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    Featured below is an in-depth break-down and a comprehensive Baofeng UV-82HP review. Important info from the manufacturers specifications, programming instructions and a feature list are all present.

    The Baofeng two way radio is a HAM radio that purports to be built with amateur enthusiasts in mind. It brings with it a handful of different features and functionality that any budding radio hobbyist is bound to take an interest in. But is it actually as accessible as it’s stylized as being? Let’s take a look:

    For beginners, it’s definitely not ridiculously difficult to operate. So it would be unfair to decry baofeng of anything untoward – but it’s sophisticated enough that a long-running user of walkie talkies wouldn’t have any difficulty operating the device to its fullest extent.

    The HP in the UV-82HP’s name stands for “Handheld Portable” – which it certainly is. It’s not to be confused with the previous generation, simply named UV-82. (Which confusingly enough, was also a handheld portable.)

    It has some fairly expanded functionality and usability over its predecessor the UV-5R – you could probably infer that from looking at the difference in design though. 


    Manufacturers Specifications and Features

    Weight: 14.4 oz | Power output:  1W/5W/7W max | Speaker output: 1W | Battery: 1800mAh | Channels: 128 | Antenna connector: SMA-Female |Frequency range: 136 – 174MHz, 400 – 520.99MHz | Channel Spacing: 12.5 KHz (narrow band); 25 KHz (wideband) | PTT: Dual

    This radio is a well upgraded version of the previous devices in it’s line. It’s smaller, thinner and much more attention to detail has been paid to the overall aesthetic of the design.

    It weighs in at just under half a kilogram, at 14.4 oz. So you’ll be sure to not have any kind of difficulty transporting this device.

     It can put out power up to a maximum of 7 Watts, but you can also opt to dial down the power consumption to 5 watts or 1 watt depending on what kind of distance you intend to transmit across.  We recommend leaving it on high if you have plenty of access to power, the speaker output can go as high as 1 watt also!

    That’s a lot of power draw to contend with, so it comes stock with an 1800mAh rechargeable battery.

    It has 128 channels, with spacing on the narrow band of 12.5KHz through to wideband at 25 KHz.

    The antenna connector requires SMA-Female, and a decent antenna will net you fairly good reception in the frequency ranges of both 136-174MHz (All VHF)  to 400 -520.99MHz. (All UHF).

    This gives you a bit of choice depending on your location, as UHF frequencies deal with obstructions much better and as such are better suited to indoor use.

    Push To Talk is in standard dual configuration.

    BaoFeng Radio BaoFeng UV-82 8W

    Baofeng uv-82hp programming

    When it comes to using the UV-82HP, as is the case with most radios, you must first program the device. Luckily the BaoFeng comes standard with CHIRP support. If you’re not familiar with CHIRP, it’s effectively an open source, free to use radio programming software. It’s particularly popular because of how straightforward it makes programming a radio. 

    Many radios also come with their own software, but most people default to CHIRP anyway. 

    It’s also possible to program many radios manually, including this one. But we wouldn’t recommend it unless you have a considerable amount of experience dealing with radio equipment.

    Programming this device is as simple as plugging it into the computer with the correct cable and booting up CHIRP. From then on, it’s fairly easy to follow the CHIRP instructions and get everything set up.

    If you’re struggling with programming the device, the English instruction manual is of a superb quality so you shouldn’t have a lot of difficulty on that front. It is common for English translations of manuals originally written in Chinese to have a handful of translation errors due to the vast differences in language rules/grammar etc between both of the languages. This issue is luckily not present.


    Push-To-Talk  Functionality 

    This radio comes with a simple push to talk button. It’s located at the very top of the left side of the device. This was an interesting design decision as that is normally not where you would expect to find a PTT button.

    This may make the device a little bit easier on those of us with bigger hands. But for most of us it’s just a slightly different button position from what we’re used to.

    You can toggle between band A and band B with your PTT button with ease by pressing the top for band A and the bottom for band B.

    This is very handy for people who may find themselves in a situation where they have to quickly jump between channels for communication purposes. You sadly can’t receive signals from both bands simultaneously with this radio – this is not ideal for many people but can actually be great depending on your specific needs.


    Baofeng uv82hp Range

    The distance/range you can transmit across is a fairly important aspect of picking out any radio. In ideal conditions (no obstructions, decent weather  etc) it’s not unheard of for users to get 50 or so miles of range out of their devices. The device must be set to its maximum power output for this to be possible though.

    The incredible range of this device means that at more realistics distances (a few miles) you’re way less likely to encounter hissing, static or white noise when transmitting and receiving signals. 

    Setting the device to 5 watts or above eliminates static completely, this is amazing for a radio in this category of equipment.


    Transmitting and Receiving Capability

    Part of the reason the audio quality is so outstanding on this device is the outstanding quality of the speakers.  They draw quite a bit of power and can make enough noise that you can hear transmissions over wind without any real struggle.

    The high power draw of the speakers combined with the actual quality of the materials involved are partially why it gets great audio quality, but the placement of the antenna is also sometimes considered a contributing factor. In layman’s terms you should just ensure you keep the device upright to get the best possible reception.

    The audio side of things is a fair few generations more advanced than the previous iterations of this model. So if you’re considering upgrading, this could be a significant contributing factor in your purchasing decision.


    Additional/Extra Features:

    This device comes with a nifty little LED flashlight built right into the casing. It even has a little integrated enclosed lens and reflector to focus the light, qualify it as a proper ‘torch’.

    You can also receive signals from FM radio stations. The antenna is modular (you can swap it with others) too. 

    It comes with all of the standard accessories such as a belt clip, desktop charger, headsets and a wrist strap to protect the device from being dropped whilst in use. 



    This stylish and nifty little hand-held radio is likely to serve you well provided you treat it with respect. It’s a stonesthrow better than the previous generations of models and this can be identified by simply listening to the audio quality that the device is capable of putting out.

    Its expanded feature list and wealth of quality of life improvements have truly identified it as a future-proof model. (This is a bold statement to make in an era where technology seems to be evolving faster and faster)

    A better antenna would’ve been preferable, but the antenna is modular anyway so you can simply swap it for a better one when needed.

    If you have a decent programming cable you won’t have any difficulties getting this device programmed. Just make sure you have CHIRP installed and you’ll be able to run through the basics in no time. 

    This device manages to operate within its limited budget pretty well. It has a surprising amount of features and functionality for its low price point.

    Get yours today.

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