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    Table of Contents

    Best Cobra Walkie Talkies Review

    When looking for a two way radio, you need to do thorough research and take each specification seriously. Read this article and see some of the important features you need to have in mind before you press the buy button.

    Communication is essential, regardless of what you do in life. Different activities call for different communication methods. Your cellular phone may not serve you in a deep valley or a forest expenditure. It is even unimaginable to have it in the sea more so for fishers or divers. Imagine getting inside the sea, boating, or fishing, only to realize that you left some crucial vessels behind. You may have to move all the way back to the shore to collect them.

    Worst case, you have not even thought of what would happen if you get yourself in the middle of abrupt weather change while still in the deep end. I know it sounds terrible, but anyone who does this work; especially for those who use hands operated propeller boats understand the underlying dangers.

    A set of two-way radios can allow you to call out your partners and ask for help. An excellent long-range walkie talkie cobra will have weather report channels and an emergency call button. Numerous waterproof devices will give you an updated analysis on the weather, and even help you to report an emergency.  Are you still reading? In this article, we have looked at some critical features that will keep help you stay connected while still minding your safety and that of your beloved ones. Cobra is one of the top ratings, walki talki with incredible features. We have looked at this model deeply to confirm that it bears the most critical features since not every walkie talkies can be submerged in water without harming them. 

    Top Cobra Walkie Talkies

     Cobra MRHH350FLT

    This is an image of  black Cobra MRHH350FLT walkie talkie

    This is a tremendous two-way radio very suitable for fishers and boaters. It has a rugged design and is equipped with maritime channels.

    • It has VHF channels
    • VHF radio Channels: all US/ international/ Canada marine + 10 weather channels
    • Battery Type: Li-Ion or 5AA Alkaline
    • Water rating: IPX7/JIS7
    • More features: floating,
    • Tri-Watch monitoring of three channels at once,
    • up to 14-hour battery life (at 1 watt)

    This VHF waterproof walkie talkie is a perfect option for marine operations thanks to its rugged design. It comes with all US and Canadian interactions maritime channels, in addition to weather alert channels. However, this device is preprogrammed for marine use and cannot be modified for use on the land.

    One unique feature of this device is its ability to monitor multiple frequencies at a go. Users may check to see the traffic in their area while at the same time watching the weather reports. The radio comes with different power settings of 1, 3 or 6 warts to help you control your power usage depending on the frequencies and range. When operating at one watt, the rechargeable lithium-ion battery will serve you for fourteen hours, while six warts will serve you for six hours. The mobile radio will float in water in case it flips off your pocket, and its yellow colour makes it easy to trace it.

    While Cobra is rated to IPX7, reviews have shown that in case of frequent exposure to water, the speaker fails.

    Cobra walkie talkie reviews have shown that the users are overall comfortable with the device due to the simplicity in navigating the buttons and the display. You can use the buttons even without checking on the user guide, even in emergencies. The radio also comes with a microphone for people who prefer to use it in the hands-free mode.


    • Comes with all maritime channels
    • Can scan three channels at once
    • Different power settings
    • Has a microphone


    • Not ideal for land communications

    Cobra MicroTalk CXT195 Review

    This is an image of black Cobra MicroTalk CXT195

    This is yet another cobra model walkie talkie with great features. The unit is black with grey buttons while there is another model with orange buttons making it an attractive combination

    That should make a better contrast against the black body. They are made out of hard plastic and rubber. The radios are lightweight and about 5″ long and 1.5″ deep. Their small size makes them ideal even for little kids.

    Their durability depends more on how you use them, but you will get the value for your money if you put more care. The set comes with three rechargeable AAA batteries and a USB charging cable. The charger has double connectors so that you can charge the two units simultaneously. In the box, you will also find two belt clips and the user manual. The device has a PTT button on its left side and USB charging port on its right

    Easy Setup

    One thing I love about this device is its easy setup. You need to insert the battery and close the battery compartment, then use the power button on the left side to put the device on. Select your favourite channel using the buttons on its right side and use it to lower or add volume. You do not need to charge the battery before using them; they are already charged when new. Attach the belt clip at the back of the device and enjoy the experience of your new mobile radio.


    Cobra MicroTalk CXT195 Performance review

    This is an image of black Cobra MicroTalk CXT195

    Frequency and Range 

    This model is designed to serve within 16 miles under clear surroundings free from obstacle

    Battery life – If you are a frequent user of mobile radios, not just Cobra, you know the importance of having a spare battery. No matter how great the battery is, it is always smart to have some extra pieces in your pouch. You can use this model for around five hours without recharging. However, if you are always on the weather channels, the power may go off a little earlier. Nevertheless, Cobra CXT195 would make a great weather radio.

    The device has ten NOAA frequencies so you can get weather reports regardless of your location. You may use the rechargeable cells or the disposable alkaline cells if you need to stay connected for an extended period. One great thing with this model is its power-saving feature 

    Other notable features 

    • 22 channels including 10 NOAA channels
    • Contains a dedicated channel 9 for emergencies
    • Call notification alerts you of any incoming a transmission
    • An end of message beep
    • Squelch feature to mute unwanted noise
    • 16 call alerts with customizable tones to alert your team whenever you want to talk


    • Simple to operate
    • Very affordable
    • A USB port with dual power so you can charge both units together
    • Lightweight and compact design
    • Easy to use
    • 10 NOAA channels and weather alert


    • It is too easy to accidentally push the buttons
    • Tiny display
    • Poor battery life


    This model can be an excellent take-home present for your kids, especially those who are not grown enough to use the smartphone. The USB feature makes it easy to recharge as long as you are using it in an area you can access a power source. If all you need is a weather radio, this model is a perfect choice for you. However, if you are looking for a long range device, I would suggest that you go for Cobra MRHH350FLT

    Cobra MRHH500 Floating VHF Radio

    This is an image of black and orange Cobra MRHH500FLTBT walkie talkie

    This tremendous long range two way radio contains a Bluetooth technology. The device can withstand extreme weather conditions. This unit has an incredibly lightweight and rugged design to keep it floating in the water. This makes it ideal for people who love adventures due to its waterproof nature and ability to float. Walkie talkie reviews show that this is the best walki talki that can stay underwater for more than thirty minutes. In that case, the BURP feature will help to burp all the water from the gadget.

    The Bluetooth technology allows you to link your phone. The loudspeakers give a sharp sound ensuring that the whole communication is clear. The manufacturer has provided a range of 20 miles under ideal circumstances and in the open. Reviews have shown that users extended up to five more miles in clear waters. The impeccable sound quality and the noise cancelling function gives this model an edge over other devices.

    One bonus feature that comes with this two way radio is the rewind function, which allows you to replay the last twenty seconds of the transmission along with any missed calls on VHF

    The adjustable power settings enable you to choose the appropriate range, either short or long range to conserve the battery power. If the battery goes down, you need not worry as the device comes with an extra battery set while the charging dock can be used on a car charger or wall power socket. With the NOAA channels, you can quickly check on the weather report to avoid getting yourself in a messy surprise in case of an extreme weather change. 

    Cobra Electronics CXT545 Walkie Talkie

    This is an image of black and red Cobra Electronics CXT545 with charging dock, USB cable and rechargeable batteries

    If you have used various models of two way mobiles without success, then you have not come across this CXT545; this is not just a common type of walkie talkies found out there. This device has most of the features necessary for an optimal mobile radio. It is accurate to say that this is among the best two way radios in the market.

    It offers a range of up to 28 miles under real conditions free from obstacles. Therefore, you do not go complaining if it does not transmit within the stated range. Sometimes the ideal conditions may be unachievable. This model works well for people looking for long range devices more so if you are planning for camping. The built in LED helps you send an SOS signal in times of emergency. The device comes in a portable size, making it comfortable for camping expeditions. The rechargeable battery and a flexible charging dock give young all the comfort you need. With its waterproof design, the product will provide you with the best outdoor experience.


    Cobra Electronics CXT1035R Floating Walkie Talkie

    This is an image of black and orange Cobra Electronics CXT 1035R FLT Walkie Talkie

    This multipurpose device leads among the list of cobra floating walkie talkies available in the market. With a maximum range of 37 miles in an open area, but it may be a little bit lower in reality. One advantage of this device is its accessibility to the FRS/GMRS frequencies. This gadget operates well in flat roads compared to mountainous regions. Bikers and skaters can use this model without any hassle.

    With access to both FRS and license required GMRS frequencies, this best waterproof walkie talkie performed remarkably better on flat roads than mountainous regions. The device is sturdy enough to withstand drops and bangs. You can throw the phone and still find it intact. You can recharge it from time to time using the USB.

    Cobra Rugged Waterproof RX680 (Pair)

    This is an image of 2 black Cobra RX680 Walkie Talkie

    This is yet another great model of Cobra, which will keep you connected with your team any time. With 38 channels programmed with security codes, you can stay in touch with your loved ones without any interruption from others. The built-in NOAA channel keeps you on toes in terms of weather change. The device is waterproof and dustproof to maintain its safety regardless of the environment. Its reliable battery keeps you connected for a whopping 28 hours; you never again have to worry about the power going off. The hands-free feature keeps you talking without having to break your chores while the vibration feedback informs you of any incoming transmissions.

    In the box, you will find a walkie talkie user manual which is very easy to read and understand

    The quality of the voice transmission is excellent even when transmitting within the maximum possible range. You may charge the batteries individually or use the USB cord that comes with the set, but you need to buy the adapter if you have to use the USB. You do not need a lot of time before the battery is fully charged.

    The built led also works as an SOS beacon whenever you land in trouble, while the LED light makes the device ideal for use any time of the day.

    Notable features

    • NOAA channels/weather radio
    • LED feature for comfortable night visibility
    • Emergency feature
    • Waterproof and dustproof
    • VOX” mode to quickly activate the hands-free.
    • 38 channels with privacy codes


    Too many features that increase the power consumption


    Cobra ACXT1035R FLT Walkie Talkies

    This is an image of twp black and orange Cobra ACXT1035R walkie talkies

    Take your next hike to the next level with this Cobra floating device. Cobra ACXT1035R FLT stands among the best mobile radios for outdoor excursions. The gadget comes with the battery fully charged and a maximum range of 37 miles under normal circumstances. The compact design and its ergonomic nature make them easy to handle even in wet and dusty places. Besides, you can even submerge them in water, and it will come out as if nothing happened. The IPX7 feature protects the device keeps them ready for anything that can happen to them.

    With the NOAA function, you can receive weather updates and get ready for any abrupt weather changes or emergencies that may occur. In addition, you can receive all government weather channels notifications, and warnings. You will get such alerts directly into your radio based on where you are located; you do not have to tune your channel to find the weather channels from the closest weather stations. The device will do it automatically. The LED flashlight will provide you with an additional light just in case you need more light in your operations. The rewind function would allow you to playback your transmission for 20 seconds if you did not hear what the other person said

    The dual-port charger enables you to charge both units at once while you can still use the conventional alkaline cells. Carry some cells with you just in case the battery runs out while you are still in the forest.

    Notable features:

    • Up to 37-mile range with 2662 channel combinations.
    • NOAA weather channels keep you alert on weather changes or other emergencies.
    • Rewind-Say-Again for missed voice Replay, you never have to miss out any information
    • Floating ability/ orange color for easy retrieval
    • VOX function for hands-free activation
    • VibrAlert to notify you of incoming transmissions.
    • Built-in LED flashlight

    Included Accessories

    • User guide
    • Ni-MH Rechargeable cells
    • Two Belt Clips
    • Dual Pocket Micro-USB
    • Micro-USB Cable

    Cobra CXT 395 MicroTalk 23-Mile 2-Way Radios

    This is an image of Black Cobra CXT 395 walkie talkie

    The Cobra CXT395 comes with a sturdy design and transmits over a range of 23 miles. It has five custom tones, and you can assign different ringtones to different users to identify the incoming calls. The NOAA receiver keeps you alert on any weather changes so you can get your things patched together in case of a storm. With the VOX feature, you do not have to break from your chores as you can still use the hands held mode to receive the call as you continue with your errands.

    This is a perfect model for people who travel frequently. The belt clip ensures the device is always attached to you while the LCD keeps the gadget visible even in dark areas. In addition, though the advertised range works perfectly under ideal conditions, you can use it effectively by keeping the batteries fully charged. Using the device in a car or inside a house will significantly reduce the signal strength. Therefore, try as much as possible to make use of the device outdoors for a perfect experience.

    Notable features

    • UHF/FM: long range reception
    • 23 max mile range on ideal conditions
    • 2662 Channel Combinations: with 142 privacy codes to prevent interruption from other radios
    • NOAA Weather and Emergency Radio: to keep you alert on any occurrences

    Cobra CXT1095FLTCW 37-Mile

    This is an image of 2 camo white Cobra CXT1095FLTCW Walkie Talkies

    This is another useful model to take your communication to the next level. It connects within a maximum range of 37 miles under real conditions. The device has rubberized grips to make it easy for the hands to hold firmly. It contains an LED flashlight to keep the device usable even when there is no enough light. The NOAA alert channel prepares you with information about any probable weather change so that you can get ready for any emergencies. Its waterproof design makes it ideal for maritime operations. 


    Cobra PX500 Walkie Talkies Pro

    The PX model is a new line of business two-way mobiles from Cobra, which does not require any license to transmit; it has no service charges and requires no programming. This model is meant purely for business operations, such as events management, warehouses, offices, hospitality, among others, and has a range of 250km squared. It features a PTT button, power knob, and 360 degrees swivel holster. It comes with a VGA-SVO1 headset to give you a better sense of hearing free from interruption.

    Other features

    • VOX hands-free operation and water-resistant
    • Reliable 1000mAh battery with twelve hours operation with a USB adapter and charging cable
    • Up to 250,000 sq. Ft. range
    • 22 Preset Channel with privacy codes to minimize interruptions.
    • VOX function for hands-free use.
    • Takes 4.5 hours fully charge
    • Extended signal range, which comes with 2662 channel combinations
    • headset with Push to Talk (PTT)
    • Compatible with other Cobra micro TALK radio

    These radios are easy to use for primary users and come with various features ideal for professional use. Their small size makes them portable; you can easily sip them into the pockets if you do not want to keep clipping and unclipping. The units are robust and drop resistant, so you do not have to worry about their durability. The lightweight and long range connection makes them healthy for biking, traveling, hiking, and emergency operations.


    Cobra ACXT645 Walkie Talkies 35-Mile Two-Way Radios (Pair)

    Have you heard of the new 35-mile range cobra micro talk walkie talkies? Get ready with information about weather and any unforeseen emergencies with the NOAA receiver. The built-in flashlight makes it usable even in the dark, while the rubberized grip enables us to hold it tight all the time. The vibalert function alerts you of any incoming calls.

    The IPX4/JIS4 water resistant feature keeps the device ready for any extreme weather conditions. No amount of water can harm this device, and best enough, the device floats in water for easy retrieval. Did I tell you of the VOX channel? You will never again leave your work to attend to a call. This feature automatically activates the device to the hands free mode. You can access up to 2662 channel combinations when you combine the 22 channels with the 121 privacy codes. The device comes with NiMH cells and two-port charging unit to keep you powered all the time, and you may use the alkaline batteries too. 

    Notable features

    • VOX feature
    • Built-in LED flashlight
    • Up to 35-mile range with 3124 channel combinations
    • 10 NOAA weather channels
    • 3 AA NiMH rechargeable batteries
    • Designed to IPX4/JIS4 standard for water resistance

    What should you look for when buying a walkie talkie?


    There is one point that people miss when looking for a two-way mobile radio. Why should you buy it? The moment you can answer this answer correctly, you will never have a problem choosing the one that suits your purpose. When the manufacturer is coming up with these devices, they are guided by one thing; how the customer will use it. This, therefore, means different features for different devices. Certain users thrive in certain conditions.


    The buyers find for the best two way mobile that has all the features they are looking for. An amateur will prefer a simple gadget without complicated features, only to find themselves missing the most critical elements in the future. Security personnel will go for a device that has all the advanced features such as NOAAA channel, squelch button, Vox, and so on to keep in line with the duties. Maritime workers such as boaters and fishers will go for a waterproof device. You need to understand the features that will work for you rather than picking a favourite model from your friend.


    Now that you know the features you are looking for, you need to ask yourself some questions before buying any two way mobile device; What is the frequency range, and does it match what will work for you? Look at the stated range and understand that it can only work in an open field free from obstacles. The bigger the range, the better the transmission. How long can the battery last? Is it rechargeable? Is it compatible with other chargers? Does it allow for other conventional batteries? How many channels can it transmit? If you can get the answers about the performance right then, you are good to go. Never underestimate the little things about walkie talkies; otherwise, you may buy the most expensive device only to find that it doesn’t suit your purpose.


    The convenience of any electronic device is determined by its ability to serve the course. Convenience and weight work hand in hand. Before you hit the purchase button, make sure the weight of the gadget is not too much for you. Most of the modern models are light in weight and come with their accessories packed in the box. However, make sure the gadget you pick supports other batteries so that you can always have a backup with you in case you are embarking on a long adventure. Be sure that you can get compatible accessories within the market.


    We all know how important it is to pick the best two-way mobile. The technology has allowed us to keep in touch regardless of our distance. You do not need to always have your cell phone with you so that you can communicate with your loved ones; sometimes, you will get yourself in places where the phones cannot work, and this is where a two way radio comes in handy. Life should never be hard for you again. We have picked some of the leading Cobra models that will keep your smile shining even in the most terrible situations. Cobra will keep you talking with your folks even when you are in the deep sea. You do not have to worry about the storm. You can press help, and the emergence team will be right here. What are you waiting for? Get yourself a good mobile radio today.

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