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    Wondering which walkie talkie (5 packs) options are best? There are different types to choose from and we have made selecting one easy.

    Buying a 5 pack of walkie talkies helps you save money you would have spent purchasing such devices separately. Apart from the cost-benefit, more advantages come with buying multiple devices of the same model. Five pack communication devices come with secure connectivity, easy programming, and so on. It is also easy to learn how to use the radio.

    A good walkie talkie helps you keep in touch with your group. With the ever-growing technology, communication has become more comfortable with hundreds of 2-way radio available for outdoor communication. The good thing with handheld radios is their ability to keep you connected even in remote areas where the cellular network may not be available. A good radio will keep you connected as long as you remain in a clear view. However, some receivers may be expensive and may require a license to operate. Nevertheless, there is always a good radio, even for low-income earners.

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    Considerations buying a Walkie Talkie 5 Pack

    Buying a 5 pack walkie talkie set is just like purchasing any other 2 way radio option. However, some benefits come with it. This means that you need to be very keen on the best model so that you can take full advantage of the benefits. Making the wrong choice here means buying five wrong units of 2 way radio.  So, let’s go straight to the most important considerations you must make.

    Their intended use

    Even before we go to any other factor, this should be the first thing you need to consider. You may buy the best radio, but if it doesn’t fit the purpose, then your money will end up in wastage. This is the primary factor while all the other factors emanate from it. It is the determinant of all other considerations.  For example, if you want to use the radio in your office, or indoors, you will require reliable radio with UHF frequencies for easy penetration between walls. On the other hand, the best receiver for outdoor communication should have FRS frequencies.

    Power supply

    Consider how long you are your team require to use the radio without recharging. In an outdoor expedition, you may not find a power source in case your communication goes out of power. Some receivers have reliable batteries that keep them powered for more than a day. If you want to take your team out for camping, these are the most convenient models.

    You can also consider radios that other types of batteries for backup. However, if you rarely go outside, then you may just take basic radios. Many factors relate to the power supply. A receiver that has a reliable battery will support the user for long. Also, such a two way radio can support multiple features that may require significant power. Features such as flashlights, backlit keyboards consume a lot of energy.

    Set up

    A 5 pack walkie talkie is meant for group communication. Multiple users take different times to understand device operations. Be sure that the users can operate the radios with ease-this will make it comfortable for everyone in the group. The device should be easy to set up and easy to operate for all users. Don’t make a mistake of buying a complicated walkie talkie. This may end up affecting the overall performance due to a lot of time wastage trying to understand the gadget.


    Durability is paramount to every radio user. Nobody wants a radio that will break the first time it falls. A rugged and robust built communication should help stand to drop and shock in case it falls accidentally. You should emphasize on a powerfully built device that will resist breakage. Otherwise, you may get yourself going back to the market even before you enjoy your new radio.


    Mobile radios come with multiple channel options to keep you connected. This way, you will never go without a connection option if one channel is engaged. The more the channels, the more the options available for you. It is worth noting that these channels are shareable; hence multiple users can access a specific channel at the same time. This means that someone can access your communication easily. To keep your connection secure various radios come with security codes that are combined with channels. The combination makes it hard for other people to access your conversation.

    The Best Walkie Talkie 5 Pack in 2021

    Retevis RT21 5 Pack

    Getting a suitable communication device gives you some freedom, even when visiting unfamiliar places. The RT1 is among the five pack Retevis long range walkie talkies known for top performance in their outdoor operations. One good thing with the radios is their ability to transmit right after they come out of the box. The receivers are already programmed with channels to work with other FRS radios on the same frequency.

    Each radio features a crystal earpiece, which guarantees you of the best audio output with no crispy sound. It is an excellent choice for security, camping, hiking, hunting, among other activities. The privacy of your calls is enhanced using the privacy codes. Use this radio to boost your business communication and improve performance. The emergency alarm keeps you safe-you can alert your colleagues in case anything happens to you.

    This is an image of Retevis RT21 Walkie Talkie

    Features summary

    • English user guide
    • Belt Clip
    • Privacy codes
    • Li-ion battery
    • Strong and resistant body
    • The radios are preset with a similar frequency
    • VOX hands-free feature
    • 16 channels
    • Low battery alert

    Retevis H-777 

    Retevis is well set to keep your group connected whenever you are on an outdoor trip. All the radios are already programmed to work together on the same frequency. However, you can set them to work on different channels if you want to assign them to various departments. These radios come to an LED flashlight to keep the user safe even at night. You never have to worry again about getting out in during late hours. Also, the radio alerts you when the power goes down helping you to conserve energy and use the radio for long hours. The tuner features a crystal voice to boost clarity and enhance performance.

    It is easy to use for people of all ages, both young and old. The availability of privacy codes makes the audio quality very clear and blocks interference. The strong 1000 mAh battery capacity allows an extended radio use of up to 12 hours. You can also charge the radio using the USB cable. One thing that makes this radio comfortable to use is the two know which can be operated even by the kids. Its lightweight design is another plus for every outdoor enthusiast. The belt clips hold the radio tight to your belt or bag.

    Whenever you receive a call amid your busy chores, the VOX feature comes in handy. As long as they are on the same frequency and using the same CTCSS codes, this radio can transmit won other UHF radios. Some receivers require you to buy accessories separately; this is not the case with Retevis. All units come with their accessories which minimize your maintenance cost. You don’t need to purchase separately. This is a great advantage since the accessories are tested and approved to work correctly with the radio. The voice prompts help you ensure that you are operating within the intended channel.

    This is an image of Retevis H-777 2 Way Radios

    Features summary

    • LED flashlight for night use
    • USB charging option
    • 16 channels with privacy codes
    • 1000mAh battery
    • VOX hands-free activation
    • Compatibility
    • Low battery alert

    BaoFeng UV-5R

    With its multiple products, BaoFeng continues to be among the top companies that have helped boost communication. The UV 5R is another 5 Pack model in our review. You can program this radio with PC and chirp to boost its functionalities. This radio has 128 channels and multiple privacy code, which help increase the transmission quality. With this radio, your safety should never worry you again. The device comes with an emergency alert making it easier to alert your colleagues whenever you are in danger.

    I addition, its durable battery makes it easy to use the radio for long without thinking of downtimes. In case the battery power goes down, the power low battery alert will let you know when to recharge to avoid downtimes. Even so, the radio has a battery saver which helps extend the battery range. The battery-saving feature also boosts the usage duration. The keypad lock helps avoid accidental dials which also saves power. Built-in VOX handsfree activation comes in handy when you want to transmit without breaking your work schedule. You can use the LED flashlight to help you in darkness while still doubling as a safety feature.

    This is an image of BaoFeng UV-5R UHF VHF 5 pack walkie talkies

    Features summary

    • 1800mah Li-ion Battery
    • Emergency Alert
    • Battery saving mode
    • Keypad lock
    • 128 channels
    • Built-in VOX Function
    • LED Flashlight
    • Low Battery Alert

    Retevis RT27 

    You will note that the Retevis model appears several times in this review. This is because of the company’s popularity in 5 pack two way communication. The 5 pack Retevis long range walkie talkies are FCC approved and do not require any license to operate. The communication starts right after unboxing; it doesn’t require any complicated operation. Their extended range coverage makes them more versatile. It is worth noting that the range is dependent on the terrain and weather conditions.

    Nevertheless, this radio keeps you connected, both indoors and outdoors. They have a stiff material that can stand robust use in a harsh environment. The VOX hands-free feature keeps you talking without interfering with your work schedule. Activate the hands-free option and use your radio while your hands are engaged in other activities. The squelch feature helps you mute background noises keeping the communication clear. Its splash-resistant material keeps it safe against light rain and dust.

    This is an image of Retevis RT27 5 pack Walkie Talkies

    Baofeng 5 pack (Long BF-888s)

    A few years ago, no one knew Baofeng would be a suitable choice for many people the way it is today. The BF-888s features a frequency range of UHF 400-470MHz. The five pack Baofeng long range walkie talkies come with  16 preset channels. You can change the channel by turning the knob, and the radio reads out your channel number. If you are looking for a receiver that you can use right after unboxing, look no further, Baofeng will solve your way out.

    With this radio, the privacy of your communication will never be left to chance; you can combine the channels with any of the 50 CTCSS audio and 105 CDCSS. This secures your transmission from any interference from other signals. Featuring a 1500mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery, you will never have to worry about downtimes. It is strong enough to keep you powered for 12 hours. It even switches to low battery mode when your battery goes down. The powerfully built speakers give you a clear sound. An additional feature is a noise mute feature that also helps boost the quality of your transmission even in a noisy background.

    The VOX feature lets you engage in the hands-free mode, especially when you have your hands involved in something else. The radios feature an earpiece which transfers the voice to the headset allowing them to communicate through the headset mic. These radios are popular in construction sites, campsites, schools, supermarkets among other places. It is known for reliable performance even in areas with poor network reception. It also features the LED flashlight that helps you keep safe, even in the dark.

    This is an image of Baofeng Long Range 5 pack walkie talkie

    Features summary

    • 16 preset channels with privacy codes
    • 1500mAh Li-ion battery
    • Can be programmed using a PC
    • Emergency alarm
    • Low power alert
    • Flashlight


    Purchasing a 5 pack walkie talkie is a straightforward process, just like buying any other product. The most important thing is to ensure that it has all the essential features geared towards the accomplishment of your communication goals. We have done a series of reviews and, finally, we have a list of the best 5 pack of commercial walkie talkies. BaoFeng and Retevis are seen to dominate the list due to their intense penetration over obstacles. These radios are ideal for both outdoor and indoor communication. We considered factors such as channels, range, battery, VOX channels, weather alert features, flashlight, and so on. These are crucial not only to keep everyone in touch but also to ensure the safety of all the users.

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