound and noise control features. You can use it even in the noisiest environment. The speaker quality enables it to filter the pestering sounds that come from low-quality two-way radios. This model comes with a user-friendly 22 channel PMR system, giving you an array of choices. Floureon comes with attractive colors and has an ergonomic design hence fit for children. The LCD battery shows the power level while their small size makes it comfortable for the kids’ hands. With Floureon, you can remain connected over a range of 3 to 5 kilometers

    Never stay worried whenever you or your kids want to have fun with their friends outside the compound. You need time to reset your mind after a long and tiresome week.

    Nevertheless, how about having fun without losing the touch of your; loved ones. You need to get a professional two way mobile to keep you connected without breaking your bank account. Look for a device with impressive features and more channels. With Floureon 4 Packs Walkie talkie, you can get top-notch service anytime, anywhere. The device has an FRS/GMRS dual-service, which connects you to up to 22 channels. You will never again worry about signal issues or noisy environments. Access to FRS/GMRS enables the device to communicate over a long distance.

    Auto Scan function This feature boosts the capabilities of this device to a great height. The device can scan up to 22 channels with 121 privacy codes that amount to 2662 connections.

    With this feature, you can quickly scan the available connections within your area. The feature also enables you to check the channels that are in use. You may also connect with other FRS/GMRS devices irrespective of their brand as long as you are on the same channel and privacy code

    LCD display The LCD shows the power level to let you know when to activate the low power mode. The flashlight makes it easy to use both at night and in case of emergencies.

    1-year warranty Your money will never be at stake whenever you purchase the Floureon devices. The company offers you a warranty of one year should your device suffer some functionality issues.

    Stay in Constant Contact with Your Kids Floureon is convenient for families with children since it can easily keep you connected with your friends or family, especially during outdoor events. You can have more fun with this device if you are a biker, mountain climber, or a skater. Floureon will keep you connected without disrupting you from your favorite game

    Very Affordable Floureon provides one of the cheapest devices in the market. Even with as low as $15, you can be connected with your children. You can access up to 22 channels for a very pocket-friendly price. It is one of the best devices you can get at the lowest price.

    Great sound. You can count on Floureon in any time of need. For example, if you have an adventure with your kids, and one of them gets lost in the forest, you can quickly give instructions using the radio and help them trace their way without panicking. With its adjustable volume level, Floureon tops among other leading devices in terms of sound clarity.

    Other features 

    • Two-way radios need to be powered with either rechargeable or regular batteries. Floureon requires three AA batteries per unit. You can stay online continuously for 3.5 hours while the device will remain for around 9 hours on standby mode. You can charge the cells with a micro USB cable if you have a power bank. Remember that you need to buy the batteries separately as they are not included when purchasing the device
    • Before paying for the device, you need to be sure how many devices you are paying for. You could get yourself paying for one device the same amount you would have paid for more. Some packages come with two devices, while others have more. Do not settle for less; Floureon comes in multiple devices with a lesser weight compared to others.
    • Floureon comes with other bonus features such as the belt clip, which you can hook to your belt to ensure the safety of the radio even in the most vigorous activities. The clip also makes it easy to carry the device even when it’s not in use
    • The LCD makes it ideal for night use. It has excellent visibility to help you see everything.


    • Coverage of up to 3,000M
    • Can scan both GMRS and FRS channels
    • The LCD screen display for easy viewing
    • Contains a built-in flashlight
    • It is cheaply available
    • UHF462-467MHz supports 22 channels
    • Excellent sound quality and volume controls
    • Ergonomic design


    • Some long-range two-way mobile Reviews show that the Floureon radios are not very durable, but with proper care, you can manage them for a long time
    • Few reviews have reported about the reception being unclear; however, it is worth noting that you need to be within a clear line to operate within the given range. Sometimes the stated conditions may be unachievable.

     22 Channel FLOUREON Walkie Talkies 2 Way Radio (Silver)

    This is an image of 2l FLOUREON Walkie Talkies walkie talkies, silver in colour

    This device comes with a 22-channel auto-scanning feature, which makes it easy for you to identify the available channels. You can find the same channels with other brands; hence, you do not need to worry about compatibility issues when you want to connect with other walkie talkies. The scanning feature will also help you connect with other FRS/GMRS two-way mobiles. It comes in an environmentally friendly material, which is durable.

    The device has loudspeakers with clear sounds and an adjustable volume. It has strong signals that can keep you connected up to 5 kilometers in an open field. You can talk to your children even when they are within a distance without having to keep them within a restricted area. Its accessories make it ideal for outdoor activities. You can use it for gardens, homes, supermarkets, outdoor activities and so on. The built-in flashlight and the LCD backlight makes it easy to use at any time of the day. You can get this device at Amazon for less than $19

    Notable features 

    • 22 channel PMR system
    • auto-scan function to help you scan the available frequencies in your area
    • Transmission and reception of clear icons
    • Up to 3km and a maximum of 5 kilometers in an open area
    • Excellent sound quality, with an adjustable volume level
    • LCD backlit display for easy connection even at night
    • Low power alert

    FLOUREON 9 Channel 2 Way Radio (Blue, 2 Pack)

    This is an image of 2 blue floureon Kids Walkie Talkies

    This comes in a pack of two devices, which are blue. The device is made with sturdy material and in an ergonometric design, making them suitable for kids. Its small size is ideal for young kids to grip firmly. It has child-friendly features and is easy to use, even for a two-year-old child. The PTT button makes it suitable for kids, even those who cannot read the instructions. It can also be able to broadcast to different devices. It supports a rechargeable battery hence good for low power areas

    Transmission range; the best walkie talkies hold up to 16 miles from the mountain to valley and a range of 8 miles in the open water. It is excellent for team communication where one kid can communicate from one channel to other channels or from one channel to another one

    Auto-lock and power-saving; the device automatically powers off if left unused for over one and a half hours. This gives the battery a longer life. The keypad locks automatically if left inactive for 10 seconds, and it also supports a low power alert.

    Ideal for kids; The Floureon can be an excellent gift for your kids’ birthday or other festivals. It is designed to keep the kids entertained and safe. You do not need to give any instructions to your kids. The device is straightforward even for a first time user. You can get an excellent device for only $20.99 from amazon.

    Notable Features:

    • 16 miles coverage with up to nine channels
    • Ideal for outdoor children activities
    • Five feet anti-fall feature
    • 5 Feet Fall Resistance
    • Clear sound
    • Clear transmission with an adjustable volume control
    • The squelch feature reduces the background noise making it ideal for kids

    FLOUREON Rechargeable Two Way Radios (Black, 1 Pair)

    This is an image of two black Floureon Rechargeable walkie talkies with headsets plugged in

    Keep connected with your family with this two-way radio. The device contains 16 Channels and 39 CTCSS 166 DCS features that block third party interruptions and block any unwanted signals. Therefore, it enables you to place direct private calls to your family and friends without worrying about unnecessary disruptions.

    • It contains a USB charging system and two speakers. It comes with a rechargeable 1300 MAh battery, which can be conveniently charged using a USB charger.
    • Frequency and range Depend on the environment, the range extends to one or two kilometers within the city and two to three kilometers in the open. The battery lasts for forty hours on standby mode and up to twelve hours while in use. This is enough for both indoor and outdoor experiences
    • The time out function helps to prevent the user from accidentally transmitting and saves power. Floureon offers up to 2 years guarantee and 24/7 support for its clients.
    • With The VOX feature, you do not need to press the PTT button. It has a frequency range of UHF 400-470MHz with 16 pre-programmed channels
    • The Busy channel lock prevents you from accessing an engaged channel. When you activate it, transmissions will fail when the PTT is pressed for the maintenance team, emergency team, security team, fire department, and so on.
    • Low Power Alert feature; each device has a 1300mAh rechargeable battery and charging accessories. The battery takes only 2.5 hours to charge fully and lasts for around 8 hours, depending on your transmission time. The battery can go for 90 hours. You may charge the battery separately or charge it in the phone

    Floureon 22 Channel FRS/GMRS 2 Way Radio (Orange)

    This is an image of 2 orange Floureon 22 Channel walkie talkies

    Keep your kids connected with this remote device. It has a long-range of communication of up to 3000m/1.9mi. It helps you stay in touch, even in places, which have a lower cellular network. Its lightweight size makes them ideal for outdoor events, even for kids. The FRS/GMRS feature helps stay connected within a range of 5000 meters and yet receive clear icons. The device has loudspeakers with a clear and smooth sound. The squelch function enables the user to operate even in a noisy environment without interrupting the communication. This makes it safe for kids, also when they are in a crowded place.

    The LCD backlight provides a bright display to enable the user to use the device even at night while the Auto scan button allows the user to scan the available features and connect to the available channels. Its lightweight and portable design provide a firm grip even for kids in both indoor and outdoor activities.

    Disclaimer. Adverse weather, metallic materials, building, mountains may affect the range. It is recommended that you adjust the power to 1W while operating under these conditions.

    If you are planning for an out of the city trips or forest adventure, this device will sort you out. With its great features, it is more reliable than the regular cellular phone, and its features are unmatched. With its 22 channels and the excellent sound quality, signal issues should never worry you again. You can use it in the market, in open fields, or even in the park. It will keep you in touch with your friends and family. With its 3-mile range, you never have to limit your kids’ movements during an outdoor event or worry about their whereabouts. Get your kids a piece of this device from Amazon for only $33

    2 Pack FLOUREON Adults walkie talkie with 22 Channel 

    This is an image of 2 pack FLOUREON Adults walkie talkie, green in colour

    • With this device, you can control the volume using the volume adjust button on the top right. The backlit display enables the user to use the device even at night.
    • The battery status indicator enables you to plan on how you can use your mobile radio effectively while monitoring the battery level. You can use AA batteries or connect the device to a USB charger when the battery goes down. Alternatively, you can plug it into a power bank.
    • The Floureon radios can access both the GMRS and FRS frequencies and connect to an extended range of up to 5000M in an open area free of obstacles
    • You can engage your children even within a long distance. It is worth noting that barriers such as iron materials, adverse weather, and long buildings or mountains may affect the connection.
    • The channel-scanning feature helps the kid connect with their partners easily. This feature will help you identify the available connections within their area.
    • The LCD display and the inbuilt flashlight makes the device ideal for night use
    • Floureon comes with five selectable tones and a call alert. The keypad also makes the device exciting and attractive
    • They can be used in supermarkets, outdoor activities, forest adventures, camping sites and so on


    Long-range walkie talkie reviews show that Floreon comes in handy when traveling to places without cellular services. Keep your kids entertained while at the same time, monitoring them with Floureon. Therefore, do not lock your kids in the tent for fear of losing them during your camping expedition. Keep them moving and engaging with the Floureon two way. They will never worry even when they are in the most crowded places. Make Floureon your choice, and you will never worry about staying out of reach. Get yourself a cheap one from amazon and join the rest of your family members.




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