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    Most of us spend a lot of time on the road, whether in private vehicles or commercial trucks. Adding a CB radio into your car maintains communication and connection. There are a range of different types of walkie talkie radios, from cheep cb radios to high-quality options.

    If your wondering how do cb radios work, then read on. If you have no idea what a CB radio is, CB stands for Citizen Band Radio. The receivers can trace their beginning to 1960 when the internet was still not known. Nevertheless, these radios have become common nowadays and can even be used in emergencies. Besides, though they may not be as convenient as cell phones, they are great for long-range communication. Let us go through some of the top radios in our list.

    Best CB Radios Walkie Talkies

    Cobra 29 LX 40-Channel Radio

    This is an image of a black Cobra 29 LX 40 channel CB Radio

    If you are in the market for the most innovative ham radio, then Cobra will sort your case. With 13 miles range, and 40 CB channels the 29LX will meet your day-to-day communications without a problem. This radio allows channel scanning to help you narrow down to your preferred channels. It contains ten weather channels with detection alarms to keep you safe against any unpredictable weather conditions. With the multicolored display, you can always check the battery power, transmission levels as well as the frequency level. The radio has a high-quality speaker, ensuring a loud and clear voice. You can also use it as a public address system if you have a PA speaker.

    Multicolor Display options

    You can choose from the 4-color LCD (blue, amber, green, and red) to complement the interior of your vehicle. You can also customize this display for easy readability in both dark and light environments. More so, this radio has a clock timer that allows the drivers to track their driving hours, and this feature also doubles as an alarm clock.

    Weather Scan

    This radio has an advanced weather scan feature that will scan to the clearest channel as you progress with your journey. You always get the latest warnings and weather alerts even when the CB is off. With the Radio check diagnostic, the user can check the radios RF output as well as the battery voltage.

    Memory Channel with Scan Feature

    You can store up to ten of your favorite channels for easy access and scan them when you need them. You can also use the standard channel scan whenever you need to scan through all the 40 channels. The radio also includes a duty timer with an alarm for use by professional drivers. You can instantly access the information channel 19 and emergency channel 9.

    Enhanced voice clarity

    The radio has an adjustable dynamite feature that helps boost the microphone for better clarity. It consists of a Delta Tune that clarifies the incoming signals. The RF gain is extendable for optimal function in strong or weak signal areas

    Features summarized

    • Easy readability- With the four-color LCD, The display is easy to read. You can either increase or reduce the brightness to enhance your clear vision.
    • NOAA weather channels keep you alert in case of weather change
    • The alarm clock reminds you of any significant activity in your schedule
    • Dynamike boost for sound clarity
    • 40 CB radio channels
    • The weather alert scan helps tune to the most robust weather channels giving an alert in case of a critical notice
    • Heavy-duty microphone
    • Switchable noise Blanker that minimizes unnecessary interference caused by the car engine

     Midland 1001LWX CB Radio

    This is an image of a black Midland 1001LWX 40 Channel CB radio

    Midland is among the leading walkie-talkies in the market, thanks to its intuitive features. This radio will give you the value for your dollar. Its compact size makes it great it great for professional drivers, while its basic feature makes it ideal even for first-time users. The radio has an output of four watts and can operate over a 4-mile range. With this radio, you can access any of the 40 CB radio channels. The channel locking option helps you stick to a specific channel. The radio scans the available weather channels giving any emergency alerts. You can adjust the RF gain to boost your reception while the noise limiter improves weak signals

    This radio also doubles as a PA system when combined with a separate public address speaker. You can easily switch between the two functionalities.

    Unboxing the Midland radio

    You will find these things in the box

    • One Radio,
    • the mounting bracket, 
    • Microphone 
    • User guide

    The package does not include an antenna, but you can easily find one since its compatible with other CB radio antennas. If you have other compatible radios, you can use their antennae.


    The radio has a smooth design with a bright LCD to make reading easy. The buttons- RF gain, Automatic Noise Limiter, Channel selector, audio volume, CB button- are in front for smooth operation. The radio contains an LCD meter that displays the signal status of the operating channel. The backside includes a SO-2389 coax cable, two jacks-one for the speaker, and another one for the PA.

    Channel Scanning and locking

    The radio contains a digital tuner, which makes channel scanning easy, and fast, you can easily lock your favorite channels.

     Clear Sound

    The speakers produce a good quality sound for both the caller and the receiver. The combination of Squelch, RF gain, and ANL reduce background noise coming from the radio or other sources.


    • Installation is easy
    • It is very affordable
    • Great voice output
    • Its compact design makes it ideal for any vehicle
    • It simple to use, even for a beginner
    • Channel scan and channel locking


    • You must manually scan the weather channels
    • No in-built SWR meter

     Uniden PRO510XL Pro 

    This is an image of a black Uniden PRO510XL CB radio

    Are you looking to join the CB radio world? Then Uniden is your starting point. The radio comes in a plastic casing with a simple menu, which makes it less costly. This radio is compact to fit in any kind of shape or size. The digital LCD shows the available channels alongside their signal strength. There is an automatic noise limiter and squelch button that eliminates any noise produced by other moving vehicles.

    Features summary

    • 40 channels of operation ideal for off-road use
    • Operates in 40 AM frequencies
    • Red lit LED with clear visibility
    • In-built noise limiter
    • ANL and squelch control feature with a fine-tuning switch
    • Automatic Noise Limiter removes background noise
    • Front microphone with a long cord

    Midland 75-822 CB Radio

    This is an image of a black Midland 75-822 CB radio

    Enjoy the sleek features offered by this compact-sized radio at a wallet-friendly cost. This radio looks more or less a walkie-talkie, but it is compatible with other midland devices. The receiver has a backlit display that gives you clear visibility at any time of the day. With its small size and compact design, you can use it anywhere in the vehicle

    You can power it using the charging adapter at the 12V port or use AA batteries. The radio has 40 CB channels and 10 NOAA alerts. It has an output of 4 watts and a range of 3 miles

    The automatic squelch eliminates any background noise, thereby improving the audio quality even in weaker signal areas. The radio has a dual watch feature through which you can monitor an emergency channel and your favorite channel as you travel

    Features summary

    • 40 CB channels with a speaker and a built-in mic
    • NOAA channels for easy access to weather channels
    • Four watts output
    • Powers through a cigarette lighter or AA batteries
    • 4 watts output
    • Watch monitor
    • Automatic Noise Limiter
    • Instant access to information channel 19 and emergency channel 9 
    • Backlit LCD display 
    • Squelch button to reduce background noises
    • The last channel Recall feature

     Midland 75822 is designed as a portable radio or a mobile radio. The easy access to channel nine and channel 19 makes this radio a smart tool for every traveler. This radio comes with two knobs for quick adjustment of volume and squelch. It is even easier to change channels with the five memory channels (M1, M2, M3, M4, and M5). You may use a mobile adapter to convert this radio into a portable radio. You can mount the external antenna on your vehicle to extend the range and boost the reception clarity 

     Galaxy-DX-959 CB Radio

    This is an image of a black Galaxy-DX-959 CB radio

    This is a high-end radio designed for professional CB operators. The Galaxy-DX-959 CB radio, though expensive, comes with prime features and durable hardware. It can use both SSB and AM modes on the menu; this makes it easy for the driver to adjust bands while still on the journey. The LED-backlit display makes it easy to read at any time of the day. The screen has a dimming option, which helps avoid disruptions.

    The primary display shows the channel you are connected to, while the other screen shows a digital frequency counter. The radio contains a noise filter, which boosts the signal coverage making the audio even more clearly on the receiving end.

    The radio has an easy to read meter, a.5 KHZ receive clarifier, noise blanker, roger beep, squelch control, dimmer control, power output control, PA noise filter, mic gain control, Automatic Noise Limiter among other features. Its rugged design makes it usable for years.

     Features Summary

    • 40 CBRadio Channels
    • Volume Control
    • Signal Strength Meter
    • Illuminated Display
    • Adjustable Squelch
    • SSB Channels
    • Tactile Controls
    • Dimmer Control
    • Noise Blanker
    • 4 Pin Microphone Connector
    • Adjustable Microphone Gain
    • 4 Watts AM Output Power
    • Transmit / Receive Indicator
    • Public Address Capability 
    • Adjustable Output Power
    • 2 Years Manufacturer Warranty

    If you are looking for a compact radio, then you should consider the Uniden BEARCAT 980SSB CB. This radio has an easy to read seven-color display, which can be adjusted to fit, any environment-It can be dimmed or brightened. The radio is ideal for both professional and ordinary vehicles. It features the noise cancellation features to fade away the engine noise as you progress on your journey. The 40 CB channel radio covers six miles and contains NOAA weather channels to give you essential weather updates in your area.

    The radio comes with an extendable mic cord for use in larger vehicles. The radio transmits 5-8 watts on AM and 10-12 watts on SSB. These can be further tuned to 10 and 15 watts

    Features summarized

    • Easy to read display- 7 color display
    • SSB driven high performance
    • 40 CB channel with an instant connection to channel 9
    • Extra-long mic cord
    • NOAA weather channels
    • Advanced weather band alert
    • Noise-canceling feature- reduces background noise
    • High signal transmission
    • Wireless microphone function
    • Large Display

    Uniden BEARCAT 980 

    This is an image of Uniden BEARCAT 980 CB Radio

    What gives the radio an edge over its competitors is the three prime features- Squelch Noise control, Noise Cancelling feature, and full-spectrum display.

    Features summary

    • Enhanced weather scan facility
    • Laser-etched easy-to-read choice
    • Seven color backlighting
    • Large display
    • Instant weather update

    The Uniden BEARCAT 880

    Uniden BEARCAT 880 CB

    The Bearcat 880 offers a great experience to both professional and ordinary users. The radio comes with seven-color lighting adjustable to fit any lighting. The display is also large and easy to read. With this radio, you can experience a clear reception and signal transmission. This device can be ideal for people whose job includes night travels. The dimmer function allows you to dim or brighten the light to suit the lighting

    For people who do not like the hassle that comes with wired connections, BEARCAT 880 offers the solution. This radio is compatible with Uniden’s microphone. Sometimes it can be very clumsy to have a lot of wiring on the truck, adding more wires can only complicate the matter. This radio gives you a range of 10 miles on ideal conditions. It comes with weather scan options to alert you before the storm hits

    The voice-canceling microphone eliminates any form of obstructions from the surroundings to give a clear audio quality. It also features an extra-long mic cord for professional drivers

    Features summary

    • 40 CB channels
    • NOAA channels for weather updates
    • Public address feature
    • Automatic access to emergency channels
    • Seven colors backlit display with dimmer option 


    The above list contains some of the best radios in the market. This list has been reached through an analysis of the combination of features that these devices possess. Among the dominating features, include the NOAA weather channels, squelch function, and Automatic Noise Limiter. Professional drivers commonly use CB radios, and hence any feature in thee radios should enable them to communicate as they progress with their journey. We hope this will act as the best guideline anytime you want to shop for the best radio for your vehicle. If you love our review, be sure to hit the purchase button and get yourself your receiver of choice. All these radios have passed rigorous tests to ascertain the user’s safety before being released into the market. 

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