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    Are you looking for a durable worksite radio? If you are, you are right to consider Dewalt radios. They are a household name when it comes to manufacturing and delivering tools and pieces of equipment that get the job done above everything else. Dewalt products are known for their bright yellow body and, more importantly, their toughness, they can be taken anywhere, used everywhere, and easily packed to be reused the next time.

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    But they certainly have not made things easy, as they offer a variety of models that offer different strengths and pose individual downsides. This review helps you understand which Dewalt radio does what, why, and how, and at the end of this educative read, you would be able to make your choice and pick out the best radio for the job.

    Considerations Choosing a Dewalt Radio

    What to Look for When Buying a Dewalt Radio might be tricky, as the different radios have different perks, so your expectation might differ from radio to radio, and also on the job it is needed or at the job site. The following are a list of general factors that you should expect from the best Dewalt worksite radios, regardless of the radio type or the job type. They are:


    The size or compactness of the device is an important factor and determines a lot. In a worksite with limited workspace, you do not want to be the guy with the radio that makes accessibility a problem. And in work sites where the whole job is spread out, you can go with the bigger models. You need not worry about this as Dewalt t as got you covered; they have made radios of different sizes to fit any workspace imaginable.

    The advantage of going with a bigger radio if the space permits is that it often provides extra storage space to store other tools; it very likely would offer more features, and it is fitted with bigger speakers would offer a louder, clearer sound production.

    Build Quality

    As important as it is to worry about what the radio can do, it is also important to worry about how the radio looks and for how long it can stay that way. The build quality factor is a combination of the aesthetics and the durability of the product. Dewalt is known to manufacture tools that stand the test of time and, at the same time, look good when they are being used.

    The durability of these products is not in question as they have been tested and reviewed to their limits, and they all checked out fine. But how good it looks is subjective, and I’d leave you to be the judge of that.

    Sound Quality

    The major function of the radio revolves around its ability to receive and send transmissions (sounds). It is, therefore, important that the radio offers the best in sound quality, and these radios did not and would not disappoint. And if you are a radio head, I would recommend the radios with a subwoofer and multiple speakers for the best sound experience. Some might not have a subwoofer fitted but allow for one to be connected.

    I have noticed that the sound of some radios falter in quality as the sound is turned up, you should be on the lookout for this and the bass quality.

    Volume control

    I’d rather not have to repeat myself when sending transmissions, and I would hate to lose out on important information just because I could not hear the radio clearly. If you are used to using worksite radios, you would understand the importance of having a radio with the best volume control. How high can the volume go? Would the sound production distort as the volume rises? These are questions you need answers to.


    If you intend to use the FM radio or AM function, then your device of choice should offer good enough reception. It should in the least be able to pick up local channels and should offer an easy to use tuner, so you can get the most out of the radio. You should avoid radios with smaller antennas, as they might not offer the strongest reception.

    Auxiliary ports

    With an auxiliary port, your all work device becomes the life of the party. You can connect the radio to a music source using the AUX feature.

    Extra Features

    This is not mandatory, but the few radios that offer these features allow you to get the most value from the money spent. Functionalities like Charging (being able to charge other devices) and Bluetooth; that allows you to connect your device to the radio give you a range of use.

    6 Best Dewalt Radios

    1. DEWALT 12V/20V MAX Portable Jobsite Radio

    This Dewalt is all you would need from a job site radio. All the standard functionalities you would expect from a radio, plus super durability, and great volume for performance in loud and tough jobsite conditions.

    It will connect to a phone or other bluetooth device from 100 feet for streaming, and it comes with a 120V power cord.

    DEWALT 12V/20V MAX Portable Radio
    Dewalt 12V/20V MAX

    The radio features a dual pivoting flexible antenna measuring 11 inches. The antenna design is both durable and allows for good reception.


    • Heavy duty roll cage
    • Premium LCD screen
    • Quad speakers
    • Can be used as a USB charging station
    • Good bass & general sound quality
    • It is very easy to use
    • Heavy duty roll cage for durability
    • 100ft range for bluetooth streaming
    • Doesn’t work with old 18V batteries
    • Not the cheapest radio on this list
    check price on amazon button

    2. Dewalt DC012

    The Dewalt DC012 radio is another good pick for a job site radio; this weather-resistant radio allows you access to a range of ports that allows for more functionalities than you would expect from a radio. It features an AUX port that allows you to connect to a portable satellite receiver, CD players, and MP3 players using an audio cable (not included in packaging). The radio’s 15 station memory presets, LCD display, FM/AM digital tuner, and the built-in clock is powered by the battery that runs for an extended period due to the smart 3 stage charging by Dewalt.

    black and yellow Dewalt Radio with a white background
    Dewalt DC012

    The radio features a dual pivoting flexible antenna measuring 11 inches. The antenna design is both durable and allows for good reception.


    • It features the Dewalt 3 stage Charging
    • The device has a premium LCD screen
    • 11-inch dual-pivot antenna for better reception
    • It serves as a charging station
    • The radio offers premium sound quality
    • It is very easy to use
    • The radio offers good reception
    • The radio is good for outdoor usage
    • If you want to plug it in, you have three port options
    • It is fitted with a small antenna
    • There is no USB port
    • Not as sturdy and durable as others on the list
    check price on amazon button

    3. Dewalt DCR018

    The DCR018 RADIO is a favorite because of its small, compact size, which makes it ideal for job sites that are relatively small. And it makes up for its small size with a very loud volume, making it perfect for the larger job sites too. For a device in such a small package, this radio sure packs a punch with its tough, durable, heavy-duty roll cage. The DCR018 can run on AC/DC power, allowing your device to stay powered on for as long as possible.


    The device has a storage box that protects your audio sources from damages at the work site from falling or flying debris. It features an AUX input that allows the radio to be connected to your smartphone or other audio devices.

    • Features
    • It has a roll cage that protects the device
    • It features a storage box for your personal effects
    • It allows you connect to your smartphone with an Auxiliary port
    • It is a small and compact device
    • It allows you to use different Dewalt battery sizes
    • The radio gets a good reception
    • The sound quality falls short with excess bass
    check price on amazon button

    4. Dewalt DCR025

    This is one radio that personifies and embodies all the right things you should expect from a heavy-duty job site radio. The reviews say this radio is built like a tank, and for the times i used it, i would have to agree. The durable roll cage framework makes it ideal for use in high-stress environments and allows the device to survive the wear and tear.

    DEWALT 20V MAX Portable Radio & Battery Charger, Bluetooth (DCR025)

    Asides the protective roll cage, it also features a storage space where you can store your personal effects like your mobile phone when using the radio as an output device with the Bluetooth function, at a maximum distance of 100 feet. The radio has a big screen that can be comfortably read even in direct sunlight and also features multiple ports.


    • It has a heavy-duty roll cage
    • It features a storage space for things like your mobile phone
    • It has Bluetooth functionality
    • It features several ports
    • Sizeable screen display
    • It has a heavy-duty build
    • The volume control is excellent
    • It has a premium signal reception
    • It has charging capabilities
    • It produces great sound
    • The radio is quite heavy
    check price on amazon button


    5. DEWALT DWST08810

    This DWST08810 radio for people looking for something small, space to keep some essentials, and at the same time, offer quality sound. This durable and versatile radio does all these and does them well; it is small and offers premium sound with its assisted bass resonator, subwoofer, and four full-range speakers. The sound production remains premium even as the volume goes up; you would experience no distortions, unlike other brands and models.

    DEWALT DWST08810 radio

    With an IP54 rating, it means the radio has waterproof and dust capabilities, not enough that you should leave it submerged in water, but the slight rain and the radio would be fine. The radio can be run on either AC/DC power; it charges pretty quickly with an LED indicator to keep you informed of the charging progress.


    • It has storage space for your smartphone
    • It can be plugged to an outlet or powered by a battery unit
    • It features an LED indicator to track charging progress
    • It is waterproof and dustproof
    • It has a good AM/FM reception
    • It has Bluetooth functionality
    • It delivers quality sound
    • It has an awesome AM/FM reception 
    • Simple but nice design 
    • It has a lot of storage space
    • The radio is heavy 
    • The USB charging port has only 1A power
    • The reception quality is greatly reduced when using the power cord
    check price on amazon button

    6. Dewalt DCR015

    This is a mid-range DCR015 radio with mid-range features; it offers a lot of value when compared to the pricier options. Not just your everyday radio as it offers charging functionality, it can charge 12V Max batteries and 20V Max batteries. The radio has a USB port that can be used to charge your mobile and other devices, as long as the radio is connected to an AC outlet. 

    DEWALT 20V MAX Portable Radio & Battery Charger, Bluetooth (DCR025)

    The radio offers a mid-range sound quality, the woofers and Class D amplifier make music all the enjoyable with this functional device.


    • It can charge other batteries
    • It features a USB port
    • It produces okay sound
    • Affordably priced compared to other radios
    • It is durably built and can withstand wear and tear
    • Storage space can not accommodate larger sized phones
    check price on amazon button

    Why choose a Dewalt Radio?

    Many people have their different reason for going with any of the Dewalt range radios, my reason for sticking and vouching with this brand is they have something for everyone. Their radios might look the same on the surface, but each radio offers a different power output, different features/functionalities, and a fits in just right into different work sites.

    Dewalt radios are durably built to withstand constant use and to survive the wear and tear that comes from being used in demanding terrain and situations. These radios can also serve as AM or FM radios as they often feature that functionality; on some models, you can connect your CD player to the device to use the auxiliary function.

    These radios are perfect for people that work in high-stress environments, where having headphones is not advisable and still wants to enjoy their favorite groove. These job site radios allow them to listen to their favorite tunes and also offer functionalities that can help them with their work like space to keep some of their tools. These radios can also serve as charging stations, helping you keep your mobile phone, and other electrical gadgets juiced up.

    Dewalt Radio Frequently Asked Questions

    Why do you need a Dewalt Radio?

    The right Dewalt radio offers a lot at every worksite. You can listen to music, or the radio and also help to store important pieces of equipment.

    Can Dewalt Radio Batteries be charged?

    Yes. Some models have this feature. But the different models charge different types of battery, so if this function is essential for you, you would need to know the type of battery you need to charge, as that would help decide the model you need to purchase.

    Which is the loudest Dewalt Radio?

    All the Dewalt radio offer very decent volume, but if I had to pick, I would go with the DCR018 and the DCR025. These radios can play music loudly and are perfect for worksites that are sizeably large. The bigger units often have bigger and louder speakers, but in some cases, bigger is not always better as the quality of sound on some units get worse as the radio gets louder.

    Does the Waterproof Dewalt Tough System Radio work?

    Yes. The ratings of the devices show that they have waterproof functionality, but this is no license to submerge the device or knowingly leave it in contact with water. The rating means that in case the device comes in contact with water inadvertently, it can be fine. Leaving it in water, on the other hand, could lead to some serious water damage.

    Tips on how to set up and instruction on how to use?

    The radios from Dewalt are the easiest to use; in most cases, all you need to do is plug, play, and enjoy the excellent features. When powering the device with the battery, all you would need to do is turn it on and tune it to your preferred channel. Most of these radios have a state of the art LCD screen that allows you to monitor the radio and select your preferred channels easily.

    And if you are looing play music from your mobile or any other audio source, depending on the radio you go with (other radio types), you have the option of either using the Bluetooth feature or the auxiliary port.

    How to Maintain?

    Using these radios does not require a complex process for maintenance. After use, it is advised that you wipe the device clean of dirt and moisture. You should also make sure to store in a moisture-free, dust-free environment. Avoid placing it on high platforms, so it does not suffer any damage in case of a fall.

    Do they have a Warranty?

    The warranty from Dewalt depends on the product you end up purchasing. Although you can also take the device back to them if you encounter any problem you think was not caused by you.

    Best Places to Buy?

    You can get these intelligent products from Dewalt distributors or reputable construction supply shops near you. If you are looking to get certified Dewalt gear and accessories, you can look to the online market for competitive prices.


    When it comes to the Dewalt range of radios, you can not go wrong. The durability and functionality of these devices make them the brand to beat. The quality of the sound and extra functionality ensures that you get the most value from the money spent.

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