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    Trying to source a decent form of communication for your team? Buying a multipack of 5 walkie talkies is a solid strategy as you will save money per unit on a bundled package. There’s a couple of other benefits to buying in bundles too.

    Making sure all of your team members have the same model of walkie talkie is a solid example. This means they’re devices can be swapped as the need arises and guarantees that the devices will be able to communicate with each other clearly. 

    It will also eliminate the problem of trying to figure out how each model of walkie talkie works and how to effectively get them to talk to each other. Why waste time learning how to use 5 different types of walkie talkie when you can learn how to use one and assist anyone who might be struggling to learn?

    Those are the more obvious reasons anyway, but there’s plenty of reasons in general you should be utilising 2-way radios for group communication: walkie talkie aren’t a staple of most modern security details for no reason.

    The guide below will break down 5 of the best possible multipacks you can choose for your team. All of them are high quality pieces of equipment that would serve any group seeking to use them well. They can be used for indoor occupational use or can be brought into the great outdoors for fun group activities such as camping or backpacking. Walkie talkies are even often used to coordinate events such as racing events.


    What To Look Out For When Sourcing Your 5 Pack Walkie Talkie For Group Use:


    There is a handful of different things you’ll need to look out for when you’re shopping around for your walkie talkie bundle. 

    It’s important to remember that whilst you’re buying 5 walkie talkies outright to drive down the cost per unit, the initial cost will still be higher than if you were to buy two. This means you really don’t want to buy a faulty or poor quality product – it’s a much bigger financial mistake. 

    We can assure you however that once you know what to look out for and have sourced the perfect product, that sweet discount you’ll get from buying the bundle will make it all worth it.

    Here are some of the things to keep in mind when sourcing your product:


    Where You Plan On Using Your Equipment:

    You should always keep this in mind when sourcing your equipment. If you don’t take this strongly into account you could end up with a set of walkie talkies with extremely poor range due to vegetation etc.

    Are you working indoors in a larger building? Ultra High Frequency (UHF) radios will be your best friend. They’re perfectly suited to this purpose, as the signals are able to pass through concrete and other dense building materials with relative ease. The same can not be said for Very High Frequency (VHF) radios, which are much better suited to the outdoors.

    VHF Walkie Talkies draw far less power in order to transmit across wider distances – but they don’t deal with obstructions well. This is why they’re so well suited to outdoor use.

    If you are looking to use your walkie talkie in both scenarios, it’s obviously better to opt for a more UHF intensive model, as this way you won’t completely miss out on indoor use whilst still being able to use the devices outside.


    How Much Battery Power Will You Require?

    Are you planning on going extended of periods of time without access to recharging stations? Perhaps you’re working security at a music festival and you’re skeptical of how often you’ll actually have continuous access to electricity – this is a perfectly valid concern. Especially if the festival organisers don’t do a great job.

    Only planning on using your radio for a couple of hours? It’s still always wise to pick a radio with an exceptionally good battery life so you don’t need to buy another one that’s fit-for-purpose if you find yourself in a situation where you need a longer lasting radio.


    How Intuitive Is The Device? 

    This is an important question to ask yourself. Everyone on your team has a different type of brain with different styles of learning. Not everyone is going to adapt to using the device at the same exact rate – so it’s important to pick a device that is easy for everyone to learn how to use regardless of their cognitive wiring.

    Don’t splash out on an overly complex gadget if it’s just going to end up wasting everyones time as people struggle to learn how to operate it on a basic level.

    The speed at which you can start using your gadget is vital, which is why gadgets that are effectively plug-and-play are so invaluable.


    What Accessories Are Available? 

    Some devices may not have particular items provided alongside the base unit. This is reasonable if you’re paying for a high quality product and the manufacturer can’t afford to pack it with goodies – but you should still be conscious of how far your money is going. 

    It’s always great to not have to worry about externally sourcing headsets, chargers or programming cables. If you manage to bag these as part of your deal, make sure you have enough for every single device. 5 walkie talkies will obviously require 5 headsets.


    How Much Of A Beating Can The Device Take?

    It’s pointless investing in 5 devices if 3 of them will be broken within a couple of months. Make sure the device you pick is rugged enough that it’ll be able to handle a few scrapes without falling apart. Weatherproofing can’t hurt either. 

    Often it can be difficult to get just one individual unit repaired when you’ve performed a group purchase of 5, so it’s best to take as many steps as possible to avoid this headache.


    What Channel Limitations Does It Have?

    You’re going to need a device with multiple channels. This is largely because if you’re trying to coordinate communication as a group you really don’t want to be forced to share a channel with other people who are capable of transmitting on these frequencies. 

    Privacy codes are a great way around this, which effectively multiply the amount of channels you can use and ensure that only the people you want to communicate with have access to these channels.

    Auto-scan is also a super important functionality – it allows any user to automatically scan for active radio signals with their radio. It can streamline finding your active channel if you’re having some difficulty.


    The 5 Top 5 Pack Walkie Talkie Kits For Groups

    That may have been a bit of a mouthful, but we’ve collected 5 of our favourite multipack walkie talkie collections. This should make finding the right one for you much easier as it’ll narrow down your options and cut out the possibility of you stumbling across a poor quality device.


    1 – Retevis RT27 5 Pack Walkie Talkies 

    Retevis have built a bit of a reputation for themselves by consistently putting out high quality communication devices, especially ones tailored to the outdoors. This 5-pack of RT27’s is likely to serve you well regardless of the event you require them for. 

    They come with a warranty that lasts 2 years. They can also be returned within 30-days for a full refund. 

    In terms of functionality, each device comes with 22 different channels all of which have 210 privacy codes that can be used on any channel. This gives users a possible 4620 combinations in which to communicate on. This means it’s unlikely you’ll ever have to worry about crowded channels – privacy comes first.

    Each unit can maintain about 12 hours of battery life using it’s rechargeable 1100 mAh battery. Every single unit also support VOX function, where the device transmits when it detects noise past a certain amount of decibels. This allows for hands-free, voice operated communication. 

    They’re also designed to be resistant to both dust and water to give you a bit of comfort in non-ideal weather conditions. 

    This is an image of walkie talkies pack 5 by Retevis in black color


    2 – Winmoon Long Range Two-Way Radios 

    Setting aside the money you’ll save when purchasing this in a 5pack, this model of walkie talkie still provides you with great value for money. Apart from being sturdy and fairly size efficient, this 2-way radio has a couple of other key features that are likely to peak your interest.

    Each device dons an impressive 1800mAh battery, meaning they can last about 2 or so days without charge. This is probably to make up for the 5w power output for transmissions (which gives the device greatly enhanced range).

    The batteries are also rechargeable so it’s unlikely you’ll ever run out of charge when on the job as long as you remember to plug them in at night. 

    Even if you’re not purchasing these walkie talkies for occupational use, they’re sure to serve you well if you plan on taking them into the great outdoors for various activities such as hiking, camping, hunting etc.

    These devices primarily work on Ultra High Frequency (UHF) and come with 155 privacy codes. These codes combine with 16 different memory channels giving you 2480 possible combinations. 

    The devices can be programmed easily with a PC and have additional functionality such as a built in flashlight, auto squelch and more!

    This is an image of walkie talkies winmoom pack 5 in black color


    3 – Greaval 5 Pack UHF Long Range Walkie Talkies 

    Do you have the facilities to charge your walkie talkies nightly? If so, the 20 hour 1500mAh battery on this device is perfect for you. This device has privacy codes too – stretched out over 16 channels to give you plenty of combinations to work with. The range is roughly 3 miles without obstructions. With thick vegetation or other obstructions you can expect to see this halved. 

    Each radio is programmable with a PC and the relevant programming cable. The devices also come with all functions you would expect – VOX, built in flashlight etc. They also have an emergency alarm feature, low battery warnings and a power-saving functionality that’s designed to conserve energy and prolong battery life.

    As this walkie talkie is UHF, it’s primarily designed for use in buildings as UHF signals can transmit through concrete and steel much easier than signals in other frequency ranges.

    This multipack also comes with all of the important accessories for the correct operation of these devices. Items such as wrist straps, charging docks, antennas and even earpieces are present.

    This is an image of walkie talkies 5 pack rechargeable by Greaval in black color


    4 – BaoFeng BF888s 5 Pack UHF Handheld Two Way Radios 

    Looking for a 5-pack of quality, reliable radios to assist you and your team? These will likely tick all the correct boxes.

    This multipack is honestly a must have for most teams. The BF888s are UHF devices, meaning they can handle obstructions better and generally have better range at the expense of a slightly higher power consumption. They come with an IP54 weather resistance rating. This protects them from water, rain, snow and even dust. 

    You can expect to see up to 5 miles of range with these devices, 3 with heavy obstructions.

    As is standard with most professional walkie talkie sets – they come with privacy codes. 155 of which, combining with the 16 channels available to give you 2480 possible channels to communicate over. The BF888s even have noise reduction which combines with their auto squelch to give you great, high quality audio. 

    The 1500mAh battery is rechargeable and can deliver up to about 12 hours of battery life, this is a full shift for most people. 

    It has all the other standard features too you’d come to expect, VOX, Flaslight etc.

    This is an image of walkie talkies pack 5 by Boafeng in black color


    5 – Retevis RT6 5 Pack Two Way Radios 

    Looking to greatly enhance your team’s ability to communicate on the fly? Look no further.

    The 5-pack bundle of Retevis RT6 is great for a few key reasons. For starters, it has dual VHF/UHF bands! This gives you the freedom of utilising VHF in unobstructed areas for less power consumption, or utilising UHF to ensure your signal penetrates obstacles. 

    It also has variable power transmission settings, when set to high you can expect to see a range of about 3 miles or so.

    The power transmission settings are great as they can preserve your battery life for when you really need it.

    They’re also pretty sturdy too – they’re built to take a bit of a beating and are completely waterproof and dust-sealed. They even have an ip67 rating meaning you could leave the devices in water for 30 minutes, retrieve them and still expect to see complete functionality.

    They have a staggering 128 channels with 154 privacy codes. This gives you a mind blowing 19712 possible combinations in which to communicate across. Perfect for those who are conducting business in high population areas.

    The device has to have a 1800 mAh battery to allow you to access this functionality for any length of time, with an average battery life of about 12 hours. You can simply recharge overnight and you’ll be ready to roll again come morning time. 

    The LCD backlighting even has 3 possible colours on top of all the other standard features such as VOX integration and of course the emergency alarm and flashlight.

    This is an image of walkie talkies pack 5 by Retvis RT6 in black color




    We hope that the information relayed above can be put to use in future when it comes to helping you locate the correct multipack. There are of course a wide variety of things to consider when making a purchase like this. 

    As long as you pay close attention to range, battery power and durability – it’s likely you’ll make a reasonable decision. 

    If you’re not entirely confident applying this knowledge to your own shopping, any one of the 5 walkie talkies listed above should be perfect for any 5 person group regardless of whether you’re hunting, working or camping. 


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