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    These days we rely on batteries to power on a lot of our devices, these batteries range from alkaline to lithium-ion batteries, like the ones in our personal computers. You might think they are all the same, as they all look the same but have different brand names, this is why we have compiled a list of the Best AA batteries on the market.

    Best Long Lasting AA Batteries

    1. Panasonic Eneloop Pro

    Panasonic BK-3HCCA8BA eneloop pro AA High Capacity Ni-MH Pre-Charged Rechargeable Batteries, 8 Pack

    Included in the package are 4 AA 2550 mAh Eneloop pro rechargeable batteries, the Panasonic CC55 is a four-position battery charger that is capable of individual charging which is the ability to efficiently charge as many as four cells with differing charge levels remaining at the same time. It features a battery safety tech that auto shuts off when it is not in use.

    The charge on the battery is indicated by different color LED light with Red color indicating that it has less than 20% charge, Orange for 0-80% charge and Green when it is 80% and upwards.

    Even in temperatures as low as -4 degree Fahrenheit, the Eneloop Pro batteries can deliver great performance for your cameras, two-way radios, tactical flashlights and other devices. These state of the art batteries have low self-discharge and would keep your devices powered for as long as required.

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    2. Energizer Rechargeable Batteries

    Energizer NH15BP-8 Rechargeable AA Batteries, 2300 mAh, Pre-Charged, 8 count (Recharge Power Plus)

    These are the world’s first rechargeable double a battery; these batteries come pre-charged and ready to power your devices on the go. On a full charge, theses batteries give you as much as 8 hours on your gaming gadget and almost 6 hours playing with your toys. These batteries can each be charged as many as a thousand times, and a charge can last up to a year when in storage. The intelligent design of this battery allows for a battery life of 5 years when used typically. The Energizer double a batteries are relatively affordable and give you a good value for your money.

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    3. Duracell Quantum Alkaline Batteries

    Duracell Quantum AA Alkaline Batteries - Long Lasting, All-Purpose Double A battery for Household and Business - 4 count

    If you want to buy based on trust in the brand, it does not get bigger than Duracell. These batteries are long-lasting and would power all devices in a business or home environment. Duracell batteries are guaranteed as many as ten years in storage and feature a PowerCheck function that allows you to check the level of charge in the battery. 

    The Duracell batteries have a safety feature that protects your electronics and devices; they are designed to protect your gadgets from being damaged by battery leaks. 

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    4. AmazonBasics Batteries

    AmazonBasics 48-Count AA High-Performance Alkaline Batteries, 10-Year Shelf Life, Easy to Open Value Pack

    These double batteries offer 1.5-volt performance that powers a range of gadgets, the engineering of this device enables it to deliver just the power required to power specific devices. This intelligent build makes it ideal for game controllers, clocks, digital cameras, flashlights, toys and other devices. One other upside to going with this battery choice is the liquid and airtight seal that locks in the battery power until when you need it. 

    Another safety function that the AmazonBasics feature is a battery insulating ring. This protects both the user and the device as it protects against self-discharging and short-circuiting. 

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    5. HiTrends Li-ion Batteries

    AA Batteries - USB Rechargeable Double A Lithium Batteries - Li-ion Battery Cell - 1.5V / 1200mAH (4-Pack) - Not NI-MH/NI-CD/Alkaline Batteries - ECO-Friendly and Recyclable - No Memory Effect, NOT work with Outdoor Cameras

    Hitrends is definitely starting a new trend by directly installing USB into the battery for charging. With these units, you would not need to purchase battery chargers, as you can just plug these anywhere and you are ready to go. This feature would be most appreciated when you are hiking or camping in the middle of nowhere and need the batteries for your walkie talkie juiced up. These 1200 mAh batteries are FCC CE, and RoHS approved and would deliver the same power as regular batteries. 

    In under two hours, the battery would be fully charged, and you would be notified as the red led light that is on during charge would go out, indicating a full charge. With these batteries, you would not need a swap anytime soon, because they are good for at least 1000 cycles. 

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    6. Rayovac AA Battery

    Rayovac Rechargeable AA Batteries, Rechargeable Double A Batteries (8 Count)

    Rayovac is known to develop the top quality batteries, but they especially did a brilliant job with this range of batteries. This battery type has the highest cycle rechargeable cells, allowing them to be recharged for as much as 1500 times. The AA cells have a capacity of 1350 mAh and a five-year warranty that covers the batteries even in storage. These batteries come ready to use out the pack, but it is advised that it is charged before use, for the best performance. Tests have shown that these batteries last twice as long as regular AA when used to power digital cameras. 

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    7. Energizer Lithium Batteries

    Energizer AA Lithium Batteries, World's Longest Lasting Double A Battery, Ultimate Lithium (8 Battery Count)

    This battery can hold power for as long as 20 years, little surprise that it is dubbed the longest lasting aa battery. The energizer lithium battery is perfect for outdoor use as it performs in extreme temperatures as low as -40 degree Fahrenheit. Its leak-proof design ensures your safety and that of your device. The pack of Energizer Ultimate batteries is just right for your business or home devices. If you are looking to invest in batteries that would last for a long time and would not need you to constantly swap out batteries, go for the Energizer Lithium Battery.

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    8. Duracell CopperTop Alkaline Batteries

    Duracell - CopperTop AA Alkaline Batteries - long lasting, all-purpose Double A battery for household and business - 12 Count

    The Duracell brand is a household name, and their quality precedes them, and this range of coppertop batteries have been equally exceptional. The design prevents battery leaks that might damage your device. These batteries are ideal for a business or home setting and deliver just the right amount to power your devices. These Duracell batteries are dependable and are great for devices ranging from toys, smoke alarms, remotes, and other devices around the house.

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    Overall Best Buy

    All the batteries on this list are dependable, but the one that stands out and gives the best value for money has to be the HiTrends Li-ion batteries. The USB feature is just so appealing and makes this battery extra easy to charge and use. You do not need a battery charging kit to power on your device when the battery is low. This makes the HiTrends battery stand out among the rest.

    AA Batteries - USB Rechargeable Double A Lithium Batteries - Li-ion Battery Cell - 1.5V / 1200mAH (4-Pack) - Not NI-MH/NI-CD/Alkaline Batteries - ECO-Friendly and Recyclable - No Memory Effect, NOT work with Outdoor Cameras

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    The different Battery Types

    There are handful types, with each of them outdoing the others in some minor detail and effectively their use. They are:

    Single-Use Disposable Alkaline Batteries

    These are the rockstars of the battery world, they have been here for decades and are very effective and more importantly, affordable. This battery type readily powers devices like music players, cameras and others. It delivers a steady output of 1.5 volts until the energy stored is depleted; these batteries are best appreciated when they are used to power low drain devices like a remote control or clock on the wall. The most common drawback with this battery type is that it may leak aqueous potassium hydroxide, a basic solution that is wrongly dubbed “battery acid.”

    Lithium Double A Batteries

    The successor to the alkaline battery type is the Lithium AA battery, as with newer technology, it is more expensive and also offers more energy for use than the older alkaline batteries. These batteries can run for almost ten times more than the alkaline type battery. They have an even more shelf life, one that is measured not in days, or months, not even years, but decades! But for this, you would have to pay the price, as they are relatively costly.

    The Rechargeable AA Batteries

    This might seem like an investment when first purchased, as you would also need to buy a unit that can charge the batteries, but in the long run, it is a wise investment, as you would no longer need to cycle between batteries.

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